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Among the best WordPress gallery plugins, NextGen Gallery plugin has been the standard since 2007. It has received over 1.5 million downloads per year.

Today we are going to give an in-depth review of this WordPress gallery plugin.


Installing this plugin is as easy as installing any other WordPress plugin. After installing, you will see a new menu on the dashboard named Gallery and also on the top of the menu.

You will find an onboarding video on the Overview section, which is a nice touch for anyone to get an idea of how it works. Also, there is a setup wizard to guide you through your first steps.


You can create a new gallery along with a gallery tittle on the Add Gallery/Images section. You can add files or you can import images from the media library. Also, the NextGen Gallery has the feature to import the whole folder as well.

Add images/gallery
Add images/gallery

You can manage your galleries by setting a watermark, creating new thumbnails or resize the images and many more. You can do these actions in bulk. That’s all in the Manage Galleries section.

Manage Galleries
Manage Galleries

Also, you can manage your albums as well on the Manage Albums section. You can edit, update and delete an album.

Manage Albums
Manage Albums

For managing your tags there is also a section Manage Image Tags.

Manage Tags
Manage Image Tags

You can customize your slideshow, thumbnails from the Gallery Settings section. There are options to customize the single pics also.

Gallery Settings

NextGen Gallery plugin also has options to customize the Lightbox effects, watermarks, Roles and capabilities and more on the Other Option section.

Other options
Other options

But most of the exclusive features are available on the Pro version.


As the standard of Gallery plugins in WordPress, NextGen Gallery has some unique features. Like,

  • Batch uploading images
  • Grouping galleries into albums
  • Plenty of transition effects
  • Lightbox effects
  • Control size of the image
  • Add images in bulk
  • Imports metadata from photos


Let’s see what are advantages the users will get using the NextGen Gallery plugin.

  • You can control the size of the images. That means you can set any size for the images
  • Full control over timing and transition effects
  • Supports bulk uploading via FTP
  • No shortcode needed but there is an option to use shortcodes if any users want.


  • Somewhat complex learning curve
  • Navigation is difficult
  • Time needed to configure settings
  • Use a lot of resources resulting in slowing down WordPress.

For Developers

NextGen Gallery plugin has a lot of actions and filters that will help you to change many functionalities of this plugin.

For Webmasters

This gallery plugin helps you build a customizable gallery full of images for your page. You can make your content look more attractive and exclusive.

If your website is heavily image-focused, you’ve probably noticed WordPress’s shortcomings in that area. WordPress was built mainly for blogs with a focus on written content.

A photographer, designer, artist, or any other profession that relies on visual content, they’ll have a lot of images to share with their website visitors. However, the best way to organize and display those images is with image galleries.

The problem is finding an image gallery plugin that’s easy to use, makes your images look great. That is where the NextGen gallery plugin comes in.

You have the option to create slideshows or thumbnails giving your page a unique look and different from others. You have full control over the size of the images. You can use lightbox effects to take your webpage to the next level.

Technical Report


Lines of code: 78463
Logical lines of code: 50616
Comment lines of code: 27816

Object-oriented Programming

Classes 430
Interface 3
Methods 3514
Methods by class 8.17
Lack of cohesion of methods 3.28


Average afferent coupling 2.53
Average efferent coupling 3.26
Average instability 0.75
Depth of Inheritance Tree 1.24


Average classes per package 54.25
Average distance 0.32
Average incoming class dependencies 28.5
Average outgoing class dependencies 14.13
Average incoming package dependencies 2.38
Average outgoing package dependencies 2.38


Average Cyclomatic complexity by class 24.3
Average Weighted method count by class 31.68
Average Relative system complexity 781.38
Average Difficulty 10.56


Average bugs by class 0.6
Average defects by class (Kan) 1.53



Critical 0
Error 187
Warning 124
Information 62

Cyclomatic Complexity Chart

Cyclomatic Complexity Chart
Each file is symbolized by a circle. The size of the circle represents the Cyclomatic complexity. The color of the circle represents the Maintainability Index. Large red circles will be probably hard to maintain. Greens are easy to maintain.


To unlock all the features, you can go for the premium versions of the NextGen Gallery plugin.

