20+ Top WordPress YouTube Channels to Follow in 2024

Best WordPress YouTube channels

Saif Hassan July 8, 2021

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YouTube channels are very popular for learning a vast range of topics. Nowadays its became popular for all sorts of tutorials. There’s a growing number of great YouTube channels that are focused on WordPress. Many YouTube experts are making WordPress-related content so that beginners find it easy to learn WordPress.

So, if you’re a beginner and want to learn WordPress in the most convenient way, you must follow some top WordPress YouTube channels. You might be wondering which channels to follow for better content.

No worries! Today, we’re going to find out the best WordPress YouTube channels so that you can subscribe to those channels and get updated video tutorials on WordPress.

Top 21 WordPress YouTube Channels in 2024

Best WordPress YouTube channels

WordPress YouTube channels are not only used to learn WordPress but also these channels help to get updated news about the industry.

WordPress is an ever-changing industry. Every day there are a number of plugins, themes, and addons are getting added to the repository. Also, Google keeps announcing the changes in its algorithms to rank your content.

So, if you want to keep yourself updated about the WordPress industry, you should follow some channels from this list. First, let’s check the list.

  • WordPress.tv
  • weDevs
  • WP Beginner
  • WP ERP
  • Darrel Wilson
  • Happy Addons
  • Let’s Build WP
  • weMail
  • Yoast
  • ThemeIsle
  • WPTuts
  • Ferdy Korpershoek
  • WPLearningLab
  • Tyler Moore
  • Website Learners
  • WPwatercooler
  • WPCrafter
  • Josh Hall
  • Toolset Plugins
  • Elegant Themes
  • Elementor Page Builder for WordPress

Now, let’s check each of the WordPress channels in detail.

1. WordPress.tv


It is the official youtube channel of WordPress. All session of every single WordCamp gets recorded and eventually put online. You can watch them on WordPress.tv. It is known as WordCampTV. Since the videos are presentations, the duration of the videos is 15 to 45 minutes.

All the videos uploaded to their websites are hosted by VideoPress. It is a one-click WordPress.com upgrade that allows you to create streaming high-definition videos on your blog, or anywhere on the web. You can even create an instant video podcast right from your blog feed.

Click here to subscribe to WordPress.tv YouTube channel.

2. weDevs

20+ Top WordPress YouTube Channels to Follow in 2024 1

weDevs is known for its multivendor builder plugin Dokan. So, the number of Dokan-related video content dominates here. Apart from Dokan, there are a significant number of other videos like webinars, weDevs culture, WordPress news, and product review available on this channel.

weDevs has also some other popular products, e.g., WP Project Manager Pro, Appsero, WP User Frontend, wePos, and weCare. You will get videos on these products as well on this channel.

So, if you want to know more about weDevs and its products, you can visit this channel regularly.

3. WP Beginner

20+ Top WordPress YouTube Channels to Follow in 2024 2

WP Beginner is the largest free WordPress resource site for WordPress beginners. They offer easy-to-understand WordPress tutorials for mastering the basics and beyond. Over 247K subscribers benefit from weekly videos covering all kinds of topics such as how to make a WordPress site private, set up automatic backups, and even create wedding websites.

Their videos are short and focus on how to solve a particular problem. That’s why viewers get the benefit after watching that.

Click here to subscribe to the WP Beginner YouTube channel.

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WordPress YouTube Channel

WP ERP is the first full-fledged ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system through which you can simultaneously manage your WordPress site and business from a single platform. WP ERP has 3 core modules: HR, CRM, and Accounting, which together make a complete ERP system for any type of business.

The YouTube channel of WP ERP is filled with tutorials and feature explanation videos. So, if you want to learn how to manage your business, employee, accounting, and human resource automatically, you can follow this WordPress channel.

5. Darrel Wilson

Darrel Wilson WordPress youtube channel

Darrel Wilson is a WordPress enthusiast. He helps others by creating tutorials on how to make and develop WordPress websites for free. From his YouTube channel, you will learn tutorials on WordPress and SEO.

From his channel you will also get reviews and tutorials on plugins and themes, the latest WordPress news, hosting tutorials, and different products of WordPress. Many of his videos are more than 90 minutes long and some are 10 to 20 minutes long duration.

Click here to subscribe to the Darrel Wilson YouTube channel.

