Best WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) System 2020

In this current eCommerce trend, having a WooCommerce online shop is good for you. If you want to modernize your eCommerce online store, you have to use a WooCommerce point of sale system.

A WooCommerce POS Plugin helps to automate or digitalize your online store management system as well as save a lot of valuable business time. Besides, it also reduces your work pressure and saves more money.

In addition, it takes all the responsibilities of your shop management such as customizing features, taking orders, and also tracking your shop inventory data.

Today we would like to share some of the best WooCommerce POS Systems that will help your business automation.

Before we start talking about the best WooCommerce point of sale, you have to know why you need a POS System for WooCommerce.

Why Need a Woocommerce POS System?

Learn Why & How to Use a POS System with WooCommerce

By using WooCommerce, you can easily launch and start your eCommerce business.  An online shop is about lots of customers, products, categories, shipping, coupons, payment gateways, and many other things that are associated with your store.

Most importantly, you’ve tons of data that you have to properly handle. That is why you need a WooCommerce POS Plugin. With the advanced POS system, you can properly organize all of your store data. In addition, you can easily look over the reports of your store as well as handle the entire store management system.

Moreover, it also helps to synchronize your valuable store information and reduce important physical works pressure and money. You may see this awesome blog post where you’ll gain more information about why and how to use a Woocommerce POS.

Best WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) System

Best WooCommerce POS Plugins

It’s time to talk about one of the best 4 WooCommerce POS systems which are very powerful and modern. In fact, it’s able to automate your vintage store management system into appropriate digital store management.

  1. wePOS
  2. WooCommerce POS
  3. Hike POS
  4. Oliver POS

Let’s get started:


wePOS- best woocommerce pos

wePOS is a web-based POS system that is specially designed for both small to mid-sized WooCommerce stores.  Therefore, it is an easier, faster, and smarter POS system for WooCommerce.

Most important, it’s a single page web application that has full compatibility with REST API.  In addition, it also works very fast and manages your store inventory and orders organization easily.

The wePos Pro version has a stunning and user-friendly User Interface (UI) that is well organized. Besides, it helps to navigate your store information. In fact, it has Multiple Live Cart Manager, Payment System, Tax Calculation, Secure Login Panel, and more modern features like,

  • Designed for WooCommerce
  • Responsive and Compatible with All Sized Devices
  • Integrate with Your Online and Offline Retail Store
  • Stunning UI Design
  • Works with Many Printers and Hardware
  • Search for Products by ID, SKU, Bar Scanner
  • Custom Barcode Support
  • Able to Handle Multiple Orders At a Time
  • Print Receipt
wePOS woocommerce point of sale price plan
wePOS pricing

Moreover, you can find more information wePOS features and functionality here.

WooCommerce POS

best woocommerce point of sale

WooCommerce POS is another popular WooCommerce POS Plugin that comes with a simple interface and can be a great alternative to Vendor Shopify POS. In addition, it’s a self-hosted solution so that you always own your data with monthly fees.

In fact, WooCommerce POS also uses the same database as your store. And when you make a sale your inventory is always synchronized with that updated information. More importantly, you can easily set up this amazing plugin with your WooCommerce store

Here in below, you’ll see some features of the WooCommerce POS.

  • Barcode Scanning
  • Edit Cart Items
  • Shipping Compatibility
  • Payment Gateways
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Reports
  • Product Stocktake
price plan of woocommerce POS

Hike POS

hike pos for woocommerce

Hike POS is an intuitive retail software that can easily modernize your store management system. Therefore, it can organize your customer service, orders, sales, and all the inventory management.

In fact, it can also work offline so that you can easily handle your data when your internet is down. Besides, it’s highly optimized with all devices such as Mac, PC, and iPad.

Notable features:

  • Fully Customizable
  • Online/Offline Compatibility
  • Integrated with Card Payments
  • Product Options/Variations
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Bulk Import & Export
  • Stock Management
  • Real-time Updates
  • Multiple outlets
  • 24/7 Email & Live Chat Support
hike pos the best pos system for woocommerce
Hike POS pricing

Hike POS, also comes with three different pricing plans so that you can easily choose along with your needs. Besides, you can pay monthly and yearly it’s all about your choice.

Oliver POS

pos system for woocommerce

Oliver POS is a smart, simple, and powerful point of sale (POS) for WooCommerce. Besides, it comes with the full integration of your WooCommerce store that uses your existing store database.

