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The Problem with Repository

  • Finding helpful plugins is tough.
  • Not enough insights. It is not possible to compare plugins.

How WP Hive is Solving The Problem

  • Easily discover new plugins or the popular ones with relevant filters.
  • Compare plugins side by side, just like you do for phones.

Why Choose
WP Hive?


Have you ever wondered how much impact a plugin has on your WordPress website? There hasn’t been any tool to measure this, until now. WP Hive’s Plugin Testing tool automatically test a plugin and gives you better insights.


All plugins are measured in the same way. Our separate server automatically activates a plugin and gathers insightful data such as latest PHP version compatibility, PHP error, Javascript error, database footprint, memory usage & more.


If you want to compare plugins side by side, you can do it using WP Hive Compare Plugin feature. It enables you to choose the best plugin in terms of plugin’s memory usage, page speed, and performance test

What’s in a Theme?
Quite a Bit, Actually.

Themes have made WordPress a truly distinct experience.
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