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Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7

Ever used Contact Form 7, the most outstanding form builder for WordPress? If you’re a user of CF7, you’re welcome to share the same thoughts as us.

This awesome form builder powers more than 5 million sites in WordPress. As amazing as it is, global users loved its features and simplicity in making all kinds of forms.

But what if you could extend its feature beyond? The next level of form-making experience is already in existence.

Are you excited now? Then go through this article as we have detailed everything for you.

Contact Form 7 Makes All Kinds of Forms You Need

Contact Form 7 makes all kinds of forms you need

According to Takeflyte, a contact form is a better choice instead of displaying an email address to pull in leads.

People are often shy to make the first contact. In order to break the ice, something conversational should be provided to the users first.

What motivates them is an organized form that is easy to fill and sends user queries to the site admin.

In other words, forms are the best ways to connect with your leads.

And that’s why Contact Form 7 lets you build all sorts of forms like contact pages, surveys, quizzes, and more, without breaking a sweat.

In a word, it grants you the power to create custom forms tailored to your needs.

How Popular Is Contact Form 7?

According to builtwith, the usage statistics of this form builder addon surpasses 23,863,109 websites in total. Among the numbers, 10,649,024 sites are live websites.

CF7 usage stats

The curve shows how many users increased over the time who are using CF7 in their sites.

On top of these numbers, CF7 has over 5 Million active installs in WordPress with over 2,066 user reviews. And, the popularity of this addon continues to rise due to its exceptional capabilities.

Core Features of Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 offers easy-to-customize forms, allowing users to tailor their forms to specific needs with various field types, layouts, and styling options.

The reason why it’s so widely used lies in the flexibility and limitless possibility of this tool. Here’s a quick glance at the core features.

Customizable Forms for You

Customizable Forms For You

CF7 ensures that you can build any form using its features and pull data from users on WordPress. The addon uses form tags to add form fields. And you are free to use tags as much as you require.

Meaning, there’s actually no limit to your form-making capabilities.

Compatibility over a Wider Platform

The addon is designed to work seamlessly across different platforms, themes, and plugins within WordPress.

CF7 team ensured that your forms would integrate smoothly without causing conflicts with any WordPress themes.

However, the default frontend appearance might change with themes. You can easily configure it by using a bit of CSS anytime.

Extensions and Add-ons Support

Contact Form 7 boasts a supportive ecosystem of extensions and add-ons that extend its functionalities. You may use addons to unlock additional features like conditional logic and advanced styling.

Some of the top integrations for CF7 are-

  • Akismet
  • Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7
  • Constant Contact
  • Brevo
  • Stripe

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more integrations available.

Many Forms, but Only 1 Form Builder in Power

Contact Form 7 reigns on top due to its flexibility in form creation. Up to this date, people have used CF7 to design forms for:

  • Business
  • Blogs/personal websites
  • E-commerce
  • Service-based
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Education
  • Creative portfolios
  • Real estate

The list goes on and on.

And if we’re to expand the form-making list, you will have-

  • Contact forms
  • Inquiry forms
  • Feedback forms
  • Survey forms
  • Application forms
  • Registration forms
  • Order forms
  • Subscription forms
  • Booking/Reservation forms
  • Donation forms

Looking at the use cases, surely the form lives up to its soaring popularity.

However, as awesome as it is, certain features are missing in Contact Form 7 that make you lean on alternatives.

But fret not, you’re about to find out how to solve the missing puzzles.

Because There Are Some Limitations, There Is a Way

You have already realized that you can’t make certain types of forms with the default Contact Form 7.

Over time, many users have highlighted certain limitations within the plugin.

We can’t be 100% sure about the reasons behind not fixing the limitations. But there’s some info related to this matter.

  • Contact Form 7 is made for simplicity while avoiding complex form-building tasks.
  • We think the development priorities are for other aspects such as speed, performance, integrations, etc.
  • Another reason could be the resource constraints on manpower, time and compatibility.
  • The “Open Source” nature of Contact Form 7 is the most just reason behind it, according to the online community.

Because there are limitations in this popular form builder tool, the devs opened the door to volunteers and businesses to compensate for the missing pieces of the puzzle.

And that’s where a creative company welcomed new doors to possibilities.

Introducing Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7

Get Creative Contact Form 7 features with Ultimate Addons

Missing out tons of features in your contact form? Get this, you can instantly get access to 30+ most essential features for CF7 with just one plugin.

