Best WordPress Blogs You Should Follow in 2021

Best WordPress Blogs you can follow to keep yourself always up to date regarding WordPress.

Learning is a lifetime journey. We can’t just stop learning at any level of our life. When we talk about technology today, it’s a must to keep learning. In the same way, you should follow the best WordPress blogs to keep yourself updated.

Either you are making Blogs or business websites WordPress is the best platform to build your website with. Big brands around the world today also rely on WordPress for their online presence.

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The 7 Secrets I Wish Everyone Knew About Digital Marketing Trends [Stats and Proof]

The past 10 years have been revolutionary for the world, especially for the digital world. Over these years, the sector of Digital Marketing has seen amazing trends and innovations which is a primary reason why today it is the most dominant form of marketing in the corporate world. Many new technological advancements such as; AI, virtual reality, voice search, have introduced more modern and better solutions for Digital Marketing and each of these advancements have had a unique impact on Digital Marketing strategies!

60% of people now use voice search from the last year. (Source: MindMeld)

The 7 Secrets I Wish Everyone Knew About Digital Marketing Trends [Stats and Proof] 1

“The best kind of marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” – Tom Fishburne

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How to Create an eCommerce Store Using WordPress

Create an eCommerce website using WordPress and WooCommerce in just minutes with our easy to use, beginner-friendly, step by step tutorial. Now you can be a store owner too!

If you want to sell something online, it’s great to create an eCommerce website using WordPress.

WordPress not only most popular web builder around the world. WordPress is best in regard to speed, security, customizing capability and finally, it’s free for you. The great news for you that WordPress has it’s own e-commerce site builder plugin- Woocommerce!

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8 Best Linkedin Post Ideas That You Should Consider

LinkedIn has more than 550 million users and it regularly ranks as the most trusted social network out of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

So, there’s a big opportunity to have your voice heard on LinkedIn and bolster your standing as an expert in your field.

It is a social networking platform specially build for professionals. It’s a very suitable place to build a relationship with a global audience and other professionals.

Over 1 million publishers try to contribute to LinkedIn by publishing thousands of posts per week. Here most of the readers are Managers, CEO, CTO, and directors.

79%1 of B2B marketers believe social media is effective for marketing and 80%2 of B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

Business LinkedIn

Now the question is which LinkedIn post ideas are popular and will be perfect to post? To find this answer, check out the below 8 LinkedIn post topics that you must post on LinkedIn.

8 Proven LinkedIn Post Ideas That You Must Post on LinkedIn

Before posting on LinkedIn, you should know which post ideas are compatible to post on this platform. Here, we present some of the proven LinkedIn post contents that you must post on your LinkedIn account.

Let’s find the one by one.

Blog posts

Publishing blog post on LinkedIn is one of the successful topics these days. You can’t just publish any blog posts on Linkedin.

You have to research your audience before posting. Also, you need to post original posts. Publishing original content on LinkedIn is a great way to get exposure for yourself and your business. Writing articles opens you up to an active audience of content consumers.

Research & Business News

Every business organization conducts new business ideas or products. Sharing research and business news is a smart choice. If you publish your regular business news, you can accurately inform your audience about your current business environment.

Most of the big or small-sized companies, choose LinkedIn to post their business ideas. Therefore when you visit LinkedIn, you will find companies like Google, Microsoft, Uber, Apple share their business news.

Why not you do the same thing to attract your customers?

Howard University announce their new ideas through LinkedIn post.

business news post

List Style Posts & Procedures

Most people have a curiosity to learn a new subject. The listing post is a great way to drive people who want to learn something new. You can post an in-depth how-to tutorial & guiding posts on LinkedIn.

And these types of posts people love to read and share with their friends and community.

SEO and marketing expert Brian Dean shared a listing post that gained a lot of popularity.

list style post on Linkedin

Proven Tips

Proven tips & tricks is also an important topic that people prefer. Suppose you have applied some strategies in your email marketing campaign and got success.

Well, you can share this through a LinkedIn post. People are always looking for these types of posts and like to share with other people. If you have enough knowledge of a topic, you can easily share your ideas with other people through LinkedIn.

weDevs is one of the prominent software companies, here they are sharing tips on LinkedIn.

proven tips post Linkedin

Company Updates

Most of the companies update their business policies. It’s very difficult to announce their updated information to their customers at a time. That’s why companies are choosing LinkedIn.

