The Ultimate SEO Link Building Guide for Beginners

Do you ever wonder why Wikipedia has so many links in it’s every content? Simple! It’s because Google gives more priority if content carries some quality backlinks.

And, also earning backlinks can improve your domain authority.

Domain authority is a numerical value on a scale from one to 100 that indicates how trustworthy your site is, according to its backlink profile.

But how do you earn backlinks? If you leave it up to other site owners to find your content and link to it, it could take an eternity to earn enough links to show Google that your site is trustworthy.

So to build your authority and improve your rankings, you need to take a proactive approach. And that means creating an SEO link building strategy. To know how to create an SEO link building strategy, keep digging this content!

Why Link Building Is Important for Your Website

SEO Link Buidling

Before jumping into the deep, let me tell you what is SEO link building.

Link building is the process of gaining hyperlinks from another website, pointing back to your site. These hyperlinks are called backlinks. It is also known as outbound link.

Link building is important because it is a major factor in how Google ranks web pages. Google says,

“In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.”

Search engines like Google view backlinks as an endorsement from other sites. In other words, other sites think your content is so valuable that they’re willing to send their audience to your website. So if your site gets backlinks from relevant, high-quality sources, Google will see your website as an authority.

When search engines deem your site to be authoritative, they’ll move you higher on the search engine results page.

Best SEO Link Building Strategies & Tips for Beginners

SEO link building strategy

SEO link building is a continuously changing process. And, it’s not a job of overnight. You need to stick with a proper SEO link building strategy for a certain period of time, then expect something good for your site.

Here are some of the most popular strategies that have been used by top bloggers.

  1. Content Creation & Promotion 
  2. Guest Post 
  3. Skyscraper Method
  4. Broken Link Building
  5. Link Building through Email Marketing
  6. Spy on Your Competitors
  7. Internal Linking 
  8. Answer Quora Questions on Similar Topic
  9. Testimonial Link Building 

Apart from this list, there are also a few strategies available that people sometimes use. Among them, some are outdated and some ideas should not be applied. We will talk about it at the ending part of this blog. So, don’t miss to check that part.

1. Content Creation & Promotion 

Content promotion

It is said that content is king. Having said that king needs to be introduced to mass people. Otherwise, it remains as a useless king.

So, creating content is not the only task you need to perform. Promoting content is your responsibility as well. That means when you have well-written content and people know about it, other website owners will look forward to giving you a backlink so that their readers can be benefited.

There are certain types of content that get more shares and backlinks than others. Here are some examples of content that earns the most backlinks:

  • List Article: List articles, also known as listicles, are simply articles written as lists. List articles are incredibly popular online because they’re so easy to read. After creating a “Top X” list article, you can ask them (whom you mentioned) to give you backlinks. Take a look at Top WordPress Email Marketing Providers for SMBs to get a List article idea.
  • Definitive Guide: Bloggers love linking to definitive guides because it lets them explain a concept to their readers without having to go into too much detail by themselves. The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Brand Monitoring is an example of a Definitive guide article.
  • Statistics Post: Statistics are often used by other bloggers and websites to back up their claims with data. Take advantage of this and create a statistic roundup post of your own.

After creating good content, it’s time to promote it through all of your social channels. This time you need to have social media marketing tips to get your job done.

2. Guest Posting 

Guest post

Guest blogging has always been a common option when it comes to SEO link building. And, it is expected that it won’t be losing its importance anytime soon. This would mean that you will be writing for other websites, and they will be linking to your website as a means of reciprocation.

But before writing for others, make sure your content matches with their niche. Never approach them with contents that isn’t serve the same purpose that your intended site has.

Don’t be panicked to find out websites that accept guest blogs. There are numerous ways to find websites that accept guest articles. Use these below-mentioned Google search queries to find blogs accepting guest contributors:

  • your keyword + write-for-us
  • your keyword + guest-posts
  • your keyword + guest-post-guidelines
  • your keyword + become a contributor
  • your keyword + bloggers wanted
  • your keyword + submit an article
  • your keyword + want to write for
  • your keyword + contribute
  • your keyword + become an author
  • your keyword + guest post by
  • your keyword + now accepting guest posts

Something to take note of is that guest blogging for low authority websites and having links from them will provide little to no help for your rankings. However, links from high authority sites will help significantly help you; as long as the links are relevant and in context.

3. Skyscraper Method


Skyscraper is a new trend and one of the most effective ways to acquire backlink. We can divide this method into 3 major sections.

  1. Target a keyword that has a healthy search volume.
  2. Search top-ranked contents on that keyword.
  3. Create content taking ideas from those top-ranked contents.

That means, at first, you conduct keyword research and find a specific keyword or key phrase to target. Then, you find the top-ranking pieces of content for that keyword and create a new piece of content that’s way better than all those pieces put together.

Remember one thing, your content must be exceptional and better than other available top-ranked contents.

When content is truly great, visitors will be motivated to share your content in their community. So, when it comes to Skyscraper posts, quality is absolutely uncompromisable.

After launching the post, you can reach out to everyone who linked to the initial content you found (competitor content) and ask them to link back to you. If you’re successful, you’ll bring in a ton of great backlinks, and a lot of traffic to your blog. 

