ProductX WooCommerce Builder: Is It The Best in the Market?

A Quick Peek Into ProductX

Starting a WooCommerce store? Want to design the store with a visual drag-and-drop interface? Do all the other solutions seem time-consuming? Then, you’re definitely looking for an intuitive WooCommerce builder, and we’ve got your back!

Creating online stores is a bit more complex than starting regular blogging sites. This is because not all WooCommerce builders support WooCommerce well. But don’t worry, we’ve found the right solution for you!

ProductX is one of the best Gutenberg-friendly WooCommerce builders online. It perfectly blends with WooCommerce to help you create your dream online store like magic. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the plugin in detail. Get started!

Introducing ProductX WooCommerce Builder

Introducing ProductX WooCommerce Builder

ProductX WooCommerce builder is created by the popular WordPress plugin and theme development company WPXPO. 

ProductX was developed to streamline the process of creating WooCommerce stores without much technical hassles. It comes with powerful Gutenberg-based product blocks, ensuring the website remains lightweight while staying conversion-focused.

Here’s a secret – ProductX covers numerous essential features required for building eCommerce sites in one single plugin. As a result, you don’t have to depend on multiple plugins to create versatile WooCommerce stores once you have the plugin.

If you are new to WordPress and don’t have prior technical knowledge, ProductX would be a dream plugin to kick off your eCommerce journey right away. Explore the key features of the plugin in the next section.

ProductX WooCommerce Builder: Key Features At a Glance

ProductX WooCommerce Builder: Key Features At a Glance

Creating pages for WooCommerce stores is undoubtedly time-consuming and requires robust customizations. But the default WooCommerce settings lack advanced customization options, which dissatisfies users. ProductX is ready to address this issue efficiently.

With the plugin, you can generate all necessary pages with just a few clicks. Concerned about design? ProductX offers an array of pre-made designs with a vast library to help you out.

Let’s pick the homepage as an example. Usually, the homepage is the first landing page customers see. So, all store owners want to make their homepage the most attractive one to entice customers and stimulate them to buy products and return.

However, crafting an appealing homepage requires you to invest a significant amount of time. But the result may not always align with your dreams and expectations. But let me assure you that you don’t have to take this hassle anymore.

With the ProductX WooCommerce builder, you can create the best-looking homepage in just a few clicks. ProductX gives you access to its ever-growing template library, where you can choose the template you want and import it with a single click.

This ease isn’t limited only to the homepage. ProductX provides similar options for various other pages as well, including single product, shop, cart, checkout, my account, thank you, product search, archive, and more. 

Notably, the plugin has recently introduced the ability to create header, footer, and 404 page templates in their WooCommerce builder.

Finally, with the ProductX WooCommerce Builder, you can get the most out of your online store. With more than 50 customizable blocks and ready-made templates, you can make an online store that looks great and unique.

Header and Footer Builder: No More Theme Dependencies

ProductX WooCommerce Builder - Header and Footer

The header is the first thing customers and visitors notice after landing on a website. As you already know, the header provides navigational information a customer needs. It consists of elements like the site logo, search bar, menu bar, and more. 

On the other hand, a site’s footer typically includes links to privacy policy, terms of use, customer service, copyright information, and legal disclaimers.

Previously, you had to depend on themes to add header and footer sections to your online stores. But with the latest addition to the product WooCommerce builder, you don’t have to depend on themes anymore to create the header and footer.

So, no more restrictions. ProductX empowers you to fully customize your header and footer. Once you have the plugin, there’s no need for theme dependencies, no hefty spending on custom solutions, and up to 80% less development time.

“Error…. 404 not found! Oops, sorry, I think I malfunctioned! Did I not mention the 404 page builder? My bad.” 

What’s more? You can now create amazing 404 page templates with ProductX. Even if customers get a 404 error, they will see the right information with attractive designs. 

Why Should You Use WooCommerce Builder?

Why Should You Use WooCommerce Builder

Well, you wouldn’t want to stick with the default designs, as they’re very minimal and not very appealing. Customers won’t like a store that doesn’t attract them. You need to make your site visually captivating. 

And this is where the ProductX WooCommerce Builder comes into play. It lets you create beautiful page templates. And once you publish them, the templates will be replaced with the default ones. 

ProductX has compatibility with all the popular themes, so you can use any of them and get the desired results. Built on the Gutenberg framework, it ensures that your site loads very quickly, keeping your customers happy.