If you carefully look at the LinkedIn posts, you find thousands of companies announcing their business-related info. You can also share your new product launch, major updates, business fair, etc.

Samsung shares their company new product update with their LinkedIn audience.

Company post using Linkedin

Photos & Infographics

Photos and infographics are very popular topics you can post on LinkedIn. People not only love to upload personal photos of their achievements but also like to share beautiful infographics. In addition, you can post your product photo on your Linkedin account.

 You can create an infographic of your content marketing funnel and share it with others using LinkedIn.

Toyota post a photo on Linkedin


Video content has become popular on every social platform. That’s why you find videos on the website, blog posts, YouTube even in LinkedIn posts. People create many types of videos for different purposes.

Using a video, you tell readers about your business, product, services, and more. You also can post personal and professional videos on LinkedIn to drive traffic. Besides, you can make video tutorials for your audience.

For example, Amazon published a video on LinkedIn to promote its new fresh food at an affordable price.

Linkedin video post ideas

Share Case Studies

Case studies are the personal stories of a person who overcame their problems using your products or services. As a marketer, you feel blessed when you see this type of case study. It’s a way to build trust with other clients by sharing real-life case studies.

On LinkedIn, you will find different kinds of cases that people love to study. So share your proven case studies and get benefited.

Microsoft share case study about how many billion article of clothing made before 2020.

Case study post on LinkedIn


No doubt that LinkedIn is a great platform to talk with other people, find valuable customers, get new business ideas, share your business ideas, and more. It’s also a great source to increase your network with people from the same field.

That’s why you need to post contents on LinkedIn that are useful to them.

And if you publish the mentioned topics on LinkedIn, you will surely get your desired outcomes.

Why You Should Be Using Messenger to Skyrocket Your Business Growth

With more than 1.5 billion daily users Facebook Messenger can be a key for your business growth

In the past, Facebook Messenger was just a way to chat with friends or relatives. Now Facebook Messenger has become one of the most powerful tools for brand presence and customer engagement. That’s why I can recommend for almost anyone and say with confidence, you should be using Facebook Messenger for business.

Nielsen messaging survey showed that messaging is the second-most popular form of communication for customers when interacting with brands. The survey also showed that 53 percent of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly.

Messaging Apps for Mobile Ecosystem Report

Consumers are sending around 1 billion messages to businesses every month, you can’t afford to miss out on this valuable opportunity to communicate and connect with your target audience.

What is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is the messaging part of the Facebook social media platform. It is available both as a website for your desktop and as an app for your phone.

The Facebook Messenger app was redesigned in 2019 and has three main sections. By creating three main sections – chats, people and discover, Facebook has simplified the app interface to quickly provide the key messaging functionality.

Facebook Messenger App

The chats interface helps find current chats. The people’s options help start new chats. And the discover section helps to find businesses and games on Facebook Messenger.

Why Use Facebook Messenger for Business?

According to Statista, with 2.41 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2019, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide.

Number of monthly active Facebook users
Image Courtesy: Statista

According to Business Insider, the number of people using messenger apps surpasses the population in social networks.

Messaging Apps-Surpassed Social Networks
Image Courtesy: Business Insider

800 million people now use Facebook Messenger each month.

Mark Zuckerberg

Research from Yahoo’s Flurry shows that an average mobile app retains just 11 % of users after 12 months while messaging app retains 62 % of users after 12 months which is 5.6 times higher than other applications.

The daily use of mobile apps is also 4.7 times more than that of the average app.

Facebook Messenger Messaging App Retention
Image Courtesy: Flurry Yahoo
Facebook Messenger Messaging App Session Frequency
Image Courtesy: Flurry Yahoo

Facebook Messenger for business can offer an alternative way to engage your target audience, earn loyalty and improve social reach.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger also allows you to develop strong and more personal connections with your customers. Since customer experience is one of the primary things brands tap into, it makes sense to give your followers the interactions they seek.

If you or your customers are outside the United States, consider the interest of your customers.

Why Facebook Messenger is Popular Around the Globe?

In the United States, the top 5 most popular apps are

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram
  • Twitter, and
  • Snapchat.

According to Facebook’s own research, 14 countries are using messaging as a business media. 67% stated they are looking to message businesses more in the future and on average, they would rank messaging a business as their 2nd choice out of 9 types of communication. Surveys in Brazil, India, the UK, and the US showed that 85%, 74% 61% and 61% of people respectively, have messaged a business in the last 3 months.