Moreover, Oliver POS can work with your eCommerce and physical shops at a time. In fact, you don’t need to do multiple integrations as well as syncing with other systems. Most importantly, it also helps to unite your online shop with your Point of Sale system with one-click., zero headaches.

The features include:

  • Hello Hardware
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Seamlessly Process Payments
  • In-depth Reports
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Responsive Design
  • User-friendly Customer Support

Here some more WooCommerce POS System that also comes with modern features and functionalities.

oliver woocommerce point of sale price plan

How Woocommerce Point of Sale Helps in Business?

best woocommerce pos system

A WooCommerce Point of Sale can help many parts of your business. Let’s see some of them below.

Order Management:

Managing orders is a very important task while you’re running a WooCommerce online business. In an online shop, you’re dealing with a lot of customers’ orders at a time. In fact, it’s very difficult to handle these orders manually.

That’s why you need a WooCommerce POS system to handle your orders. With this modern software, you’ll be able to do the proper management of your store orders.

Inventory Management:

Inventory management is a complete package that deals with all the essential parts of your store such as products, orders, categories, sales, and more. That means you’re managing all of your store’s valuable data.

When you’re using a POS system you’ll be able to easily handle your entire inventory management. Besides, you also combine your inventory with other necessary parts of your store management system.

Reduce Valuable Work Hours:

Time management is one of the most important issues for every section of your WooCommerce business. By using a popular POS system for WooCommerce, you may rapidly reduce your working hours and save your important time.

Saves Lots of Money:

Everyone wants to save their valuable money in their eCommerce business. In addition, it’s very important to look over the entire store management system to save your money which is not supposed to be spent.

Moreover, you should use the WooCommerce POS system so that you can save money. With these powerful tools, you can reduce your human employment expenses and fasten your working system.

Report Management:

Reports mean the important collection of data that is associated with your eCommerce shop. Therefore, it’s always necessary to generate your entire store management reports and manage them properly.

While using a WooCommerce point of sale system, you will be able to automate your necessary reports management in your style.

And all the information that is associated with your eCommerce business.

Bonus: WooCommerce Point of Sale VS POS in Real-life

POS System for WooCommerce Plugin VS POS in Real-life A Comparison

A WooCommerce POS system and a real-life POS system are different from each other. In real life, we invest a lot of money and time in organizing our shop. But when we use a WooCommerce POS system it can reduce time and money.

Above all, with WooCommerce POS we can easily digitize our online store. Here you see the main difference between the WooCommerce Point of Sale VS POS in Real-life.


We hope that it’s been a great journey as we try to cover the best WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) systems for you. Also, show you how it can create an impact for your WooCommerce business.

If you have any questions regarding this article feel free to comment on us and share your idea about these WooCommerce POS Plugins.

Individual Plugin Review: Dokan Multivendor Marketplace

People are choosing WordPress and WooCommerce for building their online shop. But they are still facing many problems to build their eCommerce multivendor marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Today We’re going to talk about one of the popular WordPress multi-vendor marketplace plugins, Dokan.

With Dokan Multivendor, you can easily create your dream multivendor shop. Besides, it also helps you to solve all your problems you may face while building an eCommerce multi-vendor marketplace.

Why you Need a Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugin?

Best WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugin For WordPress

Using WooCommerce and WordPress, you can easily launch your dream eCommerce store. Moreover, when you’re thinking big like making an eCommerce marketplace that has a lot of vendors, you’ll be dealing with so many problems.

Without a multivendor plugin, WooCommerce does not have the capability to create a multivendor eCommerce marketplace.

If you want to earn a commission from each sale of your vendor, you’ll need a multi-vendor WP plugin. A WordPress multivendor plugin has a lot of powerful functionalities that can help you to make your multivendor marketplace.

There are many WordPress multivendor plugins in the market. Moreover, it’s very difficult to choose the right one for your ultimate solution.

Which one will you select?

The Dokan Multivendor Plugin can be the perfect solution. Most importantly, it has those advanced features that you’ll need to launch your stunning multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace.

Let’s give a complete review of Dokan.

Why Choose Dokan Multivendor To Build Your Marketplace?

why use Dokan to build an Online Marketplaces

Dokan Multivendor Plugin is a progressive multivendor WordPress plugin that has been chosen by more than 40,000 people worldwide to create their multi-store shopping mall. Plus, it’s one of the best WordPress multi-vendor front-end plugins that work with WooCommerce.

By using Dokan, you can easily build your eCommerce marketplace like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Aliexpress, Magento in less than 30 minutes. Most importantly, it saves hundreds of valuable work hours while making an eCommerce marketplace.