4. Broken Link Building

Broken Link Building

Broken link building strategy has always been a tricky way for SEO link building. Though it’s a time-consuming task to do, it has a great possibility to get potential backlinks.

Basically, what happens in a broken link building process is that you click a link on the web and it takes you to a 404 (not found) error page, and, that’s called a broken link.

When you come across a resource page that has a broken link, it’s the perfect opportunity to replace that broken link with your own. A 404 error is the result of a website being taken down. And that broken link is not good for the SEO of that website.

So, reach out to the website owner and let them know you found a broken link on their resource page. You can offer the website owner your own content to replace it.

If the owner of that website accepts your proposal, you’ll get a potential linkback that can drag you a lot of traffic. Keep trying this method, as we said earlier, you may take a bit longer time, but it’s a great possibility to get backlinks.

5. Link Building thorough Email Marketing

Email marketing

Getting a backlink from email marketing is, sometimes, tedious. But it’s also an effective way to get backlinks from high authority websites.

All you have to do is, at first, you need to write a perfect blog in a suitable keyword for your website. Then search other top-ranked blog on the same keyword that you have covered.

Open those blogs and collect email addresses from those sites.

After collecting emails, it’s time to write a friendly email for email marketing. And, then send it to those email addresses.

Here is an example of an email you could choose to send:

Hello [Recipent name],

This is [Your name] from [Your site name]. I was researching a keyword [Keyword name] and I found your content [Content name with link]. 

I am reaching out because the quality of the blog you have published, as well as the advice you have given to readers, is amazing, and you deserve recognition for it. 

I Have also published a blog on the same topic [Your blog name with link]. So, I am wondering why don't we collaborate! 

All you have to do is mention my blog in your post.

And, in return, I will mention you in any of my top ranked blogs from [Your website name]. 

I am looking forward to getting a positive reply from you.

Thank you.

Best regards,
[Your name]
[Your designation]

Wait for their responses. If they accept your proposal, they will give you backlinks to your site, and, in return, you should mention them on your blog as well.

6. Spy on Your Competitors, Know What They Are Up to!

Spy on your competitors

Competitor analysis is crucial when you want to surpass him. It indicates you the weakness that your competitor has and you can target it to make your strength.

To spy on your competitors, there are a few tricky ways. For doing that you can subscribe to their email newsletters or follow them on social media. So, whenever they publish new content, you’ll get a copy in your newsletter. You can then find out which approach they are using for getting backlinks.

Another smart way to catch up with their new content is to create a Google alert for the keyword “” So, you’ll be notified every time if they mention that keyword.

When you discover which link-building techniques your competitors are using the most, you can do the same to replicate their success.

Spying on your competitors will let you become just as good at backlink building as they are. Soon, with time and some practice, you can surpass them in the search engine rankings.

7. Internal Linking 

Internal linking

Internal linking means you link your own content or page to your blog within the same website. It’s also a part of the SEO link building journey.

Internal links are a key factor for running a successful blog. They are passing link juice, and you can use your anchor texts for internal link building. With a good internal linking structure, you can help users easily navigate through your website and increase the overall user experience.

Besides, increasing your SEO score, internal link building also helps you to improve bounce rate.

You can observe Wikipedia as your source of inspiration as Wikipedia is a great example of internal linking. With the power of internal linking, Wikipedia has been dominating the search engine results.

8. Answer Quora Questions on Similar Topics

Quora is a popular community for bloggers. Everyday thousands of people visit Quora to ask questions or get answers of their questions.

You can take it as an opportunity. For instance, you have a blog on “Brand Monitoring Tool“, now, you visit Quora. Then type the keyword and you’ll get numbers of questions & answers instantly.


Find a suitable question on that keyword and answer it by writing the gist of your blog. And, finally, drop a link of your blog in any of the parts of that answer. That’s all you need to do to create a link of your blog to sites other than yours.

It will be counted as a backlink to your website. And, if you can post a great answer to a relevant question, you will get huge traffic to your website.

9. Testimonial Link Building 

Testimonial Link Building

You can also get your name and link back on websites by offering to write testimonials or leave a review about another brand. Choose the top tools or brands you work with and contact them to offer to write a review about your experience.

Brands are usually eager to feature testimonials on their site and often link back reviewers in the credit line.

Choose products and services related to your industry or ones that help you run your business.

Remember, make sure the products you choose have a website with a high domain authority (over 60). Associating your website with a big-name website will give you higher-quality backlinks.

Bonus: SEO Link Building Methods that You Should Avoid

Popular SEO Link Building Methods that You Should Avoid

SEO link building might seem straightforward, but it is not. It takes a lot to get excellent websites talking about you, and Google believing in you. You will need to do it in the proper way.

Having said that, here are some terrible link building mistakes that companies commit while doing SEO.

  1. Blog Comments 
  2. Link Purchasing 
  3. Linking to Unrelated Niche Sites
  4. Over Optimized or Not Optimized Anchor Text

Let’s talk a few more details about these points.

1. Blog Comments 

Blog commenting is such a bad SEO link building tactic that the search engines created a link attribute called “nofollow” in 2005. Should anyone really consider a tactic that was already burned in 2005?

