Top 8 Best WordPress Caching Plugins Compared [2021]

In-depth review, performance and features comparison on the best WordPress Caching plugins available on the market.

WordPress caching can be complicated if you do not know what you are doing. Trying to explain caching for different complex technologies might take a full chapter. However, you can think of caching as a simple math problem. What’s five times 2? Anyone can immediately tell you the answer is 10. Why is that? Because at some point in life, one had to memorize the answer. This same thing happens to your WordPress website when you install a caching plugin. Your site “memorizes” some stuff to access those resources faster. This is how caching works on a website.

Caching (pronounced “cashing”) is the process of storing data in a cache. A cache is a temporary storage area.

– Wikipedia

Your website may be visited thousands of times each month. Maybe you attract hundreds, thousands, or millions of traffic each month. If you observe, you can find out that most of the time your website is serving the same or similar content on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be great if the server could remember those files to serve up your site every time? That’s what the best WordPress caching plugins do for your site.

Why Do You Need a WordPress Caching Plugin?

Whether you have server-level caching like Litespeed or Varnish, plugin-level caching with plugins like WP Super Cache or Cache Enabler, you’ll need caching in your website. You might ask what the benefits of caching are.

Caching improves your overall user-experience – Since the website load faster for users, they are now more likely to browse around. Faster sites are preferred by Google and rank higher in search engines. Also, speedier loading websites are known for decreasing bounce rates as people become frustrated if a page loads for 10 seconds.

Fewer Resource usage means faster loading time. When your website uses fewer resources, it becomes much faster. Lesser resource usage means a lower strain on your server. This is important when it comes to highly dynamic websites.

You may see a boost in search engine optimization – As we mentioned earlier, since March, Google is giving higher ranks to those websites which load faster. A fast site + an excellent User Experience always means SEO improvement.

WordPress Caching Helps to Load Balance When you are serving a large amount of traffic daily, you must need a caching plugin to handle those traffic. If your website hits the main web server other than the cache, then your fixed resources will soon run out. Cache helps to serve your content to more concurrent users.

Websites with Caching Performs Faster

Website without Cache
Website without Cache
Website with Cache
Website with Cache

The 8 Best WordPress Caching Plugins Right Now

There are many WordPress plugins right now which are rocking the WordPress Caching competition. Some of them are a long time in the game, some of them are a bit newer. Here’s a list of the best WordPress Caching Plugins available right now

1. WP Super Cache

As featured on our 21 Best WordPress plugins list, WP Super Cache has been a veteran player in the Caching Plugin arena of WordPress. WP Super Cache is now owned by Automattic, the parent company of WordPress.

WP Super Cache

Why is WP Super Cache One of the Best WordPress Caching Plugins?

WP Super Cache lets you generate static HTML files from a dynamic website. Static files take less time to serve to users. Serving static HTML is a faster alternative to processing WordPress PHP scripts, which can be costly as well as time-consuming.

WP Super Cache has two main methods for serving the cached files. ‘Expert ’, the fastest method. Expert mode uses mod_rewrite to serve your static files and help to ensure that your site performs well under extreme load from heavy traffic. This is helpful if you are having a lot more traffic and serving hundreds of concurrent users.

The ‘Simple’ method uses PHP to server your cached files, hence isn’t quite as fast. However, if your server does not have Apache’s mod_rewrite module, then you can use this mode.

Since WP Super Cache lightweight, simple to use, and easy to configure, it’s a good fit for all who do not want to tinker with configurations. WP Super Cache can also sync with your files with a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which can further boost your site’s speed.

2. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is one of the premium plugins that is loved by both WordPress fans and developers alike. WP Rocket provides ultra-fast load time, essential for improving Search Engine Optimization and increasing conversions. When you turn on WP Rocket, page caching is immediately activated. WP Rocket has loads of feature to give your users a better User Experience.

Top 8 Best WordPress Caching Plugins Compared [2021] 7

WP Rocket has become one of the most popular plugins for WordPress users

Why Choose WP Rocket?


Combine files – WP Rocket combines multiple files (like many CSS files, JS files) into a single file.

Minification – shrinks the size of your website’s code (JS/CSS) by removing unnecessary content, like whitespace, comments without changing the code’s functionality.

