Word­Camp Europe 2022 Recap: What Happened and The Outcomes

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Abdullah Al Nayeem June 6, 2022

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The most anticipated gathering of the WordPress community “Word­Camp Europe 2022” has finally come to an end with promises to make WordPress an even better and more robust web management platform.

Over 2,500 WordPress enthusiasts from different parts of the world took part in more than 50 different events throughout the 3-day conference in Porto, the famous port city of Portugal.

Now, in our post-event coverage, we are going to give you a Word­Camp Europe 2022 recap to help understand what actually happened there, and what are the outcomes of the event. Let’s find out!

Word­Camp Europe 2022 in Brief

The Banner of Word­Camp Europe 2022
Courtesy: Word­Camp Europe 2022 Official Website

First, we need to know about the event. We have gathered all the key information on the Word­Camp 2022 Europe edition briefly here.

Location: Super Bock Arena (Pavilhão Rosa Mota), Porto, Portugal

Duration: 2 to 4 June 2022

Participants: 2,500+

Events: 50+ (27 discussion sessions, and 18 workshops)

Speakers: 70

Organizers: 90

Volunteers: 164

Sponsors: 69

Media Partners: 11

Source: Word­Camp Europe 2022 Official Website

WP Hive was one of the media supporters of this year’s WordCamp. We are proud to become a part of such a big event and stay with you during the whole process. Now, let’s recap what happened during the event.

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Word­Camp Europe 2022 Recap: Exciting Updates to Check

A Gathering on the First Day of Word­Camp Europe 2022
Courtesy: Word­Camp Europe 2022 Official Website

More than 50 different types of events – including discussions, workshops, panel sessions, and open networking – were held in 3 days on the 10th edition of the Word­Camp. We are going to talk about the events based on the days.

  1. The Contributor Day
  2. Beginning of the Main Event
  3. The Final Day of the Event

We will give a brief of each day, then discuss some of the key events. We will also attach the relevant resources, like videos and docs, so that you can understand them properly.

Day 1: The Contributor Day

This year’s WordCamp began with the “Contributor Day” as the previous years. The Contributor Day is a special event where the participants make their contributions to the WordPress ecosystem.

You might already know that WordPress is an open-source platform, and most of its resources are the contributions of the community. During the WordCamp, the organizers dedicate a day for the contributions.

Anyone with any level of experience and skillset can participate in the Contribution Day. In this year’s Contributor Day, several hundred WordPressers made their contributions in various areas – including the core, themes, and plugins.

Day 2: Beginning of the Main Event

Photo of a Session at Word­Camp Europe 2022
Courtesy: Word­Camp Europe 2022 YouTube Channel

The main events of the Word­Camp Europe 2022 had begun on the second day, 3rd June. It started with an open networking session after the registration.

The second day in brief: 14 discussions and sessions, and 10 workshops.

Of the events, we are going to give you a brief on the following – 1) Why we community by Milan Ivanovic; 2) Growing in WordPress through partnerships by Jonathan Wold.

Why We Community by Milan Ivanovic

It was the very first formal event (discussion) of the day and an interesting one. It was conducted by Milan Ivanović, a noted WordPress developer and trainer based in Serbia, who shared his personal story on how the community changed his life.

The code is poetry, but the community is where the heart is.

Milan Ivanović

This simple quote tells everything about the event, and what had been discussed there. It also depicts the strengths of the community in the WordPress ecosystem.

Watch this session with the linked video below:

“WordPress Community taught me diversity, provided support when I needed it the most, and gave me friends for life. Spreading the word and being involved is my mission to give back,” said Milan.

Growing in WordPress Through Partnerships by Jonathan Wold

This session was about how you could overcome the tradeoffs of the open-source nature of WordPress through building partnerships. It was conducted by Jonathan Wold, a noted WordPress community leader.

Check this session and others here:

“WordPress as an open-source ecosystem is decentralized and we all enjoy the benefits. There are tradeoffs of decentralization, though. Strategic partnerships are the key to mitigating those tradeoffs and growing in the WordPress ecosystem,” said Jonathan.