Puttng links in the comment count as spamming. However, it is still often seen that many people drop links in their comments. It’s a bad practice.

Instead, you should write something good about the blog in the comment section, so that, the writer visits your site and does the same thing. Then you can offer each other for link exchange.

2. Link Purchasing 

It’s not spamming. But, it’s a black hat SEO practice. Paid links, whether you’re buying or selling them, are very risky to have as Penguin has helped Google detect them.

An obvious sign of a paid link that Google can catch is a link on a site with high page rank and no relevancy to your own site. Although it’s tempting to purchase high page rank links, we highly advise you not to as it’s not worth the risk of being penalized by Google.

3. Linking to Unrelated Niche Sites

Imagine yourself as a reader. You are looking for some content marketing tips. You find an article that talks about content marketing tips linking to a company website that sells kitchen stuff.

Weird, huh? Well, this is how your customers feel when your site has links to all kinds of websites.

You need to stick to your niche, both in favor of being relevant to people, and Google recognizing you as a suitable site of your kind. The search engine has its own algorithms for allocating the subjects of websites, and if it finds yours everywhere, it will take it as spam.

4. Over Optimized / Not Optimized Anchor Text

Google has been and still is tracking down on exact match’ anchor text keywords. Quality content needs to be written naturally with user intent in mind, and the same goes with contextual backlinks.

When your link strategy consists of only using ‘broad match’ (2 words usually) and ‘exact match’ contextual anchor links, then you are going to get yourself in trouble. In the eyes of Google…this is spam.

Choose the Right Strategy & Start SEO Link Building Now


Earning backlink is always been a challenging job. But at the same time, it’s one of the best ways to increase the domain authority. That ultimately helps you to get better ranks in search engine results.

Having said that you should not practice ways that already have been banned by Google. Rather than choose the legal way to build links that boost up your SEO.

However, don’t forget to share with us which SEO link building strategy you have been following for your site through the comment box below.

Admin 2020 Theme Review: Basic Features, Pros-Cons, Pricing & More

Actually, in the default WordPress system, you don’t have enough permission to customize the website the way you like. So despite having the desire to bring new things on your website theme, you don’t have a choice but to rely on the basic customizations of WordPress.

So this is why, Mark Aston, a reknowned WordPress developer, has introduced the Admin 2020 theme for the WordPress users, with comprehensive editing & customizing facilities all in one place.

In today’s post, we’re going to review the Admin 2020 theme including basic features-functions, pricing, and pros & cons and more.

Admin 2020 Theme at a Glance

admin 2020

Admin 2020 theme is a clean & modern WordPress theme with a sophisticated dashboard, Google analytics, effective media library options, dark mood, and so on. While using this theme, you’ll feel like you’re not using a regular WordPress interface.

The beauty of Admin 2020 theme is that anyone with the skills can easily change the design to suit their own aesthetic

WP Tavern

Because the design is built on UIKit, and a lightweight UI framework, that makes it softer, gives it a rounder look and produces a texture that is totally different from the default WordPress.

Basic Features of Admin 2020 Theme

Features of admin theme

Let’s have a look at some of admin theme’s most powerful features & functions.

Compact Dashboard, See Everything in an Organized Way

Admin 2020 theme has a compact overview page. Also, when you enter the demo site, you’ll see everything in an organized way. Such as google filterable analytics report by dates, WooCommerce integration, products, and marketing related stuff.

You can also view other data such as recent comments, popular pages, and a general overview of your posts and pages.

Admin theme demo
Admin 2020 – Demo

Easy Way to Search

In the dashboard, you’ll see a search bar button. From here (admin bar) you can instantly get access to all important pages. In fact, you can filter without any loading time and handle them with ease.

admin theme search option

Quick Media Library Access

Admin theme has an amazing media library that is quicker than the classic or regular WordPress Library.

Admin 2020 Theme Review: Basic Features, Pros-Cons, Pricing & More 1

Including a brand new media gallery, which also has folder options. You can add new folders and view them from different angles. As a result, you can better organize your media and speed up your workflow!

Admin 2020 Theme Review: Basic Features, Pros-Cons, Pricing & More 2

You can do more with the advanced filter. For example, you can order them according to the product’s creation time and date.

Admin 2020 Theme Review: Basic Features, Pros-Cons, Pricing & More 3

Dark Mode/Night mode

The most amazing part of this theme is the ‘Dark mood‘. Unlike other WordPress themes, the theme has this great in-built quality and you can activate it by clicking the right top corner of the profile menu.

Admin 2020 Theme Review: Basic Features, Pros-Cons, Pricing & More 4

White Label

Admin 2020 theme lets you white label the dashboard to be your own, which is excellent for client sites. You can easily upload files such as logos, photos, pages, add posts, moreover make the dashboard attractive.

Admin 2020 Theme Review: Basic Features, Pros-Cons, Pricing & More 5

Best for Content Management

Content is the most important part of any website. Your website workflow solely depends on the content you provide. So considering this fact, the Admin theme will allow you to manage content in an organized way.

There is a content option of the Admin 2020 theme where you can add content, edit, or publish. Moreover, manage your entire website content easily.