Remove query strings – eliminates query strings, such as “?ver=1.0”, to improve your GTmetrix and Google Page Speed score.

Render-blocking CSS/JS – This option helps to get rid of the famous “Render blocking” warning in Google PageSpeed Insights.

Lazy Loading – boosts your website speed by only loading images while users scroll. Your website site won’t load any graphics until a user goes to that viewport of your website.

WP Rocket is a premium plugin with great support and all in one package for a fast loading website

3. Comet Cache

Comet Cache has both free and pro version. You may want to upgrade to the pro version because of its automation. Comet Cache was previously known as the Quick Cache. The free version of Comet Cache does most of the tasks, but the catch is, you have to complete some of those tasks manually. The client-side browser caching also comes pretty handy at times.

Comet Cache

Why Choose Comet Cache?

It is effortless to configure and does its job well. You can set up and get running within minutes. Caching can be accomplished on posts, categories, pages or tags.

The paid version of Comet Cache provides support for automatic and intelligent cache clearing. So you can forget about the plugin entirely and it will keep doing its work.

Most of the preliminary features you expect from a caching plugin are given away for free. The premium version of the plugin provides the almost same set of features as WP Rocket.

4. Hyper Cache

Hyper Cache is one of the new plugins that has got a fan following. The basic principle of Hyper Cache is same as WP Super Cache’s Simple mode of caching.

Top 8 Best WordPress Caching Plugins Compared [2021] 8

Why Choose Hypercache?

Hyper Cache is purely PHP and works on every blog: no complex configurations are needed and when you deactivate it no stale settings are left around.

Hyper Cache also plays well with Autoptimize, a plugin we featured on our best WordPress plugins list which magically improves your WordPress website’s loading speed.

If you are looking for an easy PHP Caching other than WP Super Cache, give Hyper Cache a try. Hyper Cache also has a fork named Hyper Cache Extended which promises better performance on low resources.

5. Cache Enabler

Cache enabler is a lightweight caching plugin that servers content through static files

Cache Enabler has more than 50000 users and also having 4.5 star review as of writing the article.

Other than usual Caching Features, this is the only plugin that has support for WebP image caching.

Top 8 Best WordPress Caching Plugins Compared [2021] 9

Why Choose Cache Enabler?

  • Support of 304 Not Modified if the page has not been modified since last cached
  • WebP image format support (when combined with Optimus)
  • Supports responsive images through srcset from WordPress version 4.4
  • Works perfectly with optimizer plugin Autoptimize

When combined with Optimus, WordPress Cache Enabler plugin allows you to easily render WebP images. WebP is a new image format that radically shrinks your image size.

Check out WordPress Cache Enabler Documentation to learn in depth how WebP generation works.

6. W3 Total Cache

Under the hood, W3 Total Cache offers robust features to help you improve your website performance and user experience. However, W3 Total Cache is one of the most complex plugins to configure, and if not correctly set according to your web server, you might have worse performance than before.

 If not properly configured according to your web server, you might have worse performance than before. Not recommended if you do not know what you are doing.

Top 8 Best WordPress Caching Plugins Compared [2021] 10

Again, Some of the key features of W3 Total Cache include:

  • Supports Minification of JS, CSS, HTML and Database Requests.
  • Support for importing post attachments directly to a CDN or the WordPress media library.
  • Supports Browser caching via the Cache-Control general-header field.
  • Has full mobile support.
  • Has support for Caching database objects.
  • CDN support
  • Can insert code into Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

We should mention that one of the primary strengths of W3 Total Cache is its pre-caching features. You can easily adjust the time at which caching takes place on your site, both on disc or in memory.

7. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache works same as most other WordPress caching plugins. It creates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress website.

WP Fastest Cache provides wide range of features. The premium version provides almost same set of features as WP Rocket.

Top 8 Best WordPress Caching Plugins Compared [2021] 11

Why Choose WP Fastest Cache?

Great free version. Works well. Easy to set up.

Those who are looking for a free caching solution that can compete toe to toe with other premium plugins, WP Fastest Cache can be a great alternative. The dashboard might not be that much pretty, however it explains each option quite well and is easy to set up.

8. Litespeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache is an all-in-one site quickening plugin, featuring exclusive server-level cache and a compilation of optimization features. However, you must need your website on LiteSpeed Web Server to take the full advantage of this plugin.

Top 8 Best WordPress Caching Plugins Compared [2021] 12

Why LiteSpeed is One of the Nest WordPress Caching Plugins?

LiteSpeed Cache is the best plugin if your website is running on a LiteSpeed Server

If you are running your website on LiteSpeed Web Server, then you should use LiteSpeed Cache. It integrates seamlessly with your LiteSpeed Web Server and LSWS’s built-in page cache to dramatically reduce page load times.

With advanced cache-management tools and optimization features, LiteSpeed Cache is an all-in-one site acceleration solution that contains many different modules like image optimization, CSS/JS combining, HTTP/2 Push.

Litespeed Best WordPress Caching Plugins

Wrapping Up on WordPress Caching

WordPress Caching is very important if you are managing a high traffic website. As we mentioned in our 10 Best Ways to Improve your website speed, you need a great WordPress Caching Plugin to achieve high speed. We covered the best WordPress Caching plugins available now on the market.

Experiment with the plugins and find the one that works best for you. One plugin does not work the best in every server due to different server configuration. You can see this comparison chart for more in-depth timing. However, these results do not guarantee the same performance on your web server. Also, check our WordPress Security Guide to protect your website from vulnerabilities.

Page Speed Score

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WP ERP: The First Full-Fledged Enterprise Resource Planning Solution in WordPress

WP ERP can take charge of your business and handle all the issues like CRM, HRM, and Accounting instead of you. Readout our WP ERP Plugin review and learn more

When you are running a business, you know the pain to manage employees, customers, and projects separately and manually. Rather, you should leave it on a software that will handle these issues instead of you. Thus, you can have more time to focus on extending your business.

WP ERP is such a software that is capable of managing your ERP, CRM, and HRM seamlessly. With WP ERP, every member of the organization gets a dashboard that they can customize to display the information they need for their tasks. Furthermore, it gives them the latest updates in the schedules, tasks, and other news in the organization.

Today, in this blog post, we will review the WP ERP thoroughly and make a decision on whether you should pick WP ERP for your business or not.

Before diving into the review, let me show you why your business needs an ERP software for a better outcome.

Why Can’t You Avoid an ERP Software for Your Business?

Why Do You Need an ERP Software

Basically, ERP software is equipped with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource Management (HRM), Account Management (AM), and other related features. These are the crucial factors that decide business is successful or wastage. So, the importance of ERP solution is enormous.

Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority for a business owner. The best way to improve customer satisfaction is to provide client-centered goods and services. With CRM, you can find out what your customers are actually craving for. A CRM solution helps you to access your customer contact information.

Along with contact information, an integrated CRM can show you details such as order history and billing information. This enables your team to see your clients more holistically to gain a better understanding of their wants and needs. The increased customer visibility helps you formulate your sales strategy for improved lead generation.

Employee Management: An HRP integrated ERP can help you in many ways. Starting from individual employees/department to salary, leave, and holidays, it has brought innovation in the control of all those fields very profoundly.

Account Management: Using the AR feature of an ERP, you can get rid of being struck with manual bookkeeping, financial report, income statements, invoices, balance sheets, etc. for a real accounts management solution in WordPress.

These features of ERP software can immensely save your time and money. So, we strongly recommend you to pick an ERP software for your business and revamp it again.

WPERP Top Features at a Glance

WP ERP features

If we are talking about the best Accounting or HRM plugin, no one is as perfect as WP ERP. It has brought revolutionary changes in the WordPress industry with its charismatic user interface.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best WordPress plugins for small to mid-level businesses. It comes with a long list of amazing features. Let’s have a look at its feature list.

  • Employee Management
  • Leave Management
  • Contact Management
  • Search & Filtering
  • Accounts Management
  • Customer & Vendors
  • Reporting
  • Notes
  • HR Frontend
  • Recruitment
  • Attendance
  • Payroll
  • Asset Manager

  • Document Manager
  • HR Training
  • Reimbursement
  • SMS Notification
  • Custom Field Builder
  • Deals
  • Gravity Forms
  • Customer Management
  • Email Campaigns
  • Inventory
  • Payment Gateway
  • Reimbursement

WP ERP Configuration

Though WP ERP takes a bit longer time to configure, it’s an easy procedure, we must say. Follow the below steps and end up with a full-figured WP ERP solution.

