4 thoughts on “9 Best WordPress Social Media Share Plugin Compared with Speed Tests [2021]”

  1. Great post, I really appreciate your effort. I was searching for these social sharing plugins for WordPress blog.

    1. Glad you liked it. If you want us to review other social plugins, be sure to leave their name in the comments. I will test and update the speed test results.

  2. I use a tool which doesn’t load any third party javascript and thus works the fastest. This list is wholesome except I guess you missed this plugin which I prefer to use on my website and any of my clients websites. Best part is it’s built on pure html which makes it load the fastest among other free tools out there. You just copy and paste the HTML code wherever you want inside a post or widget area like sidebar. It also has several versions sort of based upon customisations or placements.

    The name of the plugin is “Social Sharing Buttons by Feralvoice”.

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