How to Set up Facebook Messenger for Business

Let’s move to the main topics. Set up facebook messenger for business.

Step 1: Sign up

First, go to and click Create a Page in the top right corner.

Facebook for Business

You’ll get options including local business or place, brand or product, and cause or community. Select the type of business you want to create the Facebook Page for.

Create Business Type

When you click on a business type, a new box will open asking for a few further details, like the page name and category.

Business or Brand

If you click on a category, you will get a large sub-categories. Just select your desired category and click on the continue button.

Step 2. Add Pictures

Next, you’ll have to upload a profile picture for your Facebook business page. It’s important to create a good visual first impression, so choose pictures wisely. Make sure the photos you choose reflect your brand and are easily identifiable with your business.

Upload a Profile picture

Your profile picture will appear as a square on your Facebook business page but will be cropped to a circle in ads and posts. Once you’ve chosen, click on Upload Profile Picture.

In the next step, choose your cover image, the most prominent image on your Facebook Business Page.

This image should convey your brand personality. It will display at 820 x 312 pixels on desktop computers or 640 x 360 pixels on mobile devices. The image must be at least 400 pixels wide and 150 high.

Once you’ve selected an appropriate picture, click on Upload a Cover Photo.

Upload a Cover Photo

Step 3: Explore the New Page

Your business page is created. Now you’ll be prompted to take a quick walk-through of a few features. I recommend going through just to know where everything is. It will not take so much time.

Facebook Business Page

Step 4: Add a Short Description

This is the opportunity to tell people about your business. It should be just a few sentences (maximum 255 characters), so there’s no need to get too elaborate here. Click on Edit Page Info and type few sentences. Now click on Save Changes.

Add a Short Description

Step 5: Create your Page Username

Now, you have to create a username for your Facebook Page, which will also be your username on Facebook Messenger. Your username starts with an @ symbol and appears immediately below your Business name on the left side of your page.

Create Username

Your username must be at least five characters long and contain alphanumeric characters and periods. It will be better to keep it as consistent as possible with your company name to make it easy for customers to find you.

To set up Facebook Messenger username:

  • Click on Create Page @username in the left column of your page
  • Enter the preferred username and
  • Click on Create Username

If someone else is already using your preferred username, you’ll have to try a different one that’s available.

Create Business Username

Step 6: Complete About Section

To get started click on About in the left-hand menu of your Facebook Page.

About Section

Here you can add or edit your specific business details, like your start date, contact information, and other social accounts. You can also Add Story on the right side of the page to provide a detailed description of what your business offers customers and why they should Like or Follow your Page.

Add Story

To specify your business location and hours, click on the Edit Page Info on the top right of the screen.

Edit Page Info

When you’re finished, then click Save Changes.

Step 7. Create your First Post

Before you start inviting people to like your Facebook Page for business, you’ll have to make sure that you share some valuable content. You can create some of your own posts, or share relevant content from your industry.

You can also create a more specific type of post, like an event or product offer.

Create a Post

Step 8: Start Engaging

Now you’re ready to explore your Facebook Business Page. Invite your family and friends to like the Page. Use your other channels, like website and Twitter, to promote it. Add “follow us” logos. If you’re comfortable with it, you can ask your customers to review you on Facebook, too.

Step 9: Enable Facebook Messenger for your Business

Once your Facebook business page is ready, it’s time to enable Facebook messenger for your business page.

  • From your Facebook business page, click on Settings
  • Now scroll to Messages and click on Edit
  • Check the box next to the sentence Allow people to contact my Page privately by showing the Message button and
  • Click Save Changes
Message Settings

Step 10: Set up Instant Replies and Greeting Text

Instant replies are sent instantly in reply when users send a new message to your page. You can use these messages to set expectations about how long it will take for you to reply, or to direct visitors to a page on your website that answers frequently asked questions. You can even personalize the reply with a specific user’s name.

To turn it on:

  • From your Facebook business page, click on Settings
  • Click on Messaging option in the left column
  • Under Response Assistant, toggle the bar to On to show a Messenger greeting
  • Click on Change
  • Edit the appropriate message for your business
  • Click on Save button
Add Personalization

Step 11: Manage Response Time

If you typically respond to messages only during specific hours-when your business is open then you can set your business page’s messaging status to “away” during your off-hours. Messages received during those hours won’t count towards your response time.

