How to Embed a PDF in WordPress: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

How to embed a PDF in WordPress

Wondering how to embed a PDF in WordPress, or, thinking why should you do it? Actually, embedding PDFs is much more useful when you want to share information with your web visitors through your posts and pages. You can share various kinds of PDFs with your audience. Like,

  • eBooks
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Course Materials
  • Designs/Blueprints for Clients, and
  • Tour Packages/Quotations

If you aren’t sure how to embed a PDF in WordPress, this article will help you out right away. You can do it either using a plugin or directly from your WordPress website dashboard without using a plugin.

We are going to show you both the ways to embed PDFs on your site. But before that, let us show you what benefits you will get after embedding PDFs into your website.

Benefits of Embedding PDFs in WordPress Site

How to embed a PDF in WordPress

Embedding PDFs is a great way to engage visitors to your website. This is because you can convert long guides and tutorials into PDF files. In addition, you can use PDF files to easily reduce high bounce rates by allowing your visitors to download PDF files and complete an action. 

Apart from this, you’ll get some other benefits, like,

  • You can display large documents in a structured way.
  • Also, you can display plenty of information within your limited space.
  • Visitors won’t have to open another tab or window to view your files.
  • It reduces bounce rate and increases users’ sessions on your website.
  • Customers can have a better experience on your website.
  • Thus, it improves the SEO score of your website.

There are many ways you can embed PDFs in your WordPress site. Below, we are going to cover some easiest methods that anyone can follow.

How to Embed a PDF in WordPress (With and Without Plugin)

How to Embed a PDF in WordPress (With and Without Plugin)

You can embed a PDF in WordPress in many ways. But most of them will cause you too much hassle. However, to make your job easier, here we are going to cover the two most convenient ways to embed PDFs in WordPress.

  1. Embed PDF in WordPress without Plugin
    • From Media Library
    • From Google Drive Account
  2. Embed PDF in WordPress Using a Plugin

Let’s start our tutorial with the first one- embed PDF in WordPress from your media library.

How to Embed a PDF in WordPress from Your Media Library

Today, WordPress gives you a wonderful and hassle-free way to embed PDFs. How? Well, let us show you now!

  • First of all, click on the Add Block icon.
Click on the Add Block Icon
  • Then, type the word ‘File’ in the search bar. You will get an icon names File on the suggestion list. Click on it.
Click on the File option
  • It will show you two options: Upload and Media library. If you want to embed PDF directly from your hard disk, click on the Upload button.
 Click on the Upload button
  • Then, select your desired file from the drive where it is located on your laptop/desktop.
Select File from Drive
  • It will take a while to upload your PDF, and then will be shown on your post/page. You can scroll the PDF to check if it is working properly.
  • Also, it will automatically create a download button and a link that users can click to open the PDF in another tab/window.
PDF Embedded into WordPress
  • Again, if you want to embed a PDF from your site library, click on Media Library.
Click on Media Library
  • Then, choose your desired file and click on the Select button from the below-right corner.
Select PDF from Media File

Thus, you can complete embedding PDF in your WordPress site without any plugin, or extension.

How to Embed a PDF in WordPress Using Google Drive

Embedding PDF in WordPress from Google Drive is also very simple like the above steps.

  • First, upload the PDF to your Google Drive account by clicking on the File Upload option.
Click on File Upload
  • After uploading the file, double-click to open it on your drive like the below image.
  • Then, click on the More Action icon (3 dots) from the top-right corner. It will open a drop-down menu. There you will find a Share option. Click on it.
Share Your PDF from Google Drive
  • Then, click on the Change button to edit the access options.
Click on Change to edit the access option
  • Now, following the below image, click on the first drop-down button and select Anyone with the link.
  • Then, click on the second drop-down button to select Viewer. Finally, click on Done to save your setting. This will make your PDF accessible to everybody.
How to Embed a PDF in WordPress: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners 1
  • Go to the More Action icon (3-dots) from the top-right corner and click on Open in a new window.
Click on Open in New Window
  • So, your PDF will be opened up in a new tab. Going to the More Action, you will find a new option Embed Item… Click on it.
Click on Embed Item
  • It will open up a small box with HTML code. Copy the code and close the box by clicking on the OK button.
Copy the HTML Code
  • Then, go to your WordPress. Click on the Add Block button where you want to embed the PDF.
  • Now type HTML on the search box. It will show you the Custom HTML option below the search box. Click on it.
Click on HTML
  • You will get a blank box. Paste the HTML code there that you copied before.
Paste Code
  • Then, click on the Preview button. You will see the PDF embedded in your WordPress.
Click on Preview
  • Now, scroll the file to check if you can see all the pages properly or not.
Get your PDF on WordPress

Thus, you can complete embedding PDF on your WordPress site from your Google Drive account.