Get Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7. This is the only tool to onboard all the missing features of CF7 together.

UACF7 easily replaces multiple CF7 addons with its arsenal of 30+ features and ground-breaking performance.

The plugin is lightweight, faster and highly compatible with WordPress.

With the Ultimate Addons, it’s like giving wings to your contact form with loads of cool features.

Showing its full potential is better than saying a lot about UACF7.

Buckle up and enjoy the rollercoaster of benefits.

Contact Form 7 Features with Ultimate Addons: More Room for Customization

UACF7 provides both free and premium features for Contact Form 7. These features range from simple redirections to multistep form-building capabilities.

Boosted features for more room for customization

The image above represents the current features provided by the exceptional UACF7 addon.

Each feature is equipped with documentation about how you can use them to the fullest.

But worry not, you’ll be able to master the features in no time.

All About How to Do It – See in Action

Now, let’s explore the features in detailed demonstrations. For your sake, there are use cases and code screenshots used to explain the features.



The first feature of Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7 is redirection upon form submission. Whenever a user completes and submits the form, you can redirect him to any target URL within your site or to an external link.

Plus, the redirection can be configured to open on a new page or just load directly on the current page.

With this feature, you’re open to more choices to take the users further inside your lead funnel.

If these seem so awesome, get this: You can use conditional logic to trigger redirections. This is a part of the Pro features, though.

Conditional Field

Despite having so many features, Contact Form 7 lacks conditional fields.

Thanks to Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7, you can use conditional fields while creating your form which leads to more complex form designs.

Conditional Field

All you have to do is turn on the feature and wrap your form code with the conditional wrapper. The marked area of the code is currently wrapped with conditional code and it will act along the condition you set later.

Conditional Field

From the dedicated menu, you can select from the drop-down range above the wrapper to set a condition. It works with menu options and all you have to do is select the menu and declare the value.

For a demonstration, follow both screenshots below.

Conditional Field

This is the normal form where the condition is yet to trigger.

Conditional Field

This time, as soon as the value “Live Chat” is selected from the menu, the condition gets activated and the text area gets hidden.

Using this Contact Form 7 feature with Ultimate Addons, you can trigger complex forms with hidden options or even discounts easily.

Column or Grid

One of the lacking features of Contact Form 7 is that it does not have multiple columns.

So, any form designed is bound to appear in single columns.

With UACF7 (short-form), you can create multi-column layouts.

Conditional Field

The option lets you expand between 1 and 3 columns instantly. Not to mention, you’re open to customization to add many more.

Conditional Field

Just click on “Add Column” to insert column codes and then place your form codes in it.

Conditional Field

You can create any form without sacrificing lots of space within your landing page.

Placeholder Styling

Prior to UACF7, placeholder styling was not possible for Contact Form 7.

Conditional Field

But now you can just turn on a feature and use options such as text color, background color, font style, etc. to customize placeholders.

Conditional Field

Inside the form code, you must declare placeholder text in order to make the change appear on the front end.

Conditional Field

You can see the result in the screenshot. This image is for demo purposes, so you’re open to more amazing customizations.

Complete Form Styler

But what if you want to customize more of your forms?

Check out the Form Styler feature. This new option adds a ton of customizations to your current form interface.

Complete Form Styler

Through a dedicated menu, you can jump into form styles to create your branded forms.

It starts with label customizations. Go ahead and select label colors, font style, padding and margin.

Complete Form Styler

Following that, you can modify the look of the input fields.

Complete Form Styler

Then comes the submit button customizations. Besides color, padding, and margin, it also provides options for border customizations.

Complete Form Styler

Also, you can add custom CSS to create your unique styles.

Once properly configured, you can own an extraordinary form for your users. This will significantly provide a better chance to engage with more leads.

Multistep Form

When there’s more information to collect, you need to use a multistep form to make it easier for your users.

Unfortunately, Contact Form 7 does not provide a way to make a multistep form.

But here’s the trick. Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7 has an exclusive feature to create multistep forms.

Multistep Form

Turning on the UACF7 Multistep Form option opens a tab alongside the others from the CF7 dashboard. Inside the tab, you can turn on this feature and then customize a few more options.

Multistep Form

In the form code, you’ll see the Multistep Start and End form tags. Configure at your free will to create your desired multistep forms.