To set response time:

  • From your Facebook business page, click on Settings
  • Click Messaging option in the left column
  • Under Response Assistant, toggle the bar to On for Stay responsive when you can’t get to your computer or phone
  • Click on Change
  • Edit the greeting message to indicate when the user can expect to hear back from you.
  • Click Save button
  • Under Stay responsive when you can’t get to your computer or phone, click on Change
  • Click Schedule
  • Select your timezone, then click Add Time
  • Insert the times when your business is closed or you can’t respond to messages
  • Click Save

How to Use Facebook Messenger for Business

So, your Facebook Messenger account is ready to go, let’s look at some ways how to use it.

1. Share Messenger Codes

The way people can connect with your business is through the new Messenger Codes. The messenger code is simply the profile picture codes that people can scan with their Messenger app to initiate a private message with your business. It is circular in shape and surrounded by dashes and dots that look a little bit like Morse code.

Messenger Code

To get the messenger code for your Facebook business page,

  • Go to your Facebook page’s message inbox.
  • At the bottom of your inbox, you’ll find an icon for your messenger code (an “I” in a circle)

When you click on the icon, a screen will appear that displays a messenger code, with the option to download, and a quick demo of how it works. You can include it on your website or share it on other social networks.

2. Promote Private Messaging Links

Facebook provides both Facebook pages and profiles with a direct, sharable link that will let people initiate a private message when they click on it. You can grab your business page’s link by clicking on the drop-down from the Message button.

This will make a copy of an accompanying URL into your clipboard.

You can also get the same link for a page via the Facebook Pages app. Access the page and click on the three dots at the bottom right corner of the screen for the Page Settings.

When you click on the Share Link to Message Page, it will give you the option to share it or copy it.

To find your personal Messenger URL, just go to the Settings tab in the Messenger app.

All you have to do is to add your username ( to the following URLs:

Promote Private Messaging Links

3. Use the Send Message Button

You can easily create local awareness ads directly from your Facebook Business Page. It allows you to target people within a specific geographic location from your shop or other offline location.

Facebook Messenger Send Message Ad

Adding the Send Message call-to-action button to a local awareness ad encourages potential customers to contact you directly.

4. Give Customer Care

When your customers face a problem with you, they’ll like to tell you about it on social media. There are a few ways Facebook Messenger can help.

Respond privately to any public messages

Sometimes customers will ask service questions, comments, or concerns directly on your Facebook page, rather than sending you a private message. But since these are public posts, it’s not a great way to deal with any issues that require personal information, like an order or customer number. Rather than send your customer a private message or email with the information you need.

The actual post will remain visible as a public post, but it will show a message displaying that you responded privately.

Provide customer service directly through Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger can also be a dedicated customer service way for your business. In fact, it’s easier for customers to find you on Facebook than to find out your customer service email address on your website.

If you’re going to use Facebook Messenger as a customer service medium, it’s important to monitor your messages at all times. Customer satisfaction makes differences in any online business.

5. Use Chatbots

Chatbots is one of the most exciting ways to use Facebook Messenger. They allow you to automate everything from customer service to product recommendations to provide custom content. The main reason for its huge popularity is that it is powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Dutch airline KLM uses Facebook Messenger chatbots. The company uses Messenger to provide flight updates, send boarding pass, and even change seat preference.

According to the data by Facebook developer, there are more than 33,000 bots on Facebook Messenger platform.

6. Send Your Location in Messenger

You can send your current location directly through Messenger. To send a location in Messenger,

  • Open any conversation
  • Hit the three dots icon on the bottom of your screen
  • Tap on Location
  • Move the pin to your wanted location, or search for the location by name
  • Tap Send
Send Location

7. Attach a Dropbox File to a Messenger Conversation

You can attach Dropbox files directly to any Messenger conversations. It works perfectly for videos and images, as these display directly in the chat, making Facebook Messenger an easy way to collaborate and get feedback on graphical materials. For other files, in the conversation just tap “open” to open the files within the Dropbox app.

To attach a Dropbox file,

  • Install the Dropbox app first on your Desktop or mobile.
  • Open a conversation
  • Hit on the three dots icon on the bottom of your screen
  • Choose Dropbox
  • Select your file
Dropbox Messenger Send Cancel

How to Add Facebook Messenger Chat Box to WordPress

You can manually add the code for Facebook Messenger chat to your WordPress site.