How to Embed PDF in WordPress Using Plugin

How to Embed PDF in WordPress Using Plugin

You might be wondering, why we are showing you how to embed PDF using plugins when you can do it simply from your WordPress. Actually, plugins will help you customize PDFs in many ways which are impossible to do merely from WordPress. For example,

  • Plugins will make your PDFs fully responsive and perfect on all devices.
  • You can change their height and width.
  • According to the change of browsers’ dimensions, PDFs will resize themselves.
  • Plugins will fasten your PDF loading speed.
  • You can add navigation signs (next, previous, zoom in, zoom out, etc.)
  • They will make the Hyperlinks on your PDF clickable.

Besides, there are many other benefits you can enjoy using plugins in embedding PDFs. There are more than dozens of plugins available to execute the task. But here, we will use PDF Embedder to show you how to embed a PDF in WordPress using a plugin.

Why We Have Chosen The PDF Embedded Plugin

With 300,000+ active installations, PDF Embedder is one of the top-wanted plugins to embed PDF in WordPress. You can enjoy the following features in the plugin.

  • Continuous scrolling between pages.
  • See the file in full screen.
  • Add functional hyperlinks.
  • Jump to your desired page by typing the page number.
  • Track how many people viewed and downloaded.
  • The ‘Download’ button lets visitors save the files.

Now, before going to the main tutorial part, you have to install and activate the PDF Embedder plugin on your site. We are showing the process below.

  • Follow the navigation Plugin > Add new. Type PDF Embedder on the search bar.
 Install & Activate PDF Embedder
  • Then, click on the Settings option of the Plugin.
Click on Settings
  • Set the display size of your PDF by defining the number of pixels according to your need. Here, we are setting 700*350 pixels.
  • Then, set your Toolbar Location– Top, Bottom, or Both. Finally, set how your want to show your Toolbar Hover.
  • Yet, many other options are left to customize. Scrolling below you will find them. But for now, to help you understand, we are sticking just to these.
Set pixels and other settings
  • Now, go to your WordPress site. Click on Add Block as before. Type PDF Embedder on the search bar, and click on the icon of the plugin.
Click on PDF Embedder
  • Now, click on ‘Click here to Open Media Library to Select PDF’.
Click here to Open Media Library
  • Upload your file from your hard disk or media library, as you did before.
Select your PDF from the site Library
  • You will see a link created on your backend like the below image.
PDF Embedded Link on Backend
  • Don’t worry, go to your preview page. You will see your PDF is already displayed there.
PDF displayed in WordPress

Thus, you can complete embedding PDF in WordPress using the PDF Embedder plugin.

Bonus: Best WordPress PDF Plugins in 2023

Though here we have used PDF Embedder to explain the process, there are many other plugins available. If you are looking for some new experience, the following five plugins can meet your needs.

  1. EmbedPress: With 500,000+ downloads EmbedPress, is a top-graded plugin to embed PDF in WordPress. Also, you can embed other multimedia files like videos, images, audios, maps, and documents using the plugin.
  2. E2Pdf: It allows you to embed PDF with a simple shortcode. You can allow visitors to view both static and dynamic PDFs using E2Pdf.
  3. WPForms: If you have a membership website and want your users to embed PDFs on your pages, WPForms is the ultimate solution.
  4. PDF & Print by BestWebSoft: Using the plugin, you can create PDF files, add a print button to your wordpress web posts, pages, and widgets, and print them quite instantly.
  5. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips: It automatically adds PDF invoices and packing slips to the order confirmation emails. Also, you and your customers can download and print the invoices.

How to Embed a PDF in WordPress- FAQ

How do I insert a PDF into WordPress?

To insert a PDF into WordPress, follow the below steps:
1. First, log in to your WordPress admin > go to Media.
2. Then, click on the ‘Add New’ button.
3. After that, drag and drop your PDFs in WordPress, or simply click on the ‘Select Files’ button.
Thus, you can upload PDFs to your WordPress site.

How do I embed PDFs in WordPress without plugins?

To embed PDFs in WordPress without plugins:
1. Click on Add Block icon.
2. Type File in the search box, and then select the File icon.
3. Click on Upload/Media Library.
Then, the next steps are easy.

How do I embed a fillable PDF in WordPress?

To embed a fillable PDF in WordPress:
1. Install and activate the ‘PDF Embedder plugin.
2. Configure your settings.
3. Click on the ‘Add New’ button on your WordPress post.
4. Drag and drop PDFs into your WordPress site
5. Or simply click on the ‘Select Files’ button.
6. It will show you the step by which you can embed fillable PDFs in WordPress.

How do I add a PDF plugin to WordPress?

To add a PDF plugin in WordPress:
1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
2. Go to Plugins > Add New > search for ‘PDF Embedder’.
3. Install and activate it.

What is a fillable PDF?

A fillable PDF has certain fields that are editable without any software or plugin.

Now It’s Your Turn

All these methods explained in this article are undoubtedly good options if you think of embedding a PDF in WordPress. Choose the one that suits best your skillset and meets your needs.

We hope now you can easily create, embed, and display different types of PDF files on your website. And thus, you can engage your visitors and target audiences to your website, and deliver them a good experience.

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