Here what you should do. 

wp erp install

  • Go to your dashboard. Then put your cursor on Plugin and click on add new. 
  • Then make a search for WP ERP. 
  • You will find it just like the image below. Click on install. 
  • After installing the plugin, click on the activate button.

wp erp activation

Now you are ready to go to the next phase. 

Completing the Setup Wizard

WP ERP will guide you through a simple activation wizard to complete the whole activation process.

Let’s follow-through. 

Step 1:

wp erp installation wizard

After you clicked on ‘Let’s Go!’, there is a  setup wizard that will take you to all the steps one by one. 

Though you can skip them and complete activation, our suggestion is to fill up all the necessary information in the beginning. 

Step 2:

wp erp installation wizard two

The core things you need to put in this stage are- your company name, the month when your financial year starts, when did you start your company, currency preference, and the types of business you are doing.  Then click on Continue. 

Step 3:

As we’ve mentioned in the beginning. WP ERP is a complete ERP solution, and one of the very first in the WordPress industry. It comes with four components or modules. They are-

  • HR (Human Resource Management)
  • CRM (Client Resource Management) 
  • Accounting
  • WP Project Manager

WP ERP complete solution

In this step, you can select all four, or click the slide to turn off any modules. Then click the ‘Continue’ button. Our suggestion is to turn off the WP Project Manager. It’s better to install WP PM separately form dashboard.

Step 4:

Here, you need to create the company departments. It’s possible to add as many departments as you want.  To do this, simply click on the ‘Add New’ and go on. Also if you want to skip this for future customization, do it as well. 

wp erp department

Step 5:

Creating designations in your company means you tell the plugin how many people your business has and you want to track their data. For example, you can add Manager, Sr. Accountant, Marketing Lead, Area Supervisor or any major and minor designations within a second.

wp erp designation

Step 6:

After completing the Designation Setup, it’s time for you to set the workdays. There are three alternatives- FullDay, Half Day, and Non-Working Day. So this stage lets you arrange your weekly holidays and working days. 

wp erp workdays

Now click to continue. And you are done with the WP ERP installation process. 

installation wp erp

From this stage, you can add employees or directly go to your ERP dashboard. There are several settings and configurations which you will need to do from the dashboard anyway.

WP ERP Review (Key Features)

WP ERP comes with a bunch of amazing features to assist you in managing your business in an organized way. Here, we will review some top features of this software. Take a look at the list of features that we are going to review.

  • Employee Management
  • Project Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Customer Management

Let’s get started.

Employee Management

Employee Management

Suppose, you are running a company of “X” employees. Now you want to hire more employees for your business. Since your business is growing fast, you have to concentrate on lots of tasks. At the same time, you need to make sure Human Resource Management is performing well.

To avoid these hassles and make the long process of recruitment simple but efficient, you can use the Recruitment feature of WP ERP. You can also use automatic Attendance and Leave Management features. Thus you can save a lot of time and effort. 

Using these features like Recruitment, Attendance, Leave Management, you can take the full advantage of WP ERP for your business. 

Project Management

Project Management

When you are an owner of a big IT firm, you have to deal with developing, marketing, designing, content, and support team. All the teams have lots of different tasks every day. Some tasks are assigned to individuals, some need intra-team collaboration, while some need even more (inter-team collaboration). 

With the Project Management tool of WP ERP, you can manage and track all of these smoothly. It will allow you to measure your company performance with the reports and let you know which strategy needs to be adopted or modified.

This is the power of Built-in communication with privacy, Time Tracking, and the Advanced Reports feature of WP ERP. 

Accounts Management

Accounts Management

Let’s assume, Mr. “X” studied science but started a small business all by himself. But when the business grew, he needed to maintain a lot of tasks regarding accounting and customer relationships. 

He knew very little about these but with the help of the Accounting module, he could easily manage revenue, due invoices, pending payments, expenditure and much more. Managing bank account, seeing economics in graphs, transferring money – all became one-click tasks.