In addition, you’ll experience a lot of modern features such as best frontend experience, easiest customization option, world-class customer support while selecting Dokan.

In fact, it is also compatible with any WooCommerce themes so you don’t need to worry about choosing a theme.

Dokan Success Stories From All Over The World

How Dokan Works

how dokan plugin works

Dokan mainly works in four steps to create an online multi-vendor market.

First, you need to download and install Dokan on your WordPress website. You may easily download it from plugin directory or you can visit their official website.

Second, you have to customize your marketplace as you like it.

Third, it’s time to welcome your vendors to sell their products on your marketplace. If you want, you can sell your own products on your marketplace.

Fourth, you’ve created your own multi-store marketplace. Now it’s time to start earning from the commission.

See, how easy it is. If you follow the above four steps you’ll be able to make your own marketplace. Know about the working procedure of Dokan, to build your dream marketplace.

Give a read to this article, Create an electronic marketplace with Dokan

Powerful Features of Dokan Multivendor

dokan multi-vendor plugin features

When you think of building a multi-vendor marketplace, you need tons of powerful modules and features. Likely in Dokan Plugin, you’ll find most of the essential features and functionalities.

In addition, it has 20+ additional modules that are easy-to-use as well as lightweight for your website. Besides, it has vendor-independent store compatibility, stunning frontend dashboard for vendors & customers, awesome report management, and coupon management. 

Moreover, you’ll find product reviewing options, WooCommerce payment gateway options, shipping management, and other more necessary features. Most importantly, you’ll be able to see and control who sells and who doesn’t.

Lets see some advanced features of Dokan in the below list.

  • Marketplace with Independent Stores: With Dokan Multivendor, every vendor can easily customize their storefront.
  • Compatible with any WooCommerce Theme: Dokan has full compatibility with any type of WooCommerce WordPress themes for designing your new multi-vendor shopping mall. You can also use the Dokan Theme while making your marketplace.
  • Stunning Frontend Dashboard for Vendors and Customers: While using Dokan, your vendors and customers can use their own stunning frontend dashboard to manage their information.
  • Start Earning from Each Sale as an Admin: That’s the power of Dokan. As an admin, you can easily earn a commission from each sale of your vendor’s product sales.
  • Coupon Management: It also comes with the full integration of coupon management systems.
  • Product & Store Reviews: Product & Store Reviewing is an important feature of every eCommerce store. That’s why Dokan supports the review options.
  • Easy Withdraw System: Dokan has full integration with WooCommerce based payment systems. That includes Stripe, PayPal, Cash on delivery, Bank Transfer, etc.
  • Shipping Management: It also comes with easy shipping management systems to ship its products to valuable customers.

Compare Dokan Lite vs Dokan Pro

For more information, you may visit their website where you can find all the modules and features they have available.

Dokan Free & Pro Price Comparison

Like the other multi-vendor plugins, Dokan also set their pricing with several types by keeping in mind their users. So you can easily select your desired pricing plan along with your needs.

Dokan vs Other Multivendor Marketplace Plugins

It’s very important to compare your chosen plugin with the other multi-vendor plugins. If you do, you’ll find the best. 

In this segment, we will show you a complete comparison of Dokan Multivendor with the other popular multi-vendor plugins.

Features Dokan Lite Dokan WC Vendors Yith WC Marketplace WC Product Vendors
Price Free  $149 $199 $79 $80 $95
License Type Free  Pro Pro Pro Pro Pro
Frontend Product Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Paid
Individual Vendor Stores Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Seller Management UI No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Seller Statement Reports No Yes No No No No
Shipping Management No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Commission Types No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Support 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year

If you want to see more, you’ll be able to see the comparisons here.

Common FAQ

Questions You May Have on Your Mind about Dokan (FAQ)

While using and before using Dokan Multivendor, you may have many questions that come to your mind.

It’s natural.

Let’s cover some common FAQs of Dokan.

Dokan Plugin FAQ

What are the system requirements?

The server requirements that you need while using Dakan is  PHP 5.6 or later and MySQL 5.6 or later. You may also work with share hosting and be able to change your hosting later.

Is it multisite supported?

Honestly, Dokan is not supported with multisite. You can use Dokan only 1 database. But if your site is on the subdomain, you can use it.  

Is there any limit on the product, category, and tags?

No, there is no limitation of adding products, categories, and tags. 

Can I use the WooCommerce shipping plugin with Dokan?

No, Dokan has their own shipping method.

Can I use cash on delivery with Dokan?

Yes, you can.

Does Dokan have a per-category commission feature?