Admin 2020 Theme Review: Basic Features, Pros-Cons, Pricing & More 6

Default WooCommerce Integration

Another great feature of the Admin 2020 theme is the default ‘WooCommerce Integration‘. You’ll get everything that you need if you have any eCommerce products. You can add products, manage orders, coupons, generate reports, track, analyze performance, see customers, and more.

Admin 2020 Theme Review: Basic Features, Pros-Cons, Pricing & More 7

If you are not satisfied with the default WooCommerce options, don’t worry! You can add some simplified extensions to your website. In that case, you need to spend some money.

Admin 2020 Theme Review: Basic Features, Pros-Cons, Pricing & More 8

Google Analytics to Generate Detailed Reports

As we said earlier, the Admin 2020 theme includes Google Analytics integration which can display the following beautiful reports on the overview page. For example, users, page views, sessions, and device breakdowns, etc. New reports will be generated automatically every month.

Admin 2020 Theme Review: Basic Features, Pros-Cons, Pricing & More 9

Pros & Cons of Admin 2020 Theme

Pros and cons of the admin theme

After knowing about the features, let’s know shortly some of its pros & cons.


  • Distraction-free interface
  • Amazing menu control
  • Custom CSS/JS
  • Easy to use
  • A totally unique interface from the regular WordPress system
  • Easy to handle files, folders, and media files
  • Fast content management process
  • User analytics
  • Has a Lightweight UI framework
  • 24/7 customer support.


  • No available free plans
  • It may look difficult for novice users
  • Features don’t work properly in the demo
  • The image editor is not available in the demo version

Admin 2020 Theme Pricing

admin theme pricing

If you want to use the premium version of this theme, you need to check its pricing plan and what it offers to the users. Also, you can unlock more features & advanced functions easily by using the pro version.

So let’s take a look at what features you’ll get if you purchase the pro plan of the Admin theme.

  • 1 year of updates and support
  • For use on one site or unlimited sites (based on the plans)
  • Modern UI
  • Powerful media gallery with folders
  • Intuitive overview page
  • Dark mode
  • White label
  • Menu control
  • Add custom CSS and JS
  • Multisite ready.

Admin 2020 offers two different pricing plans. It starts at $20 per year for a single site and $60 per year for unlimited sites. There’s a lifetime option which sells for $80 for unlimited sites too.

Admin theme pricing

This is the pricing table that the Admin theme offers. Check-in detail before you proceed to buy.

Over to You

Actually, Admin 2020 theme is totally different & unique in the WordPress ecosystem. Its easy to apply. And you don’t need to look for other integrations as it offers most of the features you need at the primary level. So we can say, it’s a complete WordPress theme.

We tried our best to convey almost every part of the Admin 2020 theme by describing its features, pricing, good & bad sides. So the decision is in your hand whether to use it or not.

Anyways, if you want to share anything regarding this post, feel free to ask. We’ll be glad to answer all your answers.😉

Best WordPress Themes for Bloggers You Should Know [2020]

A handpicked list of some of the best WordPress themes for bloggers that focus on content more.

Looking for the best WordPress themes for bloggers? Well, you have come to the correct place!

You may wonder why you need to look for the best WordPress themes for bloggers. Well, themes play a vital role to make your blogging experience neat and clean. The audience loves a fresh, colorful, modern, and aesthetically pleasing website. The theme you are using in your WordPress site controls your contents and actuates the look of your site. Before going further into themes let us have an overview of WordPress and why would you need the best WordPress theme for bloggers.

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How to Create an eCommerce Store Using WordPress

Create an eCommerce website using WordPress and WooCommerce in just minutes with our easy to use, beginner-friendly, step by step tutorial. Now you can be a store owner too!

If you want to sell something online, it’s great to create an eCommerce website using WordPress.

WordPress not only most popular web builder around the world. WordPress is best in regard to speed, security, customizing capability and finally, it’s free for you. The great news for you that WordPress has it’s own e-commerce site builder plugin- Woocommerce!

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5 Best Twitter Plugins for WordPress in 2020

No doubt that Twitter is a great platform to promote your brand and website content among your target users. In fact, it’s one of the most effective ways to generate loyal traffic.

Twitter has 330 million monthly active users and more than 145 million use the service daily.

Twitter, 2019

To make the best use of this powerful social media platform, you should use advanced Twitter plugins that has all the necessary features and help in your social media marketing.

Here, we would like to share some of the best Twitter plugins for WordPress that are free, customizable, and effectively help in your social media marketing.

Before you dive into the list, check out the next segment to understand why you should use Twitter plugins on your WordPress website.

Why Should You Use Twitter Plugins

Due to the huge popularity of Twitter, no one can ignore it these days. If you want to drive more traffic to your website, you should utilize the best use of Twitter and apply its marketing strategies.

By adding a Twitter feed to your website, you do not only attract more people but also show them how active you are. Also, it helps to get new leads. Besides, you can easily drive your Twitter follower to your website.

Moreover, a Twitter widget also allows you to share posts on your Twitter channel whenever you publish a new post. That way, you able to save lots of valuable time and do social media marketing in the right way.

Here some reasons to use a Twitter plugin on your websites.