$ 399 $ 139 $ 79

Final Word

NextGen Gallery plugin is one of the best gallery plugins in WordPress. Although it has an array of customized options, it is rather difficult to navigate those customizations. They have quite an efficient onboarding video after installing the plugin.

  • Helpful setup wizard
  • Onboarding video to get you through
  • A lot of options for designing your gallery in the Pro version
  • Uses too many resources eventually slowing down WordPress.

The plugin ran into some errors.


Sorry, pal! The plugin couldn’t pass all our tests. No hard feelings, right?

  • Minimal impact on memory usage
  • Minimal impact on pagespeed
  • No PHP errors, warning, notices
  • No Javascript issues
  • Latest PHP 7.4.8 compatible
  • Latest WordPress 5.8.1 compatible
  • Optimized database footprint
  • No activation errors
  • No resource errors
  • Frequently updated
  • No problems were detected during tests.









Memory Usage Memory Usage

  • Average memory usage is 2014.64 KB
  • This is more than 97% plugins

Page Speed Page Speed

  • Average page loading time is increased by 0.51s
  • This is slower than 93% plugins

Page Tests (after activation)

Memory Usage Manage Galleries

  • Page URL: /wp-admin/admin.php?page=nggallery-manage-gallery
  • HTTP Status: 200
  • Loading Time: 1.22s
  • Memory Usage: 0.7 MB

Memory Usage Overview

  • Page URL: /wp-admin/admin.php?page=nextgen-gallery
  • HTTP Status: 200
  • Loading Time: 3.88s
  • Memory Usage: 0.63 MB

Memory Usage Add Gallery / Images

  • Page URL: /wp-admin/admin.php?page=ngg_addgallery
  • HTTP Status: 200
  • Loading Time: 2.08s
  • Memory Usage: 0.66 MB

Memory Usage Manage Albums

  • Page URL: /wp-admin/admin.php?page=nggallery-manage-album
  • HTTP Status: 200
  • Loading Time: 0.55s
  • Memory Usage: 0.66 MB

Memory Usage Manage Tags

  • Page URL: /wp-admin/admin.php?page=nggallery-tags
  • HTTP Status: 200
  • Loading Time: 0.37s
  • Memory Usage: 0.63 MB

Memory Usage Gallery Settings

  • Page URL: /wp-admin/admin.php?page=ngg_display_settings
  • HTTP Status: 200
  • Loading Time: 1s
  • Memory Usage: 0.79 MB

Memory Usage Other Options

  • Page URL: /wp-admin/admin.php?page=ngg_other_options
  • HTTP Status: 200
  • Loading Time: 1.03s
  • Memory Usage: 0.67 MB

Memory Usage Extensions

  • Page URL: /wp-admin/admin.php?page=ngg_pro_upgrade
  • HTTP Status: 200
  • Loading Time: 0.74s
  • Memory Usage: 0.65 MB

Memory Usage Plugins Page

  • Page URL: /wp-admin/?page=nextgen-gallery
  • HTTP Status: 200
  • Loading Time: 10.27s
  • Memory Usage: 0.64 MB

Memory Usage Front Page

  • Page URL: /
  • HTTP Status: 200
  • Loading Time: 0.39s
  • Memory Usage: 0.56 MB

Memory Usage Widgets

  • Page URL: /wp-admin/widgets.php
  • HTTP Status: 200
  • Loading Time: 5.2s
  • Memory Usage: 0.81 MB

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+ 0.63s
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Memory Usage Memory Usage Benchmark

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Average Change
+ 2014.64KB
/ (front page)
+ 204KB
+ 262.91KB
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Memory Usage

  • This plugin uses 2014.64KB memory on average, which is more than a plugin should use.
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  • This plugin increases page loading time by 0.51s
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  • The plugin may not be fully compatible with WordPress 5.8.1.
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  • [15-Sep-2021 17:55:55 UTC] PHP Notice: wp_enqueue_script() was called incorrectly. "wp-editor" script should not be enqueued together with the new widgets editor (wp-edit-widgets or wp-customize-widgets). Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 5.8.0.) in /wp-includes/functions.php on line 5663

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