With features like Real-time transactions, Payment, Transfer, Invoices, and Growth reports of WP ERP, one can easily handle all the tasks of the accounting sector.

Customer Management

Customer management

The main purpose of a CRM solution is to reduce your hassle. It handles customers’ interaction in a smart way instead of you. You can manage your clients and import them to your CRM system using WP ERP.

A CRM solution is not only used for effective communication with customers but also lets you keep track of every interaction with your customers. It provides you with the facility to record email details, contact details, any previous interaction, order, and sales history (Online E-Commerce) and many customer-related details as well.

Moreover, most of the organizations are using CRM for lead nurturing, email marketing, and sales projection. So we can say that CRM integrated WP ERP can be your handy to manage small to medium businesses.

Pros and Cons of WP ERP

Pros and Cons of WP ERP

If you want to turn your WordPress site into a full-fledged ERP, you can consider WP ERP for its ease of use, effectiveness, and affordability. But, in some cases, it has some limitations too. Let’s have a look at those points. At first, we will point out the pros of WP ERP.


  • Manage company information and projects from one single platform
  • Creating employee profiles with customizing ability
  • Smart leave and announcement management
  • Creating customer contact and contact group with life stages
  • Assign contact and tasks to the right people smartly  
  • Track and monitor income, expenses, receivables, payables, balance
  • Keeps ledger report, trial balance, income statement, sales tax report, balance sheet
  • Smart growth reports and analytics for CRM, HRM, Accounting, and PM Process 


  • This plugin uses 2177.44KB memory on average, which is more than a plugin should use
  • It doesn’t have internal chat integration
  • Using WP ERP, you can’t get Webinar support.

WP ERP Pricing Plans

WP ERP comes with both free and premium versions. We checked both of the versions and found either of them is worth to try.

Free Version: For a free plugin, WP ERP is sufficiently feature-rich and easy for the average user. More importantly, it gets the job done. The plugin lets you execute the most essential tasks for company resource planning & management seamlessly.

You can download WP ERP free version from the WordPress repository. Already more than 10,000 people are actively using this plugin and managing their business successfully. Their feedback reflects how happy they are with this plugin.

Premium Version: WP ERP is the first full-fledged ERP system through which you can simultaneously manage your WordPress site and business from a single platform. It offers three different pricing plans for its users. Each plan contains ist of features that should be carefully chosen by you as per your requirements.

WP ERP Pricing plan

WP ERP has won two prestigious ERP Software Awards from FinancesOnline for being so flexible and easy to the beginners. It adds more value in its favor.

Final Verdict

It’s not enough to read just text. So we encourage you to check out the official demo of WP ERP to get a taste of how its core features and premium extensions work, and what it can add to your business.

Personally, I have liked the performance of the WP ERP plugin. The pricing of the pro version is fair enough too. Besides, the free version can take the whole responsibility to manage your business. People around the world are loving this software. 

We strongly recommend you to give it a try. Don’t forget to let us know your experience through the comment box below. 

How WP Hive can Assist You to Take Data Driven Decisions

Where will you get the Gorgeous designs, strong features, and the freedom to build anything you desire instead of WordPress? It is priceless and free at the same time. 

35% of website owners use WordPress. Not only part-time bloggers but also the biggest news sites try it to build attractive sites. And, most importantly it is super friendly to handle. Even if you are a beginner you don’t need an expert developer to customize it according to your need. 

You will find 55,000+ plugins to assist your website and meet your every need. WordPress has attractive features like-

  • Customizable Designs
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Responsive Mobile Sites
  • High Performance
  • High Security
  • Powerful Media Management
  • Easy and Accessible

But still, it is not enough to take a data driven decision. Well, we have struggled in different sectors.

Why isn’t Enough to Make a Data Driven Decisions

So, you may be shocked after reading this question. It doesn’t come in mind all of a sudden. Take a look below and we are sure you will agree with me.

  • No way to find plugins with various categories
  • Hard to Find the right plugin for the right job 
  • Design is very old and not very thoughtful
  • Cannot compare two similar plugins

Suppose you need to install a form plugin. But, if the name is unknown to you, you have to rely on Google’s data. WordPress can fix this problem for better user experience. 