  • Engage more traffic
  • Auto share your post on Twitter
  • Generate leads
  • Keep users on your site
  • Saves essential times

5 Best Twitter Plugins for WordPress

There hundreds of Twitter plugins available in the WordPress directory. But you have to choose the best one for your site. To help you out, here we present some of the best Twitter plugins for WordPress so that you can get the real benefit of the tools.

Let get started.

1. Custom Twitter Feeds

Custom Twitter Feeds

Custom Twitter Feeds is a powerful Twitter feed plugin that loved by more than 80000+ users around the world. This plugin is fresh and simple, can able to adopt any WordPress themes style.

It is a very minimal, responsive, easy-to-use, and customizable plugin that allows you to display Twitter feeds from any account, user, or a particular hashtag. Moreover, it comes with full SEO support.

Key Features

  • Display multiple Twitter feeds
  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly
  • SEO optimized
  • Built-in HTML5 video support
  • Shortcode using options
  • Quick and effective support

2. Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Posts

If you want to share your old post content on a regular basis, you should try the Revive Old Posts. With this amazing plugin, you can automatically share posts from your website to your Twitter account including other social networks.

Therefore, you can easily boost your website traffic and increase social media followers through this plugin. In addition, it is user-friendly and customizable which means you can design your Twitter feed in your own style. However, using this advanced plugin, you can automate your social media marketing with great ease.


  • Share posts automatically
  • Republish old posts regularly
  • Schedule posts
  • Create common hashtags for post shares
  • Integrate with Google Analytics

3. Better Click to Tweet

Better Click to Tweet

Better Click to Tweet is one of the popular Twitter plugins that helps to create tweetable content for your website visitors or readers. This plugin can easily work on the Classic Editor as well as the new Gutenberg Block Editor.

To make tweetable content in your blog post or other pages of your website, you need to use a shortcode or Gutenberg block. If you want to work Twitter as a part of your social media marketing on your website, you should try this plugin.

Key Features

  • Easy tweetable content creating
  • Shortcode using options
  • Compatible with Classic & Gutenberg
  • Responsive design
  • Easy to customize

4. WP TFeed

WP TFeed

If you want to display real-time Twitter feeds from any part of your website using simple shortcode and widgets, you must consider WP TFeed. This plugin is very lightweight, customizable, and easy to install using some clicks. Moreover, it offers three exclusive design templates to design your Twitter feed.

Using this powerful plugins, you can configure tweet date/time format and able to display your tweet in a slider. In addition, it comes with a responsive design world-class support. If you need a free Twitter plugin for WordPress with premium features goes with WP TFeed.

Key Features

  • Set up tweet date/time format
  • Prevent frequent API calls using caching option
  • Offer 3 beautiful design templates
  • Easy to show/hide full username
  • Display tweets in slider

5. Customize Feeds for Twitter

Customize Feeds for Twitter

Customize Feeds for Twitter is another advanced free Twitter plugin usually used to show Twitter feeds on your website effectively. It allows you to display Twitter feed using widgets and shortcode through your website. Moreover, this plugin is designed, customizable, and SEO friendly so that you can get the best experience.

While using this powerful plugin, you can easily customize the Twitter widget by applying custom link URL color, custom height, auto-expand tweet images, On/ Off tweet response, reply, and more. So try the Customize Feeds for Twitter on your website to get the best benefit of social media platforms.

Key Features

  • Retweet and choose your favorite tweets
  • Control the amount of tweets you want to show
  • Widget theme option
  • Add follow button
  • Automatic expansion of photos in Tweets


In this competitive business world, social media marketing is the best way to drive traffic. But, you have to use modern tools to utilize this great platform.

In this article, we’ve picked some of the best Twitter plugins for WordPress which are customizable, easy to use, responsive, and free. With these free plugins, you can integrate the major function of a Twitter feed into your site. But, if you need more functionality, you can choose their premium features.

Here, you find some plugins are suitable for sharing posts from your website to your Twitter accounts and some are best for creating tweetable content. However, before you choose any of the above plugins, first make sure which one is best for you.

If you still have questions about this blog or want to share some ideas about Twitter plugins, please comment in the box below.

Best WordPress Halloween Discounts and Deals 2020

Take a peek at the best Halloween discounts and deals around the web. Check back here for the best WordPress Halloween discounts on themes, plugins, bundle packs, hosting deals and more.

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I have searched around the web to collect the best WordPress Halloween discounts and deals for you. Let’s make your festive season more colorful by saving big on some of the most WordPress products out there!

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Understanding 14 Types of Backlinks: Here’s How You Can Beat Your Competitor in SEO

All backlinks are not good for your website SEO. In pursuit of ranking don’t follow the shortcut to rank your site, rather understand the types of backlinks to use on your website.

Backlinks are one of the most essential parts of any SEO plan. Establishing backlinks with authority sites can surely put your site on good terms with the search engines. The more quality backlinks you have, the more the search engine will acknowledge your site as an important site for that particular topic.

Backlinks are considered a crucial authority and ranking factor for top search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.

However, not all types of backlinks can yield the same type of result. If you want to get the best outcome from your hard work, you should understand the good backlinks techniques and the bad backlinks techniques.

This article will cover 14 major backlink techniques and not all of them are healthy ways to rank your site. Read on to know the good and the bad types of backlinks in detail.

