WordPress Posts vs. Pages – Which One You Should Use?

WordPress Posts vs Pages

Beginners often find it puzzling to distinguish between WordPress post and WordPress pages. We are covering basics of WordPress Posts vs. Pages and why you shoulld choose pages or posts.

About WordPress

WordPress is an open source content management system. Matt Mullenweg created WordPress in 2003. He did it for blogging purpose primarily. And the focus was to make it available to everyone. It’s easy posts and pages adding features are evidence of his intention.

Key Differences: WordPress Posts vs Pages

As we have mentioned earlier WordPress was primarily for bloggers, contents were its main concern. Posts and Pages are two ways to represent contents in your website. Their purpose is different, so are the looks

  1. WordPress posts have publishing dates but pages do not.
  2. Pages are not usually shared on social media by people but posts get a lot of shares in Social Media.
  3. WordPress pages are not related to RSS but WordPress posts are.
  4. Posts can be categorized where pages can be hierarchical
  5. Posts are usually news or updates about a certain topic or talking point
  6. Posts show up in reverse chronological order and can be tagged, categorized and even archived.
  7. Posts have RSS feed but pages don’t as they are more static.

WordPress Posts and Pages

Let’s have a look to add new posts and add new pages. This visual images can help you understand the confusion on WordPress posts vs pages.

  • You can add a new post from Posts >> Add New
  • You can add a new page from Pages >> Add New

Wordpress posts vs pagesWordPress posts vs pages

Both the faces look alike. This makes the beginners really confused.

But if you look closely you will be able to find the basic differences by yourself. At the right side navigation bar in case of adding new posts, there are blocks for categories, tags, post attributes, feature image.

How to Add Posts in WordPress

As said earlier, posts come with details of their publishing date. They are, as they say, organized in “reverse chronological” way. As they have a publishing date, they are options to archive older posts. Posts topics invite guests, readers to come and interact with you.

WordPress posts

To add a new post go to the dashboard. There are options to add posts at the top and at the left side of the navigation bar.

Posts»Add New»Publish

WordPress Posts vs. Pages - Which One You Should Use? 1

How to Add Pages

On the other hand, pages are fixed and gridlocked. Pages don’t need to be archived. The information they hold can be updated. But the process is more or less the same.

WordPress Posts vs. Pages - Which One You Should Use? 2

Pages>>Add New>>Publish

In the case of WordPress pages, you will have the option to edit the parent page, template, order. You can also edit the permalinks to be more accurate so others can find you easily.

WordPress Posts vs. Pages - Which One You Should Use? 3

There is no limitation for posts and tags. You can have unlimited number of posts and pages in your WordPress website since 4.2 version.

Use User Frontend to WordPress Posts and Pages

You can always use WP User Frontend to create Posts and Pages from outside of WordPress Dashboard. It is a WordPress plugin with user-friendly features. It is more organized and specific. It has this drag and drop feature that helps to create forms as you wish. This is one of the easiest ways to create posts and pages to your site.

User frontend- PagesUser frontend- Pages

This is how it looks when you use User Frontend to create a new page. The backend is user-friendly and movement from backend to frontend is easier than default experience.User Frontend-Posts

Wrapping Up

WordPress posts vs page is a common confusion. It is quite common among beginners. We hope you are not troubling yourself if you are still feeling hazy. If you are a beginner, you can start from scratch by reading our awesome, beginner-friendly WordPress tutorials

If you are still confused about WordPress, take a glance at remarkable Websites You Won’t Believe Were Built with WordPress. Do not forget to check our WordPress security guide to fix your website vulnerabilities.

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