Below is a list of some key points why you may consider using this plugin.

a. Massive Template Library

ProductX has a massive collection of ready starter packs and premade template designs. With user-friendly starter packs, you can easily import pre-designed templates for various business niches like clothing, food, and magazines. 

Take advantage of the live preview feature to see how each starter pack transforms your online store before choosing.  Not only that, ProductX also offers a wide selection of builder block designs to enhance your eCommerce website. 

Choose from 50 unique blocks that effortlessly elevate the presentation of your products. From product grids to category displays, these customizable designs allow you to showcase your offerings most appealingly.

Massive Template Library

If you’re looking for a quick and convenient way to revamp your online store, the ready starter packs and block designs in ProductX are your go-to solution. Unlock the full potential of your eCommerce business with just a few clicks!

b. Drag and Drop Interface

All the available site-building blocks and even the product blocks are drag and dropable. So it is easier for you to add the blocks to your desired position while building any templates from scratch. And for separating the section to left and right, the Gutenberg column block will be handy for you. 

c. Extreme Level of Customization

ProductX offers easy but detailed customization options. It allows you to create unique product pages without any coding knowledge. Choose from over 50 customizable blocks to design an online store that reflects your brand.

d. Dynamic Page Template Creation

As ProductX offers dynamic building features, you do not need to worry about the content/products of your store. You just need to design the outlook of the template and select the correct conditions. The templates will automatically apply to the pages you have chosen as a condition.

Dynamic Page Template Creation

e. Effortless Condition Selection

It’s good to see that the condition selection is easier and more effective. For example, if you want to create one single template for all product pages, it’s easy. But what if you want to create separate templates based on specific categories? 

ProductX is here to save you again. With the ProductX Builder, you can create not only single templates for all categories but also specific categories.

f. Template Management from One Place

Last but not least, all the WooCommerce Builder features are located in one place. So that there is no chance of being lost. You can easily create, manage, and customize templates from one place. Not only that, but you can also edit the conditions of any templates without even opening them.

A Look at ProductX’s Latest Features

ProductX's Latest Features

Let’s look at the latest updates and features of ProductX.


Recently, they have updated the following options for ProductX:

  • A complete redesign of the compare addon
  • Changed the Dashboard UI for better ease-of-use
  • And now, you can use the builder blocks outside the builder.

New Features

Here’s a list of the new features (including blocks and integration):

  • Banner Maker block
  • Custom Font Addon
  • List BlockList Block
  • Button Group Block
  • Product Slider Block
  • Divi Module Added
  • Beaver Builder Integration
  • Oxygen Builder Integration
  • Elementor Integration

ProductX regularly releases new updates. As far as we know, they release updates every two weeks. So, if you won’t have any issues with compatibility. And we have found their support super fast and helpful.

Future-Proof Your Store with Upcoming Updates

You’ll be surprised to know about their future plans. Here are some upcoming features you can get a hold of:

  • FSE-theme compatibility
  • Quick Off-canvas Cart
  • ACF Support
  • Abandoned Cart
  • 1000+ Sale Badges
  • More Templates and Starter Packs

Is ProductX the Best WooCommerce Builder?

Is ProductX the Best WooCommerce Builder?

If you Don’t know, ProductX has recently released its 3.0 version. They overhauled the design of WooCommerce Builder to make it easier. It added a lot of advanced features people were asking for!

This update of ProductX made it a complete WooCommerce solution. And people are loving it! It became the new talk of the town, and they are eager to try ProductX!

Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of ProductX before we finish.


  • Amazing Premade Templates
  • Easier Condition Selection
  • Gutenberg-based customizable blocks
  • Responsiveness for each device
  • Multiple Starter Packs
  • In-depth Customization Options
  • Header & footer builder


  • No Sales Order Block Tables
  • No infinite Scrolling
  • Not Integrated with WCFM/Dokan yet


If you’re looking for a WooCommerce builder that combines a user-friendly design with powerful features and regular updates, ProductX is certainly worth exploring. And we can clearly state that ProductX is certainly the best WooCommerce builder in the market right now!

So, don’t settle for basic designs. Use ProductX WooCommerce Builder and make your online store amazing. Step up your WooCommerce game with ProductX WooCommerce builder and give your customers a shopping experience they’ll love to come back to! 

Plus, don’t forget to keep an eye on upcoming updates. As the roadmap indicates, exciting features are on the way, further enhancing the capabilities of this WooCommerce builder.

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