6. Happy Addons

Happy Addons wordpress youtube channel

Happy Addons is a third-party addon for Elementor Page Builder. With more than 100K+ active installations, it’s one of the best Elementor Addons that comes with 89+ Elementor Free & Pro Widgets and 16+ problem-solving Elementor features.

So, if you want to explore the Elementor page builder deeply and looking for ideas to use third-party addons with Elementor, you can follow this YouTube channel. There are a number of video tutorials on how to create a WordPress website using Elementor and Happy Addons.

7. Let’s Build WP

Let’s Build WP youtube channel

Another effective WordPress YouTube channel for beginners is Let’s Build WP. They published new WordPress videos every week.

You will also get really good, quick tutorials on how to perform basic tasks on WordPress (such as uploading zipped themes) to much more advanced topics like installing multiple instances of the CMS.

Click here to subscribe to the Let’s Build WP Channel YouTube channel.

8. weMail

weMail youtube channel

weMail is an email marketing solution for WordPress. It helps you to send newsletters, collect leads, automate emails, display subscription forms, auto-add subscribers to a list, and manage subscribers all inside the WordPress dashboard.

weMail is a fast-growing email marketing plugin that has already crossed the 10,000 active installations milestone within a short period of time.

weMail YouTube channel has a lot of videos on how to set up an email marketing campaign, how to grow and manage an email list, how to increase email open rate, and so on. So, if you’re looking for ideas to get started with an email marketing campaign, you can follow this channel.

9. Yoast

Yoast youtube channel

As you already know, Yoast is a popular WordPress plugin for SEO. They launched their YouTube channel also to publish varieties of videos on their channel.

In their YouTube channel, they basically upload video tutorials on their SEO plugin. In addition to their SEO plugin video, they publish blog posts and online courses that help both large companies as well as small websites to attract the traffic they desire.

Click here to subscribe Yoast YouTube channel.

10. ThemeIsle


ThemeIsle is popular for developing premium WordPress themes, templates & plugins. They have created Hestia and Neve top WordPress popular themes. They also have a YouTube channel to publish WordPress Tutorials and Reviews for Beginners and Advanced. They started this channel as a resource for their clients or anyone who’s just launched their first WordPress site and got their first theme installed.

They regularly released videos to get even more understanding of WordPress CMS. Not only they do feature tutorials, but they also go into visual examples and demos of themes and plugins so you can see how they work before you install them on your own site.

Subscribe to ThemeIsle Official YouTube Channel.

11. WPTuts


WPTuts is a different YouTube channel with an emphasis on guides for both the Slider Revolution and Visual Composer plugins. This channel will help you to build beautiful WordPress websites, learn the most useful tools and plugins and expand your Freelance business & earning potential.

You will also learn how to build WordPress websites faster using tools like Elementor, Brizy, Woocommerce, etc. This channel will also guide you through using tools like ACF (Advanced Custom Fields), JetEngine, Toolset, and more. Take your WordPress and web design skills to the next level.

Subscribe to WPTuts Official YouTube Channel.

12. Ferdy Korpershoek

Ferdy Korpershoek youtube channel

Ferdy Korpershoek is a photographer, videographer, and web developer. He created a YouTube channel which was formerly known as WordPressKing. He created his channel to help beginners in making and enhancing their WordPress website through easy to follow tutorials.

His tutorials cover WordPress Themes, MailChimp, WooCommerce, SEO and more. You will also find some tutorials on how to make money online.

Subscribe to Ferdy Korpershoek’s Official YouTube Channel.

13. WPLearningLab


This WordPress YouTube channel is hosted by Bjorn Allpas. He creates WordPress tutorials and courses to create/run your business’s websites or get more clients.

He also focuses on WordPress fundamentals and takes you all the way through to advanced skills. You will also get tutorials about WordPress themes and plugins, as well as website migration and marketing.

Subscribe to WPLearningLab official YouTube channel.

14. Tyler Moore

Tyler Moore

Another popular WordPress YouTube channel. Tyler Moore is the mastermind behind this channel. He publishes free video lessons to teach people how to create their own professional website without any coding experience. He regularly posts step-by-step web development guides as well as guides about popular WordPress plugins, such as page builder Elementor.

Subscribe to Tyler Moore’s official YouTube channel.

