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This plugin is designed to link WordPress with the SiteGround Performance services. It WILL NOT WORK on another hosting provider. The SG Optimizer plugin has few different parts handling speciffic performance optimizations: Configuration For detailed information on our plugin and how it works, please check out our SG Optimizer Tutorial. SuperCacher Settings In this tab, you can configure your Dynamic Caching and Memcached. Make sure you’ve enabled them from your cPanel before using the plugin. You can enable/disable the automatic cache purge, exclude URLs from the cache and test your pages if they are properly cached. Environment Optimization Here, you can force HTTPS for your site, switch between different PHP Versions (compatibility check available), and enable or disable Gzip Compression and Borwser Caching rules for your site. Frontend Optimization In this tab, you can enable or disable Minification of your HTML, JS and CSS resources, remove the Emoji support and remove the query strings from your static resources. Image Optimization Here, you can enable or disable optimization for your newly uploaded images, bulk optimize your old ones and enable lazy loading for your site images. Plugin Compatibility If your plugin does not trigger standard WordPress hooks or you need us to purge the cache, you can use this public function in your code: if (function_exists('sg_cachepress_purge_cache')) { sg_cachepress_purge_cache(); } Preferrably, you...

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  • Minimal impact on memory usage
  • Minimal impact on pagespeed
  • No PHP errors, warning, notices
  • No Javascript issues
  • Latest PHP 7.4.8 compatible
  • Latest WordPress 5.7 compatible
  • Optimized database footprint
  • No activation errors
  • No resource errors
  • Frequently updated
  • No problems were detected during tests.









Memory Usage Memory Usage

  • Average memory usage is 0 KB
  • This is less than 99% plugins

Page Speed Page Speed

  • Average page loading time is increased by 0s
  • This is faster than 99% plugins

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Memory Usage Plugins Page

  • Page URL: /wp-admin/plugins.php?plugin=sg-cachepress%2Fsg-cachepress.php
  • HTTP Status: 200
  • Loading Time: 0.28s
  • Memory Usage: 0.34 MB

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  24 Jan, 2020

Saif Hassan

Easy of Use
Customer Support
Feature of Functionality
Value of Money

Pros & Cons: This is a review from the Editorial staff of WP Hive for test purposes. We are sure the plugin made it with good heart for WordPress users and we want to encourage his/her efforts by the first review.

Overall:The plugin should be working great. Even if it does not, we respect the time and effort. If you are using this plugin - leave a review with more information.

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