Day 3: The Final Day of the Event

Some of the attractive events took place on the 3rd and final day of WordCamp 2022, including the conversation with WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg.

The third day in brief: 13 discussions and sessions, and 8 workshops.

We will highlight two of the events in particular – 1) A glimpse into the future of WordPress from a frontend point of view by Pablo Postigo; 2) How headless WordPress benefits enterprises by Ivan Popov.

A Glimpse into the Future of WordPress from a Frontend Point of View by Pablo Postigo

WordPress is already the world’s most popular content management system. It also has the potential to become the best web development platform. Pablo Postigo, a promising software engineer from Spain, explains how in this session.

Click on the linked video below to watch the session:

Last summer, Pablo and his team shifted their focus towards the Gutenberg and Full Site Editing. Now, they are the full-time contributors to the Core and they believe “WordPress can become the best development platform on the web”.

How Headless WordPress Benefits Enterprises by Ivan Popov

The headless approach is the most popular option in terms of website development.

Headless WordPress is benefiting many enterprises to grow their businesses. Ivan Popov, CEO of a WordPress development agency, describes how and what are the concerns in this method.

Watch this season and others by clicking the link below:

The WordCamp Europe edition in 2022 ended with a conversation participated by Matt Mullenweg, Matias Ventura, and Josepha Haden Chomphosy, followed by closing remarks. Then, on 5th June, all the participants enjoyed an after-party.

This marks the end of the Word­Camp Europe 2022 recap. Now, let’s find out what are the outcomes or the achievements we have got from the biggest WordPress event of the year.

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The Outcomes of Word­Camp Europe 2022

The Final Gathering of Word­Camp Europe 2022
Courtesy: Word­Camp Europe 2022 Official Website

WordCamp Europe 2022 has drawn the current picture and the outlook to the future of the WordPress industry while strengthening the relationships among the community members.

The outcome is huge. The following points might help you understand it:

  • Promises to make WordPress a more robust and user-friendly platform
  • Security vulnerability still persists, so it should be the next big thing
  • Accessibility and full site editing will get the priority in the next updates
  • Emphasis on performance improvement and optimization
  • Prioritization on maintaining community and building partnerships
  • Wide knowledge and experience sharing
  • Make the relationships among the community members even stronger

The common goal of WordCamp is to make WordPress better through sharing knowledge and exchanging views. The participants, like always, have made it happen in this year’s edition.

FAQ on Word­Camp Europe 2022

Illustration for FAQ on Word­Camp Europe 2022

We have included some frequently asked questions about the WordCamp in this part, some of which you might find interesting.

What is Word­Camp?

WordCamp is the largest community gathering of WordPress enthusiasts – from casual users to the Core developers. It usually takes place every year, where the participants discuss all the things about WordPress, share ideas, and know each other.

When was Word­Camp Europe 2022 held?

The Word­Camp Europe 2022 was held from 2 to 4 June in Portugal.

What was the venue of Word­Camp Europe 2022?

The venue of Word­Camp Europe 2022 was the Super Bock Arena (Pavilhão Rosa Mota), Porto, Portugal.

How many people participated in Word­Camp Europe 2022?

Over 2,500 WordPress enthusiasts took part in the Word­Camp Europe 2022.

How many events took place in Word­Camp Europe 2022?

More than 50 different types of events – including 27 discussions and 18 workshops – took place within 3 days of Word­Camp Europe 2022.

See You at the Next Word­Camp Europe 2023 in Athens

The next year’s event, the Word­Camp Europe 2023 is scheduled to be held in Athens, Grece from 8 to 10 June. You can even apply to the 11th edition of the Word­Camp from now on.

Whether you are a WordPress developer or a general enthusiast, we will highly recommend you to participate in any of the WordCamps in the future if you haven’t already. It will give you a life lifetime experience, we assure.

Who knows, we might meet in person there, even in Athens!

Until then, stay connected with us via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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