10 Tips to Improve Customer Service on Your WordPress Website

Improve Customer Service on Your Website

How can customer service be improved? The age of firms built on the concept “low price = more buyers” is progressively receding. The modern buyer has long recognized that quality cannot be coupled with low prices. As a result, professional customer service emerges first, assisting in effectively building up from rivals.

The market is congested, competition is especially fierce, and supply has long outstripped demand. As a result, the customer has gotten more demanding. That’s why you need to build strong brand loyalty and improve customer service for both main and secondary sales. How? Keep reading to get proven tips to improve customer service.

The need to improve customer service

The need to improve customer service

A customer nowadays is more than simply someone who enters a shop and has to buy something. And not the buyer who contacted customer service to acquire answers to his product-related queries. Today, customer service is essentially a real-time Internet conversation. Widgets, messengers, social networks, callback and call queue functions, and other forms of communication have firmly entrenched themselves in the seller-buyer relationship.

Customer service is more than just answering queries; it is an essential component of the entire team’s operation. 

Previously, customers formed relationships with companies based on the quality of the acquired product or its price; today, buyers focus on how sales professionals engage with them. A person becomes a frequent client of a business if its personnel provide exceptional customer service that goes above and beyond the norm.

If support personnel or sales consultants can anticipate customers’ questions, anticipate their demands, and simplify cross-selling, this business has a significant edge over competitors.

Without your knowledge, a devoted customer might become a public face for your organization. According to a HubSpot study, 81% of customers listened to favorable comments about a business from someone close to them.

Such an advocate will spread the word about you to your family and friends, and the chain will develop organically. He comes out to be entirely free and willing to work to promote your company in the market of products or services.

The business owner knows very well that it is much cheaper to keep customers who have already trusted you than to find new ones. According to economic estimates, it will take 6-7 times more money to find buyers. But you can lose them because of poor service very quickly.

10 working tools for improving customer service

tips to improve customer service

We’ve explained ten proven tips to improve customer service on your WordPress website in this section. All these tips are actionable, all you need to do is align them with your business.

1. High-quality communication

The first step towards better communication with clients is to create direct touch with them. You may easily accomplish this using a variety of current feedback methods:

  • email newsletters;
  • online chat correspondence;
  • convenient ticket system;
  • clear web forms;
  • the usual telephony;
  • mobile applications;
  • messengers;
  • social network.

The consumer should always have the option of choosing whatever mode of communication to employ. It is your responsibility to inform him of these options and offer him access to all communication channels. A solution to gather all interactions in a separate part of the site and develop communication between users and management would be a fantastic response to the question of how to enhance customer service.

Connect all managers to request processing to expedite response time. The consumer dislikes waiting, and such instances produce annoyance and a poor attitude toward the organization as a whole. The client’s loss of time will have an impact on the target traffic and will result in a flood of negative reviews on social media. The necessity for a speedy response to a real-time query does not excuse dismissing queries made by mail or messenger. Everyone must respond fast.

2. Every second counts

A protracted wait for a client is the equivalent of death. Each customer regards his or her situation as the most pressing and seeks a speedy resolution.

Your job is to assist staff in such instances and give them the resources they need to respond to consumer requests quickly. The quick servicing of one individual decreases the waiting time of the others.

3. Know your company’s product

When the support service, sales department managers study the product of their company in detail, it will be much easier for them to provide a timely solution to the buyer’s problem. Be sure to include a knowledge base in your processes and staff training to educate your team about the main product of the company. Training and exams will not interfere with this.

4. Work as a team

Work as a team

Working in a group is always more efficient than working alone. Customer service is an example of an activity in which it is vital to operate cohesively for the benefit of everyone, not just the customer service department.

It is obvious that manual administration of the company is not the best solution; it is difficult and unnecessary to control the work of the team personally. As a result, you are unlikely to be aware of all of the client issues that they report to the support service. However, it is very feasible to monitor the situation in the department, observe the big picture of the movement, and maintain one’s finger on the pulse.

5. Be able to listen to customers

When a salesman, personal manager, or regular support professional knows how to listen to a customer and provide a substantial answer, it is noticed. There is no need to devote time to understanding a person’s problem and how its resolution may affect his career or even personal life. Don’t worry; he’ll appreciate your efforts and remain loyal to your organization.

Tell your staff to approach people and ask them questions concerning the subject at hand, such as health or commercial performance. The more they know about each consumer, the more successful the firm and its customers will be.

Well-established customer service can become a source of new ideas and products. In some successfully developing projects, the customer support team at each meeting of top managers voices the opinion and feedback of their wards about the company’s product.

6. Offer a friendly personalized service

Despite the information built into it, artificial intelligence has a restricted range of questions and answers, making it improbable that a person would choose it as an interlocutor. Demonstrate to your consumers that you are not a robot and that they can and should communicate with you. In this approach, you will let clients understand how important they are to the company.

Unlike a machine, people can always express themselves via speech. Inform staff on how to effectively use this capacity during online communication. For example, while the bank’s customer data is being downloaded from his card, an employee can exchange a few words about which store is more lucrative to use this card at because of the good payback. From the perspective of the customer, such an employee will appear nicer than one who remains mute.

7. More empathy

Put yourself in the shoes of a client, especially if there is a major concern. A person will be able to assess your empathy and differentiate your business from the competition.

Employees who are apathetic to the concerns and anxieties of customers will not help the organization succeed. Only by learning to see the problem through the client’s eyes and drawing suitable conclusions can the service become effective.

It is critical to transmit this concept to all support staff members as well as the entire team. A person will view sincere engagement in his situation with thankfulness and proper admiration.

8. Inform about the order status

Inform about the order status

Do you want to learn how to provide better customer service? Install a CRM system that will be of great help in boosting customer service. One of its numerous tools is quite crucial – integration with SMS mailing services. You may automate the sending of notifications to customers regarding the current status of their orders.

9. Collect feedback

You can collect feedback following the below steps:

  • Ask your consumers questions that necessitate a comprehensive response;
  • Determine whether the consumer has any wants or concerns, as well as how happy the customer is with the service and the goods itself.
  • Make sure to inquire whether the customer has any questions and if you were able to sort everything out.
  • Offer to rate the company’s service on a scale of 10;
  • Calculate the loyalty index and the likelihood of favorable referrals regularly.

10. Educate your customers

Sometimes the customers of an online store also need additional knowledge, as do its employees. By educating the target audience, the company will be able to communicate product information more effectively, and people will not have ridiculous or biased requirements.

What is the significance of customer experience for WordPress websites in 2023?

Creating a high-quality customer experience and working methodically to improve service is a direct path to gaining potential customers’ trust and loyalty. A high-quality service sets an online business apart from competitors and greatly enhances the percentage of leads that are converted into purchases.

Are you ready to wow your customers?

The 10 approaches outlined above can assist you in providing timely online customer care while decreasing friction across phases of the customer journey and, as a result, improving customer experience on your WordPress site.

Increase client satisfaction by continuously delivering excellent online help and focusing on the human connection to deepen your connections with them. The consumer may not always be correct, but it is free to make them feel valued. According to research, customer happiness leads to a higher bottom line, therefore focus on your customers to boost your ROI.

If you have selected WordPress to develop your site, you may make extensive use of its capabilities. WordPress offers excellent content management capabilities for creating a user-friendly website.

Remember to use the following result-driven suggestions to enhance customer service on your WordPress website. These suggestions can help you improve your client service. And, we promise, these will operate much better in a CMS like WordPress!

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