What is Backlink and Why Does It Matter?

Understanding 14 types of Backlinks

In the world of the internet, a link is used to describe the way to connect to a particular webpage. In general, when a website links to another website, it is called backlinks. Usually, a website to link back to another website to prove the source of information or give it some credibility.

So when a website links back to another, search engines consider the latter website as an authority site. So the more website links to a particular website, the more powerful it gets.

This makes backlink a necessary part of SEO. Many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists consider backlinking as the most important ranking factor for search engines. This is why it’s important to know the difference between types of backlinks and only use the good ones!

14 Types of Backlinks Explained

There are many types of backlinks that SEO specialists use, all of which are broken down version of “14 Types of Backlinks”, that we will talk about today. So without further ado, let’s get to it!

The Best Types of Backlinks To Boosts Your SEO

1. Editorial backlinks

Editorial Backlinks

Editorial backlinks are one of the finest types of backlinks for your site. These backlinks are placed when you are well-known as the source of information or statistics and a website is trying to make their article look credible.

When you can create top-notch content that makes you an established authority site in your arena, getting editorial backlinks is actually very easy. In order to become an authority site and a thought leader, you need to create well-researched and high-quality content continuously.

2. Guest Blogging Backlinks

Guest blogging is not as popular as it was in the 2010s, but it is certainly one of the easiest ways to get backlinks from a top site. In order to get these types of backlinks, you have to write high-quality content for a top site for free and they’ll offer you to include a backlink to your site. This type of backlinks allows you to get backlinks on your desired keyword.

3. Business Profile Backlinks

When you have a well-established organization, you will try to branch out. The same goes for websites, only here you try to branch out by creating profiles on different authoritative directories, social media, review websites. Doing these things not only makes you look like an established website to search engine but also get you more than one backlinks each

4. Webinar Backlinks

Webinars are also a kind of editorial backlinks, but for videos. Making quality and informational webinars and letting others embed that on their site will give you the chance to get not only more views but also genuine backlinks.

The important thing to remember here is to provide such kinds of information that not only prove to be useful but also sharable.

5. Free Tool Backlinks

Free Tool Backlinks

As we already said, in order to get organic backlinks, you need to create useful content. But what if you go one step ahead and create free tools for your respective industry to use? Won’t that help you get more backlink? The answer is, yes, It will. And we call these types of backlinks, “The Free Tool Backlinks”.

More Backlinks That Helps SEO

6. Acknowledgment Backlinks

Acknowledgement backlinks are special type backlinks that are generated because of donation or relationship. There are three major ways to get an acknowledgement backlink that, and we’ve mentioned those below to give you a clear understanding of what acknowledgement backlink actually is. Ways to get acknowledgement backlinks are –

  1. Donating for a cause.
  2. Speaking to an event.
  3. Sponsoring an event.

Usually, these types of backlinks don’t come with any keywords or content but a plain mention on the host website.

7. Guest Post Bio Backlinks

Guest Post Backlinks

Some websites have a regulation of not accepting backlinks inside a content when you do a guest post. However, most of them usually allow having a link inside the author’s bio. Though these types of backlinks will not be as impactful as a guest blogging backlink, it will still have a somewhat positive impact.

8. Badge Backlinks

Badge backlinks are a way to empower both the site that is giving out the links and the site that is being linked to. Creating a listing blog that includes the top 10 or top 20 websites is a great way to get backlinks. You can also give out awards to sites and offer them a badge.

Later, the site that is being motioned or received the badge will link back to your website. This way you can get some invaluable backlinks without much work. But keep in mind that in order to get people to recognize your award or listing, you have to be a somewhat known or established site in your arena.

Understanding 14 Types of Backlinks: Here’s How You Can Beat Your Competitor in SEO 10

9. Newsworthy Press Release Backlinks

The press release is an important way to let people know about you while also get backlinks. This two-way promotion makes it one of the best marketing tactics. So whenever you have something worth sharing with a broader audience, a press release always a good option.

10. Comment Backlinks

Comment backlink is another old technique to get backlinks. This way of getting backlinks is, however, often misused by spammers. Whenever you comment on a website or a blog post, you are generally permitted to add a link to your website. If the search engines suspect that you are posting spammy links, you can even get penalized for this type of backlink.

However, proper use of comment backlinks is still a great way to generate backlinks.

Backlinks That You Need to Avoid

11. Paid Links

Paid Backlinks

Backlinks are an integral part of SEO strategy. This influences many people to even adopt blackhat types of backlinks like buying backlinks from other websites or publishers. But keep in mind that, Google or any other search engine can most of the time asses if your link is relevant or not. If a search engine determines that one of your backlinks is a commercially formed link, it will negatively impact the ranking of your website.

12. Non-Newsworthy Press Release

We have talked about press releases being a great way to get backlinks while also giving your website exposure. However, we also suggested using press releases as a way to share something big happening to your organization. If you publish a press release just for getting another backlink, it will be considered as a bad practice for SEO and can also result in a drop in SERP ranking.

13. Directory Links

Once a popular way of gaining backlink is now not that useful anymore. With thousands of directories growing up over the years, stick with only the most trusted and authoritative directory site if you want to get something good out of it.

