What is WebP and How Can You Serve WebP Images to Improve WordPress Pagespeed

Serve WebP images in WordPress to improve pagespeed up to 300%

When you think of a website, what do you think first? How does it look? How many resources it’s using? Videos? Images? A few of our readers asked us to write a tutorial on the WebP image WordPress plugin. This article will outline the basic of WebP, why it was invented, and how can you implement webp images in WordPress.

Research says that you only give a split second to decide if you are going to read something on the web or not. Images play a big part to catch your attention. Since, the growth of the internet, we are taking billions of images and photos each day. Since May 2017 Google announced that over 1.2 billion photos are uploaded to the Google Photos every day, But images take a lot of bandwidth when you post them online, resulting in a slower than usual web experience.

You know JPEG, PNG, GIF right? There is a new kid in the block. WebP! Yes, that’s right. WebP is a next-generation image format developed by Google, the company we all love for their other products like Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Search.

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How to Use Schema Markup to Take Advantage of Semantic Search and SEO Rankings

If you have a business, most probably you will have a website too. With a website, your business can have more growth for your business. It is equally important to get your website viewed by your potential customers to gain their attention and advertise your services on the internet.

Search engines and the internet has paved a modern way of advertising which helps the businesses to promote themselves globally among the millions and billions of customers out there. Today, your customers are just a click away to pay you. However, you have to reach to them first, before others to maximize your sales, revenue, conversion rate. Therefore, it becomes essential to get the website viewed on the search engines that too on the first page itself to attract more customers. However, this is not easy; SEO is not easy. [You can read our WordPress SEO Guide where we covered the basics of SEO]

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Beginners’s Guide to Create Coupon Codes with WooCommerce

Create coupons with WooCommerce with ease.

Online shopping has made it super easy for shoppers to find the best deals. As a result, people spend more time on finding deals than discovering new products. Creating coupon codes with WooCommerce and proving your customers with discounts can help your business to grow faster.

With this in mind, customers are more sensitive to prices than ever before. After all, why would you pay $400 for a product when you can get the product at least 20%-30% less from other shops?

People tend you use lots of schemes- tips and tactics to make huge amounts of sales on their websites. There are many using strategies and other different methods available on the internet. Of them all, providing coupons with discounts and voucher deals are one of the best few ways that keep your customer’s interests.

In this tutorial, we are going to show how you can create WooCommerce coupon codes using WordPress.

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How You Can Optimize WordPress Speed Without Using WordPress Speed Optimization Services!

Be the master of WordPress speed optimization!

If you want to provide a great user experience to your users, your site needs to load fast. Without a fast loading website, your website will not be #1 on Google. If your audience moves away from your website before it is fully loaded – you are not going to get top search engine rankings magically. Slow sites can decrease your business’s conversion rate.

That is why there are thousands of WordPress speed optimization services that exist in the industry. These WordPress speed optimization service providers can cost you a fortune. WordPress speed optimization services can cost you from a mere $25 to thousand bucks depending on the quality, hosting services providers, premium plugins and more. Professional services will always cost you, but they will ensure a great above the fold experience. In this article, we are discussing how you can optimize WordPress speed on your own for free.

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How to Learn WordPress for Free in Less Than 72 Hours!

It’s never too late to learn WordPress!

Want to learn WordPress? Keep on reading!

Learning WordPress as an absolute beginner can be tough if you do not have a proper guideline. WordPress is very easy, easier than you might expect it to be. But if you don’t know how to start, and how to pace your workflow. One of the few reasons that worked in favor of WordPress for its popularity is how easy the whole system is.

WordPress has a staggering 32% market share of the whole web. That’s a very large number.

How to Learn WordPress for Free in Less Than 72 Hours! 1

If you look at the CMS distribution in top million sites, WordPress comes first with a head start of 62%.

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Beginners Guide to Free WordPress CDN with Incapsula [2019]

Free WordPress CDN with awesome WordPress Security and speed optimization features

If you are looking for a free WordPress CDN, Incapsula should be on your radar. Yes, Incapsula is not totally free, but you can always go for a free trial of Incapsula.

However, if trial versions or paying for a content delivery network is not your cup of tea, do take a look at our tutorial on free WordPress CDN and SSL configuration with Cloudflare. Frankly, who doesn’t love to use free CDN?
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Limit WordPress Search Results by Category, Post Type, Post Title

Limit your WordPress Search Results by Category, Post Type or Post Title to offer users a better experience.

Search is great right? Can you even imagine a day today where you are not using Google search? However, searching was not always this easy.

The most popular search algorithm is the binary search algorithm. Binary search algorithm helps to show faster results because it follows the divide and conquer rule.

What does “divide and conquer” mean? 

It means the search procedure does not go through every result iteratively. In each step, the total searchable data gets divided into half. You can watch the following video to have a quick overview of binary search algorithm.

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Get Rid of 13+ Common Image Issues in WordPress Once and For All

Get rid of all the common WordPress image error once and for all!

Struggling with common WordPress image errors and issues? Keep reading.

Who doesn’t like interactive content? Images help to make your content more interactive and engaging. WordPress by default comes with necessary image uploading and editing facility

In WordPress, you might be having some image issues like gallery images not showing, themes not showing images, featured images not working, images not loading in WordPress theme – and more.

We are going to cover most WordPress image issues and how to fix them in this article.

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Why Typography is Important? 5 Best WordPress Typography Plugins

Best WordPress Typography plugins for 2019!

Typography is an essential aspect of your website design. Elegant and beautiful typography provide users a better user experience, increase engagement to your site. This overall leaves a long lasting good impression.

Great WordPress blogging themes usually have built-in support for Google Web Fonts or custom font support. However, there are some excellent plugins to include external support for web fonts.

WordPress Typography Plugins

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