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The problem with repository

  • Finding helpful plugins is tough.
  • Not enough insights. It is not possible to compare plugins.

How WP Hive is Solving the Problem

  • Easily discover new plugins or the popular ones with relevant filters.
  • Compare plugins side by side, just like you do for phones.


Have you ever wondered how
much impact a plugin has on your
WordPress website? There hasn’t
been any tool to measure this, until
now. WP Hive’s Plugin Testing tool
automatically test a plugin and
gives you better insights.


All plugins are measured in the same
way. Our separate server automatically
activates a plugin and gathers
insightful data such as latest PHP
version compatibility, PHP error,
Javascript error, database footprint,
memory usage & more.


Let’s say you want to compare two
plugin, side by side.
Like phones,
right? Up until now, there hasn’t been
a definitive way to it. Not anymore!
WP Hive’s Plugin Comparison enables
you to compare two plugins side by
giving you a better sense of

What’s in a Theme?
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