But, after working with it, I don’t think it’s the most user-friendly way to do it, especially when there are several helpful plugins that can do it for you.

It’s pretty easy to add a static chatbox, but difficult to add a floating chat widget that looks like other live chat solutions.

If you want to go with manually, you can always grab the code from the Facebook Page Developers area. Here is the procedure on how to do it with plugins.

With WhatsHelp Chat Button Plugin

WhatsHelp Chat Button plugin can help you connect with visitors over WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more.

To get started, install and activate the plugin. Once you activate the plugin, go to the new WhatsHelp menu in your dashboard and click on the link to generate the button code just like the following screenshot:

How to Add Facebook Messenger Chat Box To WordPress

If you want to just use Facebook Messenger, make sure to select only that option. You’ll then need to enter your Facebook business page’s URL, as well.

You can also customize the message and styling for the button. For each option you can always view a live preview in the bottom right:

Messenger Settings

Once you’re your button settings will complete, you just have to enter your email and click Get Button Code to see the widget code:

Get Code

Copy that code and return back to the WhatsHelp page in your WordPress dashboard. Then, paste the button code in the box and click Save Changes:

Paste Button Code

Your Facebook Messenger chat button will look like:

Facebook Messenger Chat Button

Final Thoughts

Facebook Messenger for business is an excellent tool for instant contact and connection with prospects and customers. Online businesses that adopt the channel early stand to benefit the most.

Your customers, and especially millennials, love this platform and there are lots of ways to build attraction. In my experience, consumers require very little encouragement to start using the platform. A simple button on a website or Messenger code is enough.

With Facebook Messenger, you are interacting with customers directly in a much more efficient way than over the phone or email. As long as you are providing great customer support, this channel will return you a good return.

If you have already joined the Facebook Messenger for a business journey, I would like to hear about your insights and learnings. Leave them below in the comments!

WooCommerce Plugin Review: A Detailed Map for Entrepreneurs

This WooCommerce Plugin Review is a guideline for Entrepreneurs who want to start an e-commerce site. WooCommerce has helped thousands of people to generate successful businesses around the globe.

To those who are not sure what WooCommerce is, it is a plugin that works on a WordPress website by letting you start an e-commerce store without having to code a single line of code.

This is the real reason for Woocommerce’s popularity. If you look at the top WooCommerce plugin reviews, this is a feature that users commonly complement.

As of today there are 3,317,205 live websites that use WooCommerce.

If you are deciding on whether you will use WooCommerce then this article is for you.

The pros, cons, alternatives, features, and requirements are analyzed for woocommerce in this article. So you can make that important decision before you start your entrepreneurial journey. Let’s start with some positive aspects of the woocommerce plugin.

WooCommerce Plugin Review by Analysing the Advantages

This section of the WooCommerce plugin review looks at the advantages that you may benefit from. There are 5 advantages of using WooCommerce to run your online business.

Language Support is Strong to Run Your Online Business

Woocommerce currently supports the following languages:

Woocommerce Language
Woocommerce supports a large number of languages.

Arabic, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Lithuanian, Greek, Chinese, Bulgarian.

As you can see from the above paragraph, WooCommerce has a plethora of language support for anyone who wants to start their multi-lingual website for selling online.

If you do not find a language then you can contribute to support a language you do not find in the list.

No Technical Headache for Your eCommerce Shop

The top positive WooCommerce review that is commonly found amongst the users is how very little one has to deal with the technical aspect of the website.

You do not have to hire a single programmer to handle the site. You can do this all on your own. All the technical development and plugin updates are handled by woocommerce alone.

You can build an e-shop on the WooCommerce platform easily following youtube tutorials and documentation. There is plenty of help out there available for you to set up your system.

Create an E-commerce Platform like Amazon

Woocommerce is popularly used to sell products by representing a single business.

However, WooCommerce also supports plenty of multivendor marketplace solutions. These powerful plugins literally let you create a market for retailers or vendors to register on your site so they can sell their products.

This is exactly how Amazon works-vendors or retailers from different brands register an account on Amazon to sell their products from Amazon.

Dokan- Multi Vendor WooCommerce Marketplace
Dokan is a WooCommerce extension that let’s you create an online market place like Amazon

The plugin that can enable this function on your site is called Dokan. This is a WooCommerce plugin extension that enables this to happen.

