How to Migrate from to (Step-by-Step Guide)

Migrate from to is a service by Automattic that helps you build a website using WordPress software with managed hosting from the company. Due to the constraint of using hosting provided by Automattic, many people opt for migrating from to, as the latter allows using any hosting the user wants.

Migrating from to is not difficult if you know the process and follow it properly.

This guide will help you know how to migrate from to, which will let your users enjoy full access to their data,

Why Migrate from to

How to Migrate from to

If you’re a WordPress user and have been using the hosted service, you may be wondering why you should migrate to

Here are some of the reasons why migrating from to is beneficial for both businesses and individuals:

1. To Use Preferred Hosting — The ability to use any hosting on your website is the prime reason to migrate from to only allows managed hosting provided by them. On the other hand, you can use any hosting on your site.

2. Customization — When using websites, the customization is always more restricted than you would like. With, there is scope for endless customization.

3. Cost — Using is more cost-efficient than using If you have less budget, is the way to go.

What to Consider Before Migrating from to

If you’re still using and want to migrate to the version, here’s a checklist of things to consider before doing so:

1. Hosting and Maintenance Plans

You should make sure that your website will be hosted on a server capable of handling your traffic load. The hosting provider should also have sufficient resources in terms of storage space, CPU power, and network bandwidth capacity to deal with the number of users your site has.

2. Website Security

The security features offered by are quite strict, compared with those provided on the open-source platform. If you are concerned about security issues, then you’ll have to install quality security plugins as soon as you migrate from to So choose and purchase a security plugin before you move to

3. Budget

Budget is another important pre-consideration. You have to chalk down the price of hosting, domain, plugins you will use, the cost of hiring developers, and other maintenance charges.

4. Time

You have to invest more time to maintain your site compared to since the last one is managed. So you will have to decide how much time you can invest and if it is enough to manage your website.

After all the consideration, if you think you can afford all the hurdles, you can opt for migrating from your to site.

How to Migrate from to

Now let’s show you the process of moving from to Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy!

Step 1 – Export Your Data

The first obvious step to moving from to is exporting the data you have on your existing site. Thankfully, it is very easy to export site data.

To do that, log in to your site, and from the admin dashboard navigate to Tools > Export.

Now click on Export All on the Export Content option. The export Content option only exports pages, posts, and feedback from the site.

To export images, videos, audio, and documents you need to click on the Download button beside the Export media library section.

Export Content from

Now you will get an option to download the files. You should also get the download link in your email.

Download Content from Site

Step 2 – Set up Your Site

You need to have your site ready before you can import the files. It is not hard to build a website using unless you want advanced custom features (in that case you will need to hire developers).

You’ll need the following to set up a regular website –

  • Hosting
  • Domain name
  • A theme
  • Few plugins (page builder, security, SEO, form, etc.)

You can get step by step guide to building a website from this blog.

Import Your Content/Data to

There is a default import option on the site as well. To import the files from, log in to your newly created site’s admin dashboard.

After that navigate to Tools > Import.

Access Import Option

Now scroll down and install the WordPress import feature.

Once installed, the install button will be changed to the Run the Importer option. Click on it.

Install WordPress Import Feature

Now you will get the option to Choose and import the file which you exported from the site earlier.

After choosing the file click on Update file and import.

Import Backup File

With that, the import process is done. Congrats!

After importing the file, some tasks remain. This includes checking and fixing broken URLs and seeing if there are any broken image that needs to be replaced manually.

It ensures that the site is ready to be unveiled to the users.

Redirect Your Site to the Version

So, you have completed the migration of your site from to But one issue remains. Your site now has two versions of it, both live on the internet. It can severely harm your website in terms of search engine ranking.

To prevent that you must deactivate the previous site on

There are two ways to do that, redirecting your website with’s paid feature, or just making your website private.

Unfortunately, there are no free ways to just redirect the URL to the site. It will cost you €13. Site Redirect

If you want to make the site private (free), you can do that by simply navigating to Admin Dashboard > Settings > Reading and clicking on I would like my site to be private, visible only to myself and the users I choose under the option called Site visibility.

Make WordPress Site Private


Wrapping Up

Overall, migrating a site to may seem intimidating. But it’s actually fairly simple, and your users will appreciate having full control of the content. Your site will be harder for hackers to hit. Plus, you’ll have all of the benefits of self-hosting with!

In this post, we’ve given you all the information you need to know how to migrate from to Just follow the steps and let us know if we can assist you if you need any help along the way.

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