Elementor Page Builder Plugin Review

Elementor Page Builder Plugin Review

Shohag June 1, 2020

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Elementor Page Builder Plugin is the popular page builder plugin to create a WordPress website. It gives you a drag-and-drop interface for WordPress similar to popular website builders such as Wix or Squarespace.

In this Elementor review, I’ll show you what this tool is all about, its pros and cons, and help you to decide whether or not to use it.

Why You Need the Elementor Page Builder Plugin?

Page builders make it easier to create custom layouts with multiple rows and columns and to add special features such as buttons. They also enable you to see exactly what a finished WordPress page will look like while you’re editing it.

This is particularly helpful for users who don’t have knowledge of its coding. It helps you add more multiple elements to your pages than what’s available in the standard WordPress editor, without having advanced technical knowledge.

What’s more, Elementor makes creating a website fast. Professional developers sometimes use page builders, because they can create websites more quickly than if they had to put together each page by hand.

You can use Templates to design specific types of content and then add them to multiple places on your site, without having to recreate the design every time. This saves a lot of time for those building large sites or creating multiple sites for various customers.

Features and Benefits of Elementor Page Builder

Out of the box, Elementor comes with handy features:

  • First, of all, there’s the main page building functionality itself.
  • There are more than 90+ content modules to choose from like images, headings, buttons, carousels, counters, progress bars, testimonials and more.
  • The most important thing to work with drag-and-drop is that you can take any element and move it to a new spot simply by dragging it across the screen.
  • The pages are mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly.
  • There’s a library of built-in page templates that can be imported and modified. There are 150-plus free and 300-plus pro templates available. Additionally, you can create and save your own templates.
  • In the Pro version of Elementor, you can use the Theme Builder feature, which allows you to modify your theme’s core elements, such as header, footer, single post template, or your blog archives.
  • Last but not least, there’s also a completely new WooCommerce Builder module. It’s similar to Theme Builder, but this option allows you to redo all of your default WooCommerce pages, such as your single product page or product archive.

Here are a few more features that are useful:

  • When you right-click in the upper-right corner of any element, you can see all the editing possibilities.
  • You can duplicate all content blocks with a click.
  • You can easily undo/redo changes with Ctrl+Z and Shift+Ctrl+Z (or Cmd+Z and Shift+Cmd+Z on a Mac)

Elementor Page Builder for Beginners and Professionals

Elementor is the easiest page builder, and it’s also the one that delivers you the most features for free.

Essentially, it’s the perfect Do It Yourself (DIY) solution for people who want to create impressive page designs all on their own without having any coding skills, HTML or CSS knowledge.

Elementor also comes in handy if you feel a bit limited by what the default block editor in WordPress allows you to do. If you’re trying to put your content where you want it, make the columns align or add images in a specific way, then Elementor will help you to do that.

At the end of the day, Elementor is for those people who want to design beautiful pages for their websites without actually being a designer.

Elementor Page Builder for Developers

Elementor page builder is also best for professional developers. Professional developers use page builders because they can create websites more quickly than if they had to put together each page by hand.

Elementor: Free vs Pro

Elementor is very popular because it offers a wide selection of features and options for free.

The free version of the Elementor is available in the WordPress Plugin Directory and comes with 30 widgets that you can use to build your pages and posts. It’s a simple matter to create functional and attractive sites with free version of this tool.

There is also a Pro version, which provides additional features. It includes 50+ additional pro widgets, including some that are specifically designed for online stores. It also enables you to edit your theme, as well as building features such as forms, pop-ups, and dynamic content.

Elementor Free vs Pro

When deciding which version to pick up, the primary considerations will be how many sites you’re looking to create. And how advanced your pages features need to be. If you don’t need the extra widgets, you can go with the free version. If you want to add more advanced features to your site, you can purchase any of the Pro versions.

Pricing Information

There are three paid versions in the Elementor page builder. If you want more advanced features, you can go with any of the three:

Elementor Pricing Plan

All three options include one year of support and updates. After the annual license has expired, you have the option to renew.

Pros and Cons Of Elementor Page Builder


  • Free version with a lot of options.
  • Full Frontend editing.
  • Rich library to customize.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Built-in Blocks and templates.
  • The code behind Elementor is open source, and as a result, there are many premium third-party add-ons. 
  • You can build an entire site using simply this plugin.


  • Even though it’s really intuitive, it might take you a bit more time to understand how the plugin works if you’re the beginner of WordPress.

Final Verdict

Creating a website is no longer difficult. Thanks to Elementor to create the site as always wanted.

Elementor breaks all competitors and leads the WordPress Page builder plugins leaderboard. Even though the Gutenberg plugin is also growing dramatically, I believe that the current Elementor users will not easily switch.

The main reason to love Elementor so much is that it helps people who don’t have basic knowledge about designing sites, create a page that is appealing and helps people navigate easier. There are thousands of sites around the web and Elementor is a free and easy solution to transform your site. If you’re not sure how to create a good looking website, you should consider adding Elementor inside your WordPress.

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