Amazon has several niches on its site such as food, shoes, clothes. But you can start an online market for a particular niche. For example, you could start a market for selling baby products. And invite retailers from this niche to open an account on your site to sell their products.

Passionate entrepreneurs who want to run the multivendor marketplace will find the Dokan plugin useful.

With the Dokan plugin, you have control over commission rates and access for a vendor to use your e-commerce site.

Auto-Design the Look of Your WooCommerce Site

Every site should be visually-appealing that will attract the eyes of your visitors. Luckily, you do not have to manually design your site if you are using WooCommerce. You only have to select from the pre-built list of themes and implement them on your site.

Woocommerce Plugin Review
Woocommerce has both free and paid themes to choose for your site.

No need to hire a web designer to design the site separately. Keep in mind that some themes are free, others are not.

Because there are many WooCommerce themes to choose from, it can be hard to choose the right one. This article compares 20 themes of WooCommerce themes that may help you to decide which is the right one for you.

WooCommerce Plugin Review: Scalable as You Grow

It is very common for businesses to grow. Because with changing time the business becomes more successful. However, WooCommerce can accommodate as you grow bigger with products and visitors to your sites gets bigger.

Woocommerce Plugin Review
Click Bank has more than six-million clients worldwide-all thanks to Woocommerce.

Need some real-life examples ? These sites have been using WooCommerce to sell their products for ages.

  • An online retailer that sells digital products worldwide. The site has been so successful that it
  • This is a luxury leather goods company that crafts handbags, shoes, and accessories. The company is based in Turkey.
  • FixjeiPhone: An iPhone repair site for repairing iPhones.
  • Lugz: An innovator in the footwear market, creating styles for boots, casual shoes, and athletics. This site is a site for focussing on footwear markets such as boots and casual shoes.

WooCommerce Plugin Review on the Disadvantages

Let have a quick look over the drawbacks of WooCommerce.

Learning Curve is Steeper for Beginners

Yes, WooCommerce makes it easy to set up your site. But if you are total beginners with WordPress then sometimes it expects a lot of time to be spent behind learning how to build your platform.

Woocommerce Review
If you are new to WordPress, you will need to spend some time familiarising yourself with the Woocommerce platform.

There are jargons to be familiar with. You will have to be patient in the beginning as you will have to go through documents and videos so you can build up your site.

Hundreds of Supporting WooCommerce Extensions

At the time of writing this WooCommerce plugin review, there are more than 900 additional plugins. Some you may need others you won’t need at all. While this is also a good thing because it means you are more likely to have solutions for almost anything. But this also means that you have to be clear on which extensions you need.

Woocommerce Plugin Review

This is the part where one can get overwhelmed when deciding to integrate additional plugins on your WooCommerce site. There are hundreds of blogs and videos to review before deciding which one is the best for you.

These plugins could be for security, themes, document manager, gateways for making payment and more. Therefore, it is important that you first decide what you need to run your e-commerce site.

Woocommerce is not Free when It Comes to the Premium Extension

Yes woocommerce is free to download, install and use some limited features. But when it comes to using premium extensions, you are going to have to pay for the extensions.

For example, the POS plugin is free only with limited features. You will have to upgrade within a short period of time.

WooCommerce can Slow Your Site’s Speed & Security

As your site grows bigger, the importance of optimizing your site will become more critical. Before you start, make sure you choose the right hosting for your site. This is the first step to ensure your site’s speed does not fall. Other speed factors for your site matters such as loading time, plugin quality and so on.

Woocommerce Plugin Reviews
Too many plugins on your Woocommerce site can slow down your page speed.

For security, you do not have to code a line but you do have to use the right plugin to ensure your website is secure. No site is 100% secure. So make sure you choose the right plugin for your WooComerce site.

Woocommerce Plugin Review VS Custom-Built Website Review for E-commerce

Some do consider the use of custom-built sites to manage their e-commerce site rather than use a WordPress site.

There are pros and cons to this.

Custom-built sites are more likely to load faster. On the other hand, a WordPress page for WooCommerce with too many plugins can slow down your online system. This is something WordPress plugins are infamous for. So it is advisable that you use plugins that you only need to use.

Woocommerce Review
Custom-built sites are faster to load but complicated to maintain in the long run.