15. Website Learners

Website Learners youtube channel

Though this WordPress YouTube channel is not very old, it has subscribers of more than 400K. Usually, they publish short videos. Their video duration is from 10 to 24 minutes. In their video, they particularly focus on specific problems such as how to add a contact form in WordPress, how to add image gallery in WordPress, or how to migrate your WordPress website.

Subscribe to Website Learners official YouTube channel.

16. WPwatercooler

WPwatercooler youtube channel

WPwatercooler is another WordPress YouTube channel which is hosted by Jason Tucker who is a professional web developer. Basically, it is a weekly talk show and podcast. 

WPwatercooler is recorded Friday at 11:00 am Pacific on YouTube Live. On their podcast page, you will get all the discussions on WordPress episode-wise. Most episodes are 30 to 60 minutes long and feature a lengthy discussion about a particular WordPress issue with special guests.

Subscribe to WPwatercooler official YouTube channel.

17. WPCrafter

WPCrafter WordPress youtube channel

This YouTube channel is run by Adam Preiser’s. This channel is dedicated to learning and leveraging WordPress. They offer simple to follow tutorial videos on WordPress that cover simple topics like installing WordPress and maintaining WordPress, and more advanced videos for WordPress developers.

They also publish videos on Elementor, Divi, Themes, and various plugins reviews. Their How to’s tutorials are more than 1 hour long, but the reviews of plugins are less than 30 minutes long.

Subscribe to WPCrafter official YouTube channel.

18. Josh Hall

Josh Hall youtube channel

This WordPress YouTube channel is owned by Josh Hall who is a professional web designer in Transit Studios. In his channel, you will mostly find tutorials on WordPress and some on reviews. You will also find Web Design Courses, Divi/WordPress Tutorials, Divi Layouts, Blog Posts, Podcasts, and more.

Click here to subscribe to Josh Hall’s official YouTube channel.

19. Toolset Plugins

Toolset Plugins channel

The motto of this WordPress YouTube channel is “Custom WordPress development for Non-coders”. In this YouTube channel, you will get tutorials on how to create WordPress sites without PHP coding. In their video tutorials, they use plugins like Types, Views, Layouts, and Forms which are a part of Toolset.

For your information – Toolset is a dedicated suite of tools for code-less, rapid WordPress development. It integrates with any WP theme and extends its functionality. It’s easy to use, fast, and multilingual ready. With Toolset, you can easily create complex websites directly from WordPress admin without PHP coding.

Subscribe to Toolset Plugins official YouTube channel.

20. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes youtube channel

Elegant theme is another WordPress channel to follow on YouTube. Elegant theme is famous for its theme – Divi. You’ll get hundreds of tutorial videos on Divi on this channel. Apart from these tutorials, you’ll also get videos on WordPress news, updates, and other learning resources.

So, if you want to know everything about Divi theme, you can follow this channel. With more than 150K+ subscribers, it’s one of the best sources to learn WordPress.

Subscribe to Elegant Themes official YouTube channel.

21. Elementor Page Builder for WordPress

Elementor page builder youtube channel

Elementor is the most advanced frontend drag & drop WordPress page builder. You can create high-end, pixel perfect websites at record speeds. In their YouTube channel, you will get videos on tips and tricks, WordPress themes for Elementor, Webinars, Widget tutorials, and many more.

This channel could be a great source for you if you’re a beginner at WordPress. Because there are lots of tutorial videos to learn WordPress easily. You can also learn everything about Elementor page builder from this channel.

Subscribe Elementor’s Official YouTube channel.

Follow WordPress YouTube Channel to Make Your WordPress Journey Easier

That is only scratching the surface in terms of the content that’s on YouTube about WordPress and its products. But these are some of the best YouTube channels you can watch to get started. If you subscribe to these channels, you will be in a fantastic place as a WordPress user, designer, and developer.

If you have any WordPress YouTube channels you can put them in the comment box below. So that we can get to know about your channel and if it’s worth enough, who knows, we can someday put it on our list as well.

You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook. And you’re also requested to subscribe to our newsletter to get the weekly top content right to your email inbox. Thank you.

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A number of the people on the list haven’t posted many new videos in the past few months. I don’t think enough research was done before publishing this post to determine just who is currently active!

Thanks, Bowden for your feedback.

We put quality over quantity. That is why there are 2-3 channels that haven’t posted too many new videos in the last few months but we kept them on the list. Because their contents still worth enough to watch for learning purposes.

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