Multistep Form

The screenshot above is one of the examples of how your multistep form will look at the front end. 

With options to show a progress bar with custom styles, auto-scroll and button styles, it gives you the freedom to modify the form’s appearance further.

Booking/Appointment Form

Wouldn’t it be accurate to call CF7 all-rounder if it had a booking form builder? The answer is “Yes”.

Get Booking Form Contact Form 7 features with Ultimate Addons and create instant appointment forms easily.

Multistep Form

Through a dedicated tab, enable the booking form and then customize the event, mail, date and time settings, as well as unavailable time/date settings.

Multistep Form

In the form, you’ll need to insert the Booking Form date and time tags. Also, you may add labels to highlight them.

Multistep Form

The form output displays a date calendar and time picker to your audiences. The total time taken to design a booking form is less than a minute. That’s how easy it is!

Frontend Post Submission

Another innovative move from team UACF7 is the frontend post submission feature.

If you’re too tired to go into the backend to draft new blog posts, get this: you can add a post submission form to the front end and simply do post drafts from there instead.

Multistep Form

If you turn on this feature, it’ll show a tab on the CF7 dashboard where you can enable the feature and select post type and status. Instead of drafting, you can also directly publish the post.

Multistep Form

On the form, you can add post title, content, thumbnail, and category fields. These fields will show in the front end, with the submit button as the closing tag.

Frontend Post Submission

The interface looks similar to the screenshot above and helps you create posts from the frontend directly. This is one of the remarkable Contact Form 7 features with Ultimate Addons.


Next is the missing MailChimp feature which is brought to light by UACF7. MailChimp is super popular and so many people use it for email campaigns and nurturing leads.

To your ease, UACF7 creates a hook between Contact Form 7 & Mailchimp to export leads directly to your MailChimp inventory.

Frontend Post Submission

To get started, just create and paste your MailChimp API inside the UACF7 dashboard and hit “Save Changes”.

Frontend Post Submission

Then, from CF7’s dashboard, go to the marked tab and configure your MailChimp settings. It’s easy and it makes CF7 more convenient.


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could trace your lead database inside WordPress for Contact Form 7?

Yes, it’ll be awesome. And it already is there.

Frontend Post Submission

Simply turn on the Database feature for UACF7 and select your form through the Ultimate DB tab.

Frontend Post Submission

Woosh! You can trace all your leads who successfully submitted forms inside there – A mindblowing job from team UACF7.

PDF Generator

Once more, you can configure Contact Form 7 to send you a PDF copy of the submitted form by your leads.

PDF Generator

The feature is called “PDF Generator”. 

Once turned on, you’ll see a tab inside the CF7 dashboard where you can turn on the feature, give PDFs a name, select the “sent to” mail, and some more customizations.

Form Generator AI

If all of these features amaze you, there are some more amazing features waiting.

The Form Generator AI by UACF7 takes inquiries from you about the type of form you want to generate and it generates it for you.

Form Generator AI

Super easy and super convenient feature that you can’t have otherwise than UACF7.

Conversational Form

A conversational form is a better version of the multistep form where you are having a conversation with your visitors and getting their information within the process.

With the same goal in mind, UACF7’s Conversational Form lets you create such step-by-step forms with precise style customizations.

Conversational Form

Starting with the customization dashboard, the form tab lets you enable the conversational form and select its parameters.

Such as full-screen form, progress bar, intro/thank you pages, as well as layout, colors, button colors, background images, etc.

Conversational Form

Within the form builder, you can use the Conversational Start/End tags to shape your form.

Conversational Form

And this is a simple output with no form styles added. However, you can style your form with custom images, colors, paddings, etc.

So, you can engage more deeply with your leads this way.

Submission ID

Further down in the road, Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7 adds another tiny detail such as Submission ID to the user-submitted form. 

Conversational Form

This is a configurable feature that lets you choose a starting ID and a step incremental gap.

Submission ID

With this, you can very easily differentiate between campaigns by segmenting leads by their unique ID.

Convenient? Yes, it is.


Additionally, you can show a signature field inside your form to collect user signatures when they are submitting.

Many govt. & private organizations require user signatures as part of their authentication system. UACF7 just made it easier for all.


Just turn on the feature and from the dedicated tab, customize the signature field by color, width/height, etc.