With custom-built sites, you do not have to worry about paying monthly or yearly for the features you have on your site. Whereas for a WooCommerce site, you are going to have to pay monthly for premium plugins.

However, there are drawbacks to using a custom-built site. You will have to worry about the security of your site. Whereas with your WooCommerce site, you only have to install the plugins for your site’s security.

A custom site means you have to hire a professional developer which is expensive and risky in the long run as there is a chance that the developer may leave. Then your business will have to go through a tough process of hiring a proper developer.

Whereas by installing premium extensions for your WordPress site, you leave all the hassle to the extension without ever hiring a developer.

WooCommerce pluginReview
Custom-built sites have to be built from scratch-but Woocommerce sites has the basic layout done for you.

Most importantly, a custom-built site will less likely have the built-in SEO design and structure that will enable you to rank on google’s search engine. You have to set this on your own.

Whereas a WooCommerce site or any WordPress site will have all the structure of SEO set for you. Of course, if you have the means to invest with the time then there is nothing wrong with that.

Woocommerce Plugin Review for the Features

There are several features that define the WooCommerce platform. Note that all of these features have extensions.

Woocommerce Features

Marketing: Optimise your marketing by setting discounts and coupons. You can also do email marketing with MailChimp and use google analytics on tracking the stats of your page.

Payment: Payment facilities include Paypal and Stripe. The extension for Stripe is considered easier and less restrictive to setup. There are several ways for you to facilitate the payment. Paypal and Stripe are not the only solutions.

Store Management: This arena is all about managing the Accounting, Point of Sale, Admin sections and Tax.

Product Type: It is not just physical products, you can sell digital products and paid courses.

Should I Choose WooCommerce for My Startups

It depends on the context of your business. If you do not have the means to start a custom-built site then WooCommerce is an ideal solution. Hopefully, the above WooCommerce plugin review has covered every factor that should be considered before starting an e-commerce business online.

Most importantly, WooCommerce gives you the chance to dive straight into marketing, selling, and your products. As an entrepreneur, it is important to start as early as possible.

However keep in mind that if you do intend to start an online business, you must give the effort to ensure that your site does not take too long to load. The longer it takes, the more likely will your customers move somewhere else.

Six Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Business

Use WordPress for Business and increase the cash flow up to 5x!

Many platforms like WordPress started at the same time, but they did not withstand the test of time. Not only WordPress has secured its ground in blogging platforms, but also WordPress for businesses are now seeing a sharp increase in usage.

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How to Get Started with Your First Paid Search Marketing on Google Ads

First time on paid search marketing? We’re here to help!

Like baking cake for the first time, running paid search marketing (PPC) ads with Google Adwords for the first time could be difficult for you. But if you have a proper tutorial and the recipe, it will be simpler and easy.

So, we will guide you to run your first PPC campaign on Google Ads. To start, you need to have Google Ads Account for your personal or your business. It will take you to the few steps for selecting audience locations, ads(about your business), budget, and payment method. We will skip this for the purpose of the blog.

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10+ Best WordPress Migration Plugin to Safely Move Your Site

With WordPress Migration Plugin, you can easily migrate your WordPress website.

Just like shifting home or office, migrating WordPress site can also be a tedious task. It has now become easier to move WordPress website with WordPress Migration Plugin. Thanks to the migration plugins to make the task easier.

Why You Need to Migrate Website

There are several reasons you might need to move a WordPress website, such as:

  • Moving to a new web host.
  • Moving a WordPress site to a new domain.
  • Launch your own site and move it to Live from the local server.
  • Cloning a website to work on it locally.

Site Migration is Not Always 100% Safe

Though the installation of WordPress website is simple, moving a site requires multiple steps if done manually. You will need to back up the data; copy content, files, and images into the right directory; restore the database; move and re-activate plugins and widgets; and test everything to ensure that the entire process has been completed without any error.

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How to Create a $100 Website for Startups?

Have you ever considered giving your startup? If you have entrepreneurship skills, you can always consider giving a startup. If you have a great idea, you can start for as small as $100.

Not other journeys in the world are as rewarding and interesting as the journey of an entrepreneur. You go through failure, get a countless rejection, search for investors – it’s an exciting journey but there is nothing more daunting than overcoming your mental gap.

One of the reasons it is hard because there is no one tutorial for succeeding. for startups. Different companies had different strategies that worked for them. Not necessarily following Amazon‘s business strategy will work for you.

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