Yes, you can add your commission plan per-category.

Which payment gateway can be used with Dokan?

Yes.  Besides, you also can add any WooCommerce payment gateway to withdraw your money.

Can I set the withdrawal threshold?

Yes, If you set 7 days then the vendor would not be able to send you any withdrawal request before completing the order.

Does Dokan support RTL?

Yes, it is fully supported by RTL.

Is it possible to use your plugin for the wholesale marketplace?

No, you can use Dokan for the wholesale marketplace.

Can I charge a vendor monthly or yearly?

With Dokan, you can easily charge your vendor monthly or yearly.

Can a vendor deactivate their store?

No. Only the admin can deactivate vendors’ stores.

Is it possible to upgrade the license from a single site to five sites?

Yes, you are allowed to do this. For more information follow this line here.

If you are still stuck, you may visit their FAQ page where you’ll find the solution to all of your questions & problems.

Bonus: Building a Multivendor Marketplace Using Dokan

How to Build an Online Marketplace Dokan

Great, it’s time to build your own multi-vendor shop using one of the suitable WordPress multi-vendor plugin Dokan.

In the section, you’ll learn how to build an eCommerce marketplace using Dokan.

Before doing this, make sure that you’ve all the things below.

Besides, you have to optimize your website using the popular WordPress caching plugins. In addition, you can also optimize your site SEO.

In this ultimate guide, you’ll easily learn to build your multi-vendor marketplace step by step.


We hope it’s been a great experience to know about the Dokan Multivendor WordPress Plugin. In this ultimate review, you find all the information about this amazing plugin.

Most importantly, you can learn a lot of essential information about creating a multi-vendor marketplace. In fact, you also know how to make your own multi-store marketplace using Dokan.

What you want to say about Dokan? Is Dokan the Best Multivendor Plugin?

Please give your answer in the comment below. We hope it clarifies many people’s ideas about Dokan.

WP Super Cache: Is It the Best WordPress Caching Plugin

Website speed is one of the vital elements that impact search engine optimization (SEO) as well as site ranking. That’s why people are always looking for the best WordPress cache Plugins to improve their site speed optimization.

So today I’ll share with you the complete review of WP Super Cache. And also will try to explain why it is best and different from other WordPress Cache Plugins.

But before that, you need to understand why you need a caching plugin and how it works. And how WordPress Caching Plugin will help in your site optimization.

Why Do you Need a Caching Plugin

why you need wp super cache

In general, a caching plugin creates lightweight HTML pages for your website and saves them on the webserver. So, when a user or visitor wants to visit your website, the caching plugin shows the minimal HTML pages and files to your visitors.

That’s why your users can feel a better experience whenever they try to access your site. Because those generated lighter files and pages help to reduce your site loading speed.

In addition, it also creates a positive impact on your SEO and site ranking.

So, the WordPress website owners are always trying to use caching plugins for improving their site performance. You may also learn how to speed up your website by following this awesome tutorial guide.

WP Super Cache at a Glance

WP Super Cache: Is It the Best WordPress Caching Plugin 1

WP Super Cache is one of the best caching WordPress plugins that help tons of websites all over the world to improve their better site optimization and performance.

This amazing WordPress plugin is run by Automattic and you can easily find this plugin in the Plugin directory.

Like the other caching plugins, it also generates static HTML files that’ll save on your webserver.

When your visitor tries to access your site the server will see the cached files instead of the heavy WordPress PHP scripts.

And the percentage of showing the cached files to their users is 99%.

However, Super Cache mainly follows three steps while caching a website. You can see the ways below.

  • Simple: The simple is the easiest and recommended way of caching your website. Because in this way you really don’t need to change or edit any PHP files including .htaccess file. Besides, it’ll also be helpful for not-techy users.
  • Expert: If you have the correct idea of how PHP scripts and files work, you’ll easily go to the expert why to caching your site information. Because here you need to modify your .htaccess file.
  • WP-Cache caching: This option mainly works for your predefined or known users. Because your known users are logged in to your site and sometimes comment on your post and using this option you can easily provide cached pages to your site. Though it is the most reliable caching method, it’s slightly slower among the others.

So now you can use any of those methods according to your needs and ability.

Pros and Cons of Super Cache


At this stage, you’ll see the pros and cons of the super cache plugin. So take a look at the below section.

