Best Digital Marketing Words to Attract Customers or Readers

Best Digital Marketing Words to Attract Customers or Readers 1

Saif Hassan December 30, 2018

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Picking the right digital marketing words to attract customers is vital.

Words to attract customers differs from place to place. But you have to research, research and research!

It’s all about using the correct language to reach the right people. And that means your word choices matter. You’ve got to think about what you want to say, and how your audience wants to hear it. It’s a two-way street. Hence, you have to be very careful while picking up words to attract customers.

In this article, we break down the words and phrases that you should work into your content. However, just inserting these words into your writing does not mean it will turn out to be the best. They must also be used with intention.

Best Marketing Words to Attract Customers [List]

1. Discover

This invokes an action, inviting your readers to learn something new. Perhaps, something they have not known earlier. For example, “Discover 10 Effective Strategies to SEO”, “Discover 100 Content Marketing Ideas”. 

Discover is a great word to attract customers. It invokes curiosity. Immediately your users will want to spend more time on your website when seeing the word “Discover.”

2. The

It gives off a more authentic feel when you use “The” instead of “A.” For instance, would you rather try A method to write efficiently or would you rather try THE method to write efficiently? Your article would sound more trusted and nicer when you offer readers: the answer, the solution, the method.

  • The Best Words to Attract Customers or
  • (A) Word to Attract Customers

— Which one sounds nice? The first one sounds way better!

“The” is among those marketing words that get attention.

3. Use You and Your instead of We and Us

marketing words that get attention

Apple Corporation –  In a single piece of iPhone-copy, used the word iPhone 81 times, the Word Apple 26 times.  BUT THE WORDS ‘YOU’ AND ‘YOUR’ ARE  OVER 100 TIMES

4. How To

One of the most common phrases that can be found on headlines. Many of your readers are curious. Hence, they want to know the process. Include precise and relevant step-by-step instructions in your area of expertise to get readers flocking to your page.

4. Numbers

Include how many of on your headlines you will be talking about proves to be a great hook for readers. For instance:

“9 Ways Machine Learning Will Impact The Future of SEO”,

“The 8 M’s of Effective SEO Explained”,

“11 SEO Lessons I Learned: My Journey From Blogger to SEO Expert”.

It usually works because your readers can instantly understand what the content is about to offer them. Users love the idea of what they are getting. Another tip to bring home, unusual numbers like 9, 7, 3, 11, 17 are more likely to get clicked

It works because it tells your readers upfront who are looking for a quick solution. Users just love the idea of what they are getting. Another tip to bring home, unusual numbers like 11, 7, are more likely to get clicked

5. Why and Because

Needless to say, bloggers or writers should always provide answers to a reader’s question.

Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman showed that humans reach approx. 40 billion decisions every day subconsciously.

Keywords to Attract Customers

Why should they buy your product, sign up for your email, subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on social media accounts? Tell them.

6. You

Get close and personal with your audience. Write as if you are speaking directly to the reader. Let them know they are always part of what you do – a community, a success. Make it about the reader, never about yourself.

Wrapping on Google-Human Balance of SEO

When you write, you must make sure that both Google and your readers are equally satisfied with your content. Yes, you want to find out marketing words that get attention and later use those words to attract customers, however, do not overdo.

If you want to succeeed, your content must be engaging with your readers, also must have proper SEO.

Check our WordPress SEO Guide 2019 for having a complete understanding of  SEO and how you can handle both Google and your readers.

Yes, optimizing content for search engines is essential but you must also remember that a human being will be reading it. So your readers must enjoy it. It is also important to make sure your website is safe with regular automatic WordPress database backup and abides by the WordPress Security Guide 2019.

We hope that we just made it a bit easier for you by gathering all the essential points in one place we think you ought to know.

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