How to Combine SEO and AI-Generated Content for the Best Result

How to Combine SEO and AI-Generated Content for the Best Result

Editorial Staff March 20, 2024

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SEO and AI are gradually becoming a dynamic duo for content creation and optimization. This combination has been changing the way you optimize content for search results through automation and insightful analytics, thus making SEO optimization even more powerful and effective!

Sadly, the concept of utilizing AI for SEO is still hazy to some due to a lack of awareness and adaptability. As a consequence, they can’t keep up with this ever-evolving landscape. But not anymore!

Today, we will uncover the whole process of how to reinforce SEO and AI-generated content to boost your website visibility to an extent that you can’t imagine.

What is AI-driven SEO?

AI-driven SEO indicates the use of artificial intelligence or machine learning to streamline content/website optimization and pull off better ranking in SERP. These AI tools are packed with data-rich insights that help marketers adopt more informed optimization strategies for improving website visibility and performance.

Why do you need to combine AI and SEO?

Artificial intelligence, to some extent, is capable of providing constructive suggestions regarding SEO based on meaningful analysis and predictive research. Manually gathering these data-driven suggestions is menial and time-consuming. Additionally, optimizing websites according to these suggestions is even easier with AI.

Apart from these, many more objectives exist for combining AI with SEO. Let’s explore the potential benefits of using AI for SEO:

  • AI can effectively detect keywords and content gaps for your web pages.
  • Artificial intelligence helps to obtain competitive competitor research statistics for optimal SEO results.
  • Combining AI with SEO can make you more productive while optimizing your content.
  • This modern technology helps both in content generation and optimization.
  • They are also beneficial for providing analytics for optimization.
  • AI frees up your time to brainstorm other SEO opportunities for your brand.

How to maximize the impact of SEO with AI integration

SEO acts as a powerful catalyst for making your web pages recognized and ranked on SERP. Thankfully, now you can multiply the impact of SEO utilizing AI. But how?

Here are the ways to utilize AI to boost SEO results with its high volume and effective content optimization:

1. AI for content planning

Artificial intelligence can help you in analyzing current trends, user needs, and predictive content demand. Using all these analytics, you can plan highly competitive content for your calendar. 

Besides, since it utilizes predictive analytics, you can also cover the content that will be in demand in the future. This means you can prepare a content calendar that aligns with present and future trends.

Additionally, AI minimizes time with its swift and data-driven content ideation. So, leverage artificial intelligence for prompt content planning. 

2. NLP keyword research

Optimizing content with NLP keywords boosts ranking possibilities and website visibility. Because it helps computers understand human text and rank it for related searches. So, it’s crucial to list NLP keywords for each content and cover those for better results.

AI tools like GetGenie can suggest NLP keywords separately for content, heading, and meta to ensure better optimization for search results. Besides, you can enjoy this NLP keyword suggestion feature on WordPress as well as the SaaS interface.

NLP keyword research

3. In-detailed competitor analysis

No doubt, competitor analysis discovers thousands of SEO opportunities. And this is where AI has a remarkable impact.  AI algorithms are built in such a way that are capable of analyzing tons of online resources and compiling the most comprehensive data about your competitors.

By utilizing these data, you can ensure better optimization for SERP. This not only beats your competitors but also keeps you ahead in the SEO game.

For example, GetGenie lists all competitors’ ranked content in one tab and lets you compare them through SERP Visualizer and H2H Comparison. Besides, you can learn word count, the number of headings and images for each ranked blog.

In-detailed competitor analysis

On top of that the H2H comparison offers immense benefits by displaying all ranked blogs along with their keywords in one place. Therefore, you will get a complete overview of competitors’ data and ensure better optimization.

Learn 10 ways of using AI for your WordPress blog posts.

Get a complete overview of competitors’ data

4. Craft quality content with AI

The most popular use case of AI to date — assisting in generating quality content that is optimized for SEO too. They can process given inputs and provide human-like output by utilizing natural language processing technology.

On top of it, AI practiced providing problem-solving and personalized content through automation that brings prolific results in SEO.

For example, GetGenie’s Blog Wizard automates all tasks from keyword research to crafting a complete blog. Moreover, blogs can be generated manually or with a single click.

Craft quality content with AI

5. Finding related Queries 

Search Engines always prioritize content that answers readers’ queries and fulfil user intent. It enhances ranking possibilities along with showing up in the ‘People also ask’ section. 

Nowadays, AI is doing a stupendous job of listing related queries. They take a few minutes to prepare a list of questions for your topic. Besides, you can even find appropriate answers to these queries with AI. Here is an example of such a tool is GetGenie.

Finding related Queries

6. Fine-tune with score-based optimization

Artificial intelligence has added a new era to content optimization. It can instantly analyze your complete content and give score-based suggestions for improvement. All the suggestions are generated based on search engine algorithms, updates, and ranking factors.

You can enhance ranking possibilities by optimizing your content with these suggestions. However, a 100% score doesn’t mean you will surely rank on Search Engines. It just adds extra sparks and enhances the probability of ranking on SERP. So, practice using an AI SEO optimization tool like GetGenie to get score-based content improvement suggestions.

Fine-tune with score-based optimization

7. Predictive SEO and analytics

AI analyzes past and present data to prepare predictive content optimization strategies for SEO. This predictive data is fruitful for analyzing user behavior, future content demand, and ranking possibilities. Additionally, this predictive SEO optimization lets you avoid sudden SEO crises such as losing ranking, content visibility, traffic, etc. 

As a result, SEO professionals can utilize these predictive models and anticipate the potential outcome of SEO strategies. Take a look at the ultimate WordPress SEO guide.

FAQ on How to Combine SEO and AI-Generated Content

Is AI Content Good for SEO?

AI content is effective for SEO only if you utilize it correctly with proper human optimization. This  Search Engine Optimized AI content can leave noteworthy results on SERP.

Can You Rank on SERP with AI Content?

Depending on AI-generated content narrows down the ranking possibilities. Because along with AI, you will need human intelligence to rank on SERP. So, it’s best to follow a hybrid content creation, a combination of Automation and human efforts.

Does Google Penalize AI content?

Yes, with the recent March update, Google started to penalize unhelpful AI-generated content whose main focus is to manipulate search results. However, the content that satisfies user intent and helpful content purpose remains unharmed on SERP.

Will AI replace SEO Experts?

Surely not. AI can never replace SEO experts. No matter how impactful NLP keywords and optimization suggestions artificial intelligence makes, you will always need SEO experts to implement those precisely.

Elevate SEO with AI

The fusion of SEO and AI is highly sustainable and scalable. Nowadays, it’s not a mere strategic approach, rather it has become a necessity. Because it minimizes piles of tasks and makes the lives of SEO professionals easier.

Moreover, AI-driven content optimization is extremely efficacious in terms of SEO too. So, it is best practice to combine AI with SEO to bring excellent results from your content.

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