See it in action! That’s how easily you can collect user authentication through Contact Form 7.


Another advanced feature of Ultimate Addons is the Telegram form feature. This option lets you send form data to Telegram bots with a very fast information transfer method.


Simply insert your Telegram BOT Token and Chat ID. Done!

Now receive form submission data in Telegram instantly.

By the way, there are more features ahead.

Extra Features for Next-Gen Form Building Experience

Above, you have seen some of the best features of Contact Form 7 powered by Ultimate Addons.

In case you are wondering if that’s all, you’re wrong. There’s more to that.

Not stopping at all, UACF7 goes deeper into the matrix.

Let’s explore more of the features down here.

Dynamic Text

UACF7 allows you to add dynamic tags inside your form as part of the extended features.

Currently, you can add current URLs, blog info, current post info, etc. dynamic texts in the forms.

Dynamic Text

Moreover, you can choose to show, disable, or keep the dynamic text hidden on the front end.

Pre-populate Field

Another cool feature of UACF7 lets you preserve user data from one form to another form in case you need the user to fill up multiple different forms altogether.

Pre-populate Field

This feature lets you select the target form URL and select the form. Then you can select which data from the current form will be preserved and be taken to the next form.

The Pre-populate Field feature makes UACF7 more amazing with a great range of form-building experiences.

Star Rating

Another fact is that you can add star ratings to your forms with UACF7 if you’re planning to collect reviews or set priority to user inquiries.

Star Rating

With this feature, you can make professional contact forms that engage better with the users.

Range Slider

Ultimate Addons equipped Contact Form 7 with a range slider feature. With a range slider, you can let users pick any desired range for pricing, priority, distance, or any numeric value.

Range Slider

The range slider configuration is simple. Just when you insert the tag, it will ask you to define the values, type, label, min/max range, default value, etc.

Range Slider

In the front end, users can pick a value from the range and submit the form. The data will be recorded as it is.

Repeater Field

In addition to all of those above, you will get the Repeater Field feature with UACF7. With repeaters, you can let users record multiple responses for specific queries.

Repeater Field

This is a demo picked from the UACF7 website. The actual default interface differs from here. However, you are open to adding custom CSS to modify the interface.

Country Dropdown Field

Do you want to record the user’s country data in Contact Form 7? Done!

With the Country Dropdown Field, you can let your users pick their country inside the submission form.

Country Dropdown Field

It’s done with a tag inside the form builder with additional customizations such as auto-complete, dynamic selection, etc.

Country Dropdown Field

The frontend provides a field to choose your country from a pre-determined list, one at a time.

IP Geo Fields (Autocomplete Country, City, State, Zip Fields)

In addition to the Country Field, the IP Geo Fields are automated scripts that can pick user location i.e. country, city, state & zip automatically.

IP Geo Fields (Autocomplete Country, City, State, Zip Fields)

You just have to insert the tags inside the form. For demo purposes, we have just put the state tag.

IP Geo Fields (Autocomplete Country, City, State, Zip Fields)

The front end will auto-load the state location picked from the user’s browser. Of course, the form will ask for permission before auto-complete.

Exceptional WooCommerce Features Ensure Solid Performance

We have explored lots and lots of additional Contact Form 7 features with Ultimate Addons.

Here are two more WooCommerce-specific features that you should benefit from-

Product Dropdown Menu

Connect your WooCommerce product list with Contact Form 7 and let users pick products while filling up the inquiry form.

Product Dropdown Menu

This is done by an advanced form tag where you can select products by ID, tag or category as well as select order, layout style, and specific products.

Product Dropdown Menu

From the front end, users can easily choose products from the list, one at a time.

Auto Add to Cart & Checkout after Form Submission

In addition to the product dropdown, you can enable product checkout for your contact forms.

Auto Add to Cart & Checkout after Form Submission

With this, you have a way to directly secure sales from your leads. Either sell the product you are advertising or do upsell with Contact Form 7.

It’s your choice.

What’s Lacking Isn’t Lacking Anymore, So Why Wait?

At the bottom line, we can say that Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7 opens lots of new doors to build even more complex forms easily.

In a word, Contact Form 7 is not lacking features anymore with the advent of Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7.

We recommend you give a shot to the Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7 demo version to get a hands-on experience today. So that you can get a concrete idea before you craft forms beyond the boundaries.

So, are you pumped for the new experience?

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