14. Low Quality Forum Backlink

Low Quality Forum Backlinks

If you don’t want to get lesser-known directory backlinks, then you should also avoid trying to get backlinks from low-quality forums as well. Joining a lot of forums and post irrelevant backlinks is not a great way of getting backlinks anymore. In fact, this is one of the worst types of backlinks you can get for your website.

Wrapping Up

No one can ignore the importance of backlinks for an effective SEO strategy. However, it’s important to ensure you are getting more quality than quantity. Getting a single backlink from a top-tier, high authority site can have a more impact on ranking than many backlinks from weak websites.

However, Different types of backlinks techniques result in different levels of ranking boost, while some can even make your site get penalized for wrongdoing!

Best WordPress Hosting Deals You Don’t Want to Miss Out!

Check the best WordPress Hosting deals on Halloween.

Choosing the right web hosting for your WordPress site is very important. Your website’s performance will heavily rely on the hosting provider you use. I covered before how much impact good hosting has on your website.

There are many WordPress hosting providers currently available on the market. Guess what?

Let’s move forward to see the discounts and make your WordPress Hosting experience great!

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How to Track Website Visitors on WordPress

Visitors are the lifeline of a website. And, to be benefited from the visitors, it is obligatory to know the true colors of them. Like, how many people visit your site at a certain time, why they visit your site, what’s their activity on your site, etc.

And, as you know, for every purpose WordPress has numbers of plugins available out there, so, to track website visitors, of course, there are plugins to get the job done.

In this tutorial guide, we will show you how to track website visitors using the WordPress plugin in minutes. But before that let me show you why you need to track your website visitors.

Why You Need to Track Visitors on Your Site

How to track website visitors

Having a WordPress website means you have spent a certain amount of time, effort, and energy to build this site. Now, it’s time to track the visitors to your website. Because knowing your visitor can help you to design products as per their demands. That can also help you to increase the number of traffic to your site.

And, as you know more visitors mean more opportunities for converting them into subscribers and customers. Let’s find out more points about why it is important to track website visitors.

  • Know Your Visitors: You can find out which country or region your visitors are from, so you can create content that solves a problem that’s specific to their country and create personalized marketing messages.
  • Identify Popular Content: Website visitor tracking can help you find out which content post is performing and getting a lot of traffic, so you can come up with similar topics.
  • Find Out Top Traffic Source: Discover which channels drive the most traffic and focus on them instead of promoting other sources that won’t get you results.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions: Traffic stats can help you set your website goals that are backed by data, so you can grow those numbers and increase your revenue.

Apart from it, without tracking your site visitors, you will never know whether your effort is working or not. So, let’s take a look at how to track the number of site visitors coming to your WordPress site.

How to Track Visitors on Your WordPress Site

How to Track Visitors on a WordPress Site

To track visitors on a WordPress site, you will get a number of free plugins for WordPress analytics. However, in this tutorial, we are going to use WP Statistics as a free WordPress plugin to track visitors to our website.

Basically, there are reasons to choose WP Statistics as our analytics plugin. With 500K+ active installations and 10M+ total downloads, it proves itself such a plugin that we are looking for. If you’re looking for something that will give you the below-mentioned advantages, then you can use this plugin.

  • Visitor Data Records including IP, Referring Site, Browser, Search Engine, OS, Country, and City
  • Stunning Graphs and Visual Statistics
  • The number of visitors coming from each Search Engine
  • The number of Referrals from each Referring Site
  • Statistics on Contents based on Categories, Tags, and Writers
  • Widget Support for showing Statistics
  • Data Export in TSV, XML, and CSV formats
  • Statistical Reporting Emails

After choosing the plugin, it’s time to move forward to the tutorial on how to track website visitors.

Step 01 – Installing WP Statistics

  • Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
  • In the left column navigation mouse over the “Plugins” link and click the “Add New” link.
How to Track Website Visitors on WordPress 11
  • In the “Search plugins…” box, enter “WP Statistics.”
  • Once you have located the plugin, click the “Install Now” button.
How to Track Website Visitors on WordPress 12
  • When the plugin has been installed, click the “Activate” button.

Step 02 – Configuring WP Statistics

  • In the left column navigation, mouse over “Statistics” and click the “Settings” link.
How to Track Website Visitors on WordPress 13
  • Click the “Externals” link/tab.
How to Track Website Visitors on WordPress 14
  • Click the “Enable” box for GeoIP collection and GeoIP City. This translates the visitor IP addresses to countries and cities.

Note: Geo-location using IP addresses is not 100% accurate for any program. But in most cases, it will provide relevant and useful information.

How to Track Website Visitors on WordPress 15
  • Scroll down and click the “Update” button.
How to Track Website Visitors on WordPress 16

Step 03 – Reading the Statistics

There are several statistics pages available. The Overview page displays the top or most recent statistics for most of the stats below on a single page.


The “Hit Statistics” page is a graph displaying the total number of visitors to your site during an adjustable time frame.

How to Track Website Visitors on WordPress 17


The “Online Users” page displays a list of users currently on the site. It also shows how long they have been on the site, their country, and browser.

"Online Users" page


The “Top Referring Sites” page shows a list of the referring sites that people visited before coming to your site. This works great for tracking things like backlinks and social engagement.