Pros of Super Cache

  • Easy to Use & Setup
  • Most Downloaded
  • Always Updating 
  • Caching for Mobiles
  • Rest API Compatibility
  • CDN Supported
  • Notification Emails
  • Scheduler to Clear Cached Pages
  • Page Compression and Custom Caching

Cons of Super Cache

  • Now Have Premium Functionalities
  • Rating 4.5


Most of the other Caching WordPress Plugins have two basic versions paid and free.

But Super Cache is always free and comes with a lot of premium features. With this free plugin, you’ll simply be caching your website pages and you don’t need to pay at all.

WP Super Cache vs W3 Total Cache: An Easy Comparison

Like the Super Cache, W3 Total Cache is another caching plugin that people used mostly. So it’ll be very easy to understand if I give a clear comparison between these two popular caching plugins.


WP Super Cache

W3 Total Cache

Download & Active installations 2+ million 1+ million
Language Support 23 13
Version 1.7.1 0.13.2
Pricing Free Free & Paid Both
CDN Support Yes Yes
Rating 4.5 4.5
Mobile Support Yes Yes

Speed Comparison of Popular Caching Plugins

Optimizing speed is the primary mission of a caching plugin. That is why you need to know the speed optimization score of your plugin.

Below, I’ll show you a speed comparison of popular WordPress caching plugins.

Here you will see the average Super Cache performance on different matrices. In addition, you can also see the consistency of its performance.

And I hope it helps you understand why Super Cache is suitable for speeding up your site.

Is Super Cache the Best WordPress Caching Plugins

WP super cache plugin

Then it is time to measure the complement. Is it the best WordPress caching plugin?

I think you have got the answer already. If you complete all the previous sections, you will understand correctly if it is better or not for your site.

Now you know all ins and outs about WP Super Cache. For example, why we need it, how it works, and the importance of using it on websites.

Plus, you can see the perfect comparison between the two popular caching plugins. Therefore you can easily see the number of active users around the world who love Super Cache, the incredible plugin to optimize your website.

Common FAQ about WP Super Caching Plugin

Let’s talk about some of the common FAQS of the WP Super Caching Plugin.

How do I Know My Blog is being Cached?

To know this, you’ll go to Settings -> WP Super Cache and look for ‘Cache Tester’. After that click on the ‘Cache Tester’ and the plugin will request the front of your website twice along with the proper timestamp.

How do I Disable Supercaching?

For doing this, you need to edit your wp-config.php file otherwise you’ll create a mu-plugin and set the constant ‘DISABLE_SUPERCACHE’ to 1.

Will the Super Cache Compression Slow Down My Server?

Not at all, it’ll do the opposite. It just compressed all of your pages and files so the visitor will see those minimal cached files. So it’ll reduce your loading time as well as make your site faster.

How Many Pages Can I Cache?

Honestly, there is no limitation of caching your site pages. But the limitation depends on our webserver. So if your server allows you thousands of pages on your website, it’ll cache all of those pages.

How do I Change File Permission?

There are several ways of changing your server file permission. Better to read this awesome blog in WordPress Codex and hope it’ll help you a lot.

How do I Delete the WP_CACHE Define from wp-config.php?

To delete this, you’ll visit Cpanel-> Public_html-> wp-config.php. Then you just open the file in a text editor. And delete the line define( ‘WP_CACHE’, true ); then click on the save changes button to save your current changes.

Why do the Plugin Disrepair when I Upgrade the Plugin?

When you update a plugin WordPress will delete the old plugin folder. Similarly, if you update the Super Caching plugin, all of your previous plugin modifications will be deleted.

Then you need to define the variable $wp_cache_plugins_dir in wp-config.php or wp-content/wp-cache-config.php.

How do I Serve Cached Mobile Pages on Small Screens like Phones and Tablets?

It depends on the theme you used to build your website. Because if your theme is not responsible or compatible with mobile devices, how can you cached mobile pages.

You have to use the best responsive WordPress themes while designing your site.

Why It Shows A category Page instead of My Homepage?

It happens because of your website page setting. You follow this method to get rid of it.

  • Uses a static page for the front page.
  • Uses /%category%/%postname%/ permalink structure.

How do I Delete the Super Cache rules from the .htaccess file?

First, you have to find the file in your Cpanel-public_html-> .htaccess. Then open the file in the editor and safely delete the lines between “# BEGIN WPSuperCache” and “# END WPSuperCache” and save the file.

Final Thoughts 

So it’s time to conclude the review of WP Super Cache Plugin. I hope now you have a lot of valuable information about this WordPress caching plugin.

Moreover, the review story will help you to improve your website performance by using this useful and powerful tool. 

Before you close, please share your experience and queries with us in the comment section below.