3CX Live Chat- Is It The Most Advanced Free WordPress Live Chat Plugin?

3cx live chat - WordPress live chat plugin

3CX Live Chat has been supercharged and updated!

With the recent launch of 3CX StartUP, WordPress users can now benefit from a complete team communication platform that includes not only live chat but a free calling, video conferencing, and more.

Live Chat, Call & Video All Included

The best part about 3CX Live Chat is the improved feature set and ease of deployment with a new supercharged WordPress plugin.

  • Full customization options are available directly from the 3CX Web Client, meaning changing options is quick and easy
  • Chat messages can be sent to an individual agent or a group of agents.
  • Agents can opt to ‘take’ a chat conversation to deal with it
  • If the conversation requires input from a different agent, maybe a manager, the chat can be transferred whilst still keeping the whole chat history
  • Visitors can elevate the chat conversation with a click of a button to a phone conversation using their browser
  • In addition to a phone chat, the call can also be turned into a video call, again directly with the user’s web browser so no additional plugins or extensions are required.
  • Use the free iOS & Android apps to reply to chats even when on the move. 

Let’s Get Started! Create Your 3CX StartUP Account

  1. First, sign up for your free StartUP account and fill out the account details.
  1. The next step is to add your users or agents that you will want to have access to the system to answer your chat messages and use the other features on offer. Use the roles drop-down selection to make other users managers, receptionists, or standard users.
  1. Now choose if you want to connect a SIP Trunk. This would be used for making inbound and outbound calls. If you are just using the system for internal communication and Live Chat, simply click ‘Next’
  1. You can start setting up your live chat by choosing the option ‘Yes’ and selecting if you have a WordPress website or not. Enter your website URL and click ‘Set’
Connect with website visitors with Live Chat
  1. Download the WordPress plugin and then copy the 3CX Talk URL and save it for a later stage. The 3CX Talk link is used to link your website to your StartUP account. It creates the bridge that carries the chats, calls, and video calls. All this is from the users’ browser, meaning there is no need for a telephone number to call. Click ‘Next’
  1. That’s it! You’re signed up. Use the ‘Login’ button to log into your dedicated 3CX Web Client, which is where all your customization and chat messages will be located.

Customize Your Live Chat

Now you can configure the settings of the plugin to determine how it will behave on your website.

Customize your live chat

Your 3CX Live Chat bubble and functionality can be edited and customized directly from the Web Client. Changes made take effect immediately, so updating your preferences at a later date is quick and easy.

  1. To set up live chat so that calls and messages can be answered from the Web Client, go to “Office Settings > Voice & Chat” and click on the pencil icon.
  2. Your website address will already be populated from the wizard process, but you can amend this if required.
  3. The “Destination” field shows where live chat messages or calls will be sent. To amend the “Destination”, navigate to “Office Settings > Call Routing” and choose your destination. By default, the live chat will route to a ring group. For more information on ring groups, check out the getting started guide.  
  4. Under the “Chat Options” section, use the drop-down selection to choose what information visitors need to provide you with.
  5. Use the radio buttons to choose if you want to allow “Chat Only”, “Phone and Chat”, or “Video, Phone, and Chat”.
  6. If you want the option for “Call Us” to be displayed immediately on the chat bubble, use the radio button to show or hide the option.
  7. Under “Style Options” choose from one of the 3 pre-defined themes or select “Customize”. For the last option, click on each of the color tiles and use the pop-up color picker or enter your RGB numbers.
  8. Use the preview of the chat bubble to interact and test the functionality. If you are happy, click “Save” at the top of the page.

Enable Live Chat on Your Website

3CX Live chat options
  1. Log in to the admin panel of your WordPress website
  2. Navigate to “Plugins” and click “Add New” at the top of the page
  3. Click on “Upload Plugin” at the top and choose the file you downloaded during the sign-up process. You can also get this from the Web Client in “Office Settings > Voice & Chat” and click the ‘i’ icon next to the pencil icon. Then click “Install Now”
  4. Once installed, click on “3CX Live Chat NextGen” in the sidebar
3CX Live Chat- Is It The Most Advanced Free WordPress Live Chat Plugin? 1
  1. Paste the URL you copied earlier. It can be found again in the Web Client in “Office Settings > Voice & Chat” under the “Information” field or within the email sent during the setup process.
  2. Either tick the box to show the chat on all pages or use the tick boxes below to select individual pages. Finally, click “Save Changes”.

Note: Currently, the WordPress plugin will support only one live chat URL per website. Multi-chat bubble support will be released soon.

In the meantime, if multiple live chat options are required, simply paste the different code snippets into the pages you require.

3CX Web Client Makes Communication Easy

3CX Live Chat- Is It The Most Advanced Free WordPress Live Chat Plugin? 2

The 3CX Web Client is your base for all settings and communications. Here chat conversations, calls, and video calls can be managed, dealt with, and archived once complete.

When you sign up, you get the link to browse to and if you are the creator of the instance or “manager” you can also create new users with different user rights. 

As previously mentioned, you can also use the free iOS and Android applications to reply to chat conversations, make and take calls and much more.

3CX StartUP – What’s the Deal? 

This new cloud-native edition 3CX StartUP is available as FREE or PRO. StartUP FREE will be free forever and allows the creation of up to 10 users.

You can configure live chat, 3CX Talk links, and even a Ring Group. StartUP PRO 10/20 allows you to add your own SIP trunk, DID numbers, as well as a multi-level IVR and a call queue. You can also connect IP Phones in this edition.

It’s Live Chat…Supercharged!

3CX StartUP is not just your standard live chat platform. As we have already seen, it is a whole team communication system that will raise your operation to the next level.

The live chat features are outstanding, especially considering that you get all of it for free, forever! 

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