How to Track Website Visitors on WordPress 18

Search Words

The “Latest Search Words” page is a list of the search words that lead a visitor to your site.

Search Engines

The “Search Engine Referral Statistics” is a graph displaying incoming search engine traffic to your site. It will reflect traffic from Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo!, and Yandex.


The “Top Pages” page displays both a graph and a list of posts and pages on your site, ranked by the number of views.

How to Track Website Visitors on WordPress 19


The “Recent Visitors” page is a list of visitor sessions on your site. Including the visitor’s IP addresses, browsers, referrers, and date of visit.

The visitor’s page numbers will be different from the hits or pages stats because one visitor can be responsible for multiple entries in hits and pages.

How to Track Website Visitors on WordPress 20


The “Category Statistics” page is useful if your posts are in multiple categories. If you don’t use categories, as our test site here does not, then these numbers will represent the total number of visitors.

How to Track Website Visitors on WordPress 21


The “Tag Statistics” page is similar to Categories in that it only provides useful data if you use tags on your posts. If you don’t, as our test site here does not, the graph and list in this section will be blank.


The “Author Statistics” page will display the statistics per author. If your site only has one author, then these numbers are just visit totals.


The “Browser Statistics” page displays pie charts detailing the browsers being used to visit your site. This also includes the visitor’s operating systems.

How to Track Website Visitors on WordPress 22

Top Visitors Today

The “Top 100 Visitors Today” page displays information about the top visitors to your site for the date selected.

"Top 100 Visitors Today" page

Step 04 – Displaying Stats on Your Site

WP Statistics provides a couple of ways to display certain stats on your website. But the easiest one is using the Statistics widget.

  • To activate the widget, mouse over “Appearance,” click the “Widgets” link.
How to Track Website Visitors on WordPress 23
  • Scroll and find the Statistics widget. Click “Widget”, then select a position where you want to show the data.
  • Click “Add widget”
How to Track Website Visitors on WordPress 24
  • Add a name and select which stats to display.
  • Then click the “Save” button.
How to Track Website Visitors on WordPress 25
  • Now the stats you selected are displayed in the site footer.
How to Track Website Visitors on WordPress 26

Congratulations! You have completed all the steps to track visitors on your website.

Top Plugins to Track Visitors on WordPress (WP Statistics Alternatives)

Top Plugins to Track Visitors on WordPress Site

Apart from WP Statistics, there are a few prominent WordPress plugins to track website visitors. We are going to show you such WordPress plugins as the alternatives to WP Statistics. And, all of them are completely free to download and easy.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics: The ExactMetrics Google Analytics for WordPress plugin helps you properly setup all the powerful Google Analytics tracking features without writing any code or hiring a developer. The number of active installations (1M+ till to date) shows how people love to use this plugin.

GA Google Analytics: This plugin enables Google Analytics for your entire WordPress site. It’s a lightweight and fast plugin that comes with plenty of great features. So far it has 500K+ active installations.

Site Kit by Google: Site Kit is the official WordPress plugin from Google for insights about how people find and use your site. It provides authoritative, up-to-date insights from multiple Google products directly on the WordPress dashboard for easy access, all for free.

Slimstat Analytics: The leading web analytics plugin for WordPress. Track returning customers and registered users, monitor Javascript events, detect intrusions, analyze email campaigns. Thousands of WordPress sites are already using it.

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by Analytify: Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress by Analytify makes Google Analytics simple for everywhere in WordPress (posts, pages, and custom post types). It presents the statistics from Google Analytics in a beautiful way under the WordPress Posts/Pages at the front end, backend, and in its own Dashboard.

Google Analyticator: Google Analyticator makes it super easy to view Google Analytics within your WordPress dashboard. This eliminates the need to edit your template code to begin logging. Google Analyticator also includes several widgets for displaying Analytics data in the admin and on your blog.

GAinWP Google Analytics Integration for WordPress: The GAinWP Google Analytics Integration for WordPress plugin easily integrates Google Analytics tracking and dashboard reporting into your website in just minutes.

Note: If you’re still in hesitation to choose a visitor tracking plugin for your website, you got nothing to worry about. Because you can make a comparison between each plugin using the WPHive Plugin comparison feature. This will help you to make your decision in no time.

Over to You

So, that’s all that we wanted to show you. Now it’s your turn.

Follow our How to Track Website Visitors tutorial guide and implement this on your site.

And, if you are already using a plugin on your site, you can share it with us. Maybe we can feature your plugin in our blog post later.

Why Should You Create a News Website in WordPress! [2020]

Learn how to create a news website in WordPress within minutes with our beginner friendly tutorial. (Bonus: 7 awesome WordPress newspaper theme recommendation at the end).

You will see hundreds and thousands of newspaper sites around you. But people are always eager to get real news and new thoughts. If you want to create a news website using WordPress, follow our step by step tutorial.

A good newspaper, I suppose, is a nation talking to itself.                                                                                                                                                                      Arthur Miller

Journalism is a great profession. Writing capability is also a divine gift. Today it’s easy to reach people with the news and views by just creating a news website. Treat the technological advancement as a reward.  Go ahead with your efforts and a creative team of writers.

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