What if you get an option where you don’t need to face these issues?

So, introducing WP Hive, a better version of the WordPress repository, where you can-

  • Easily discover new plugins or popular ones with relevant filters
  • Test plugin for better insights with WP Hive testing tool
  • Get to know the latest PHP version compatibility, PHP error, Javascript error, database footprint, memory usage & more
  • Compare two plugin side by side

Therefore, you can go with WP Hive to check out what it is serving you which is not available on another site. Let’s dig deeper.

The Functionalities of WP Hive that can Help you to Take a Data Driven Decisions

Find Data Driven Decision in wp hive

WP Hive is built for advising the best decision. It will provide the data that you just need to choose the right plugin for your site. And, the important part is the data driven decision will be the best. There will be no mistake at all. 

Conduct Smart Plugin Seacrh through WPHive

If you are in search of plugins then go to the WP Hive homepage and start hunting the plugin by its name.

How to Search for Plugins through WPHive

And, now scroll the page, a lot of really interesting data will appear in front of you including-

  • Minimal impact on memory usage
  • Minimal impact on page speed
  • PHP errors, warning, notices
  • Javascript issues
  • Latest PHP version
  • Latest WordPress 5.4 compatible
  • Optimized database footprint
  • Activation errors
  • Resource errors
  • Frequently updated
  • Problems during tests in WP Hive
make data driven decision smoothly

It’s not the end of it! WP Hive measured each plugin and its impression on the server’s memory. And, you can watch all the details in beautiful charts.

Discover Plugins and Theme by Category

In the Discover Plugin page, you can not only find plugins but also themes. In WordPress, we can only get the plugin, if we know the name. But here WP Hive has made some difference to help you entirely. 

Suppose, you need a plugin that will assist you in SEO factors. So, follow the image below. 

Search the best plugin by category

After searching for SEO, you will get insights like the image below. 

Plugins for SEO assistancy

You can even find it according to the popularity by using this filter. Click to get more options.  

Here is the layout of the theme categories. 

Data driven decision for theme

Compare Plugins Side by Side, WP Hive Will Tell You The Winner

One of the most novel thing about WP Hive is that you can examine two plugins side by side. You can analyze it in Compare Plugins page.

Compare plugin for better data drive decision

After you input and press the Compare button – WP Hive provides you a table-style comparison of speed, memory consumption, and lots of other parameters. Check it out in the image below that how it will massively help you to choose between two plugins.

different criteria of two plugin

Apart from that, there are two winner sections which calculated by average page speed impact and average memory usage.

Winner SEO plugin WP Hive

You will get all this information on the compare page.

Page speed winner

Over To You

So, have you tried the ways of getting the best plugin by WP Hive? If not, then do have a drive. We can bet you will get amazed by the magical moves that you have not seen before. 

Taking a proper data driven decision is really long if you don’t reach with appropriate information. In that case, WP Hive can be your best buddy.  

We have many exciting features outlined already for WP Hive for the next couple of years. For example, we will be rolling out multiple plugin comparison in the next few months.

Share your experience with Hive in the comment section below. We are eager to hear from you. 

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A few years ago, I used to explain to my clients that using free WordPress themes is a better idea for their business, but they emphasized using nulled WordPress theme. They even gave me the nulled WordPress themes to start developing the website. I did not have any complaints. If the client does not care about his WordPress security, why should I? I am just a developer, right? WRONG!

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How to Install a WordPress Plugin – Step by Step for Beginners

Want to know how to install a WordPress plugin? You can install a WordPress plugin with searching, uploading and manually by FTP. Using plugins can help you to get the most out of your WordPress website.

Looking for the perfect WordPress plugins tutorial? Don’t know what plugins do or how to install a WordPress plugin? Well, rest easy. We have got you covered! 

What is a WordPress Plugin?

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With the new Gutenberg editor, you can add or remove blocks in your content. In simple words, the Gutenberg editor is more like a page builder where you can drag and drop different blocks in your content.

Regarding blocks, the Gutenberg editor provides many different blocks such as paragraphs, heading, image, cover, columns, quote, and more. Each block has its own and individual editing options available.

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