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WordCamp Europe in 2022

Shams Sumon May 31, 2022

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WordCamp Europe is back again. And this time it’s going to be an in-person event. No more online WordCamp!

Like every WordCamp, this year too there will be a huge gathering of all WordPress-related people including core contributors, organizers, sponsors, speakers, and last but not least attendees.

WordCamp Europe 2022 is scheduled to happen at Porto in Portugal. It’s supposed to be a 3 days long program starting from 2 June 2022 to 4 June 2022.

These 3 days will be filled with different events, workshops, and sessions. To give you all the event list, event time, and speakers details today, we have planned this blog. So, keep reading this blog to know more about WordCamp Europe 2022.

What is WordCamp and Why You Need to Follow It?

WordCamp Europe in 2022

WordCamp is an informal gathering of all WordPress enthusiasts to discuss about different topics related to the industry. Even you can join in any WordCamp, no matter whether you are a developer, marketer, or just a random user.

All you need to have is a ticket to get there. You can manage a ticket from the official website of WordCamp. Every year this gathering takes place in different regions of the world. Following the trend, this year it’s going to happen in Porto, a renowned place in Portugal.

Also, WordCamp opens the opportunity to meet with the core developers, top-notch marketers, CEOs, CTOs, and many people related to the WordPress industry.

So, if you are a WordPress enthusiast, you should take part in this event to know more about WordPress. Having said that if you can’t manage a ticket to go there, you can check all the updates from us.

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WordCamp Europe 2022- 1st Day

2 June 2022 is the 1st day of WordCamp 2022. They named it Contributor day. This day has been designated for contributing to WordPress. Here are the details.

TimeEvent Name
9:00 – 10:00Registration and coffee/tea
10:00 – 10:30Welcome and introduction of teams and table leads
10:30 – 11:00Getting started workshop for first time contributors
10:30 – 12:30Start contributing
12:30 – 14:00Lunch break
14:30 – 15:30More contributing
15:30 – 16:00Sharing results

WordCamp Europe 2022- 2nd Day

TimeTrack 1Track 2Workshop 1Workshop 2
15:00 GMT+6Why we community?Accessibility for dyslexiaUsing WordPress as an APICreating communities with WordPress multisite
SpeakersMilan IvanovicMaja BenkeNate FinchElisabeth Kaliva
16:00 GMT+6Security lessons learned from 2021Migrating WordPress core to GitHub Actions: A retrospectiveProtect your Website Visitors with Security Headers
SpeakersVictor SantoyoJonathan DesrosiersRogier Lankhorst
17:00 GMT+6The block pattern revolutionWe need to do better (really!)WP_Query: The power of flexibilityHow to create clear briefings for posts that’ll rank
SpeakersSean BlakeleyAlain SchlesserMarco BerrocalSofie Couwenbergh
18:00 GMT+6Lightning talksGrowing in WordPress through partnershipsBuild your first block themeCopy tips for brilliant alt text and accessible writing
SpeakersPaul HalfpennyJonathan WoldDaisy OlsenAlice Orrù
19:00 GMT+6Is podcasting the future of WordPress?Creating a paid newsletter subscription in WordPressBuild Gatsby WordPress sites with Gatsby WP Themes
SpeakersRichard MidsonLaura NelsonAlexandra Spalato

WordCamp Europe 2022- 3rd Day

WordCamp Europe 2022- 3rd Day
TimeTrack 1Track 2Workshop 1Workshop 2
14:00 GMT+6Building data-driven content personasFinding your WordPress lifestyle – insider insights from a veteran coderCreating a pre-publish checklist for GutenbergAutomated Testing Made Easy
SpeakersVassilena ValchanovaPaul BearneRyan WelcherMicah Wood
15:00 GMT+6Enhancing performance in an open-source CMS ecosystemWhat is the next thing about colour contrast?Deploying WordPress with confidence using CI/CD
SpeakersFelix ArntzVicent SanchisMaciek Palmowski
16:00 GMT+6The future of commerce in WordPress with Full Site EditingAgile marketing – how we made our agency a better placeSecrets to profitably pricing recurring revenue
SpeakersDarren EthierLaurent MaillardNev Harris
17:00 GMT+6WordPress and web3 trends (disruption, challenges, opportunities)Design for conversions: how to be more profitable by putting people firstOptimize your WordPress
You get a layout! Everyone gets a layout!
SpeakersDave LockiePiccia NeriJustin AhinonJuan Pablo Gomez
18:00 GMT+6A glimpse into the future of WordPress from a frontend point of viewHow headless WordPress benefits enterprises?
WordPress through the terminal
Let’s build (and sell) an online course
SpeakersPablo PostigoIvan PopovMilana CapRodolfo Melogli

Stay Tuned to Get the Regular Update of WCEU

We have a plan to publish another follow-up blog on WordCamp Europe 2022. On that blog, we will give you a brief idea of every event that will take place in WCEU 2022.

So, if you would miss any event of WCEU, won’t be panicked. You can just check our blog to know everything about this event.

We hope you registered and see you there!

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