Reviewing ‘Dokan’: Your Best Partner to Build A Multivendor Marketplace on WordPress

Dokan multivendor is one of the popular WordPress marketplace plugins with powerful features to turn build a multivendor marketplace without writing a single line of code.

In the era of digitalization, eCommerce is having a dream run. More and more businesses are coming online. For building their eCommerce site, people are choosing WordPress and WooCommerce for building their online shop. But when it comes to the multivendor marketplace, they are still facing many problems to build their eCommerce sites like Amazon and eBay.

That is because multivendor marketplaces are complex websites, and mostly custom development is needed. Well, up until Dokan, that was the case.

So today we’re going to talk about one of the popular WordPress multi-vendor marketplace plugins, Dokan.

With Dokan Multivendor, you can easily create your dream multivendor shop. Besides, it also helps you to solve all your problems you may face while building an eCommerce multi-vendor marketplace.

When Do You Need a WordPress Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugin?

dokan multivendor

Using WooCommerce and WordPress, you can easily launch your dream eCommerce store. However, when you’re thinking big like making an eCommerce marketplace that has a lot of vendors, you’ll be dealing with so many problems.

Without a multivendor plugin, WooCommerce does not have the capability to create a multivendor eCommerce marketplace.

If you want to earn a commission from each sale of your vendor, you’ll need a multi-vendor WP plugin. Dokan has a lot of powerful functionalities that can help you to make your multivendor marketplace.

There are many WordPress multivendor plugins in the market. However, it’s very difficult to choose the right one for your ultimate solution.

So which one should you use?

The Dokan Multivendor Plugin can be the perfect solution. Most importantly, it has those advanced features that you’ll need to launch your stunning multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace.

Let’s give you a complete review of Dokan.

Why Choose Dokan Multivendor To Build Your Online Marketplace?

dokan multivendor

Dokan Multivendor Plugin is a progressive multivendor WordPress plugin that has been chosen by more than 50,000 people worldwide to create their multi-store shopping mall. Plus, it’s one of the best WordPress multi-vendor front-end plugins that work with WooCommerce.

By using Dokan, you can easily build your eCommerce marketplace like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Aliexpress, Magento in less than 30 minutes. Most importantly, it saves hundreds of valuable work hours while making an eCommerce marketplace.

In addition, you’ll experience a lot of modern features such as best frontend experience, the easiest customization option, world-class customer support while selecting Dokan.

In fact, it is also compatible with any WooCommerce themes so you don’t need to worry about choosing a theme.

Dokan Success Stories From All Over The World

How Dokan Works

dokan multivendor

Dokan mainly works in four steps to create an online multi-vendor market.

First, you need to download and install Dokan on your WordPress website. You may easily download it from the plugin directory or you can visit their official website.

Second, you have to customize your marketplace as you like it.

Third, it’s time to welcome your vendors to sell their products on your marketplace. If you want, you can sell your own products on your marketplace as well.

Fourth, you’ve created your own multi-store marketplace. Now it’s time to start earning from the commission.

See, how easy it is. If you follow the above four steps you’ll be able to make your own marketplace. Know about the working procedure of Dokan, to build your dream marketplace.

Give a read to this article, Create an electronic marketplace with Dokan

Powerful Features of Dokan Multivendor Plugin

dokan multi-vendor plugin features

When you think of building a multi-vendor marketplace, you need tons of powerful modules and features. Likely in Dokan Plugin, you’ll find most of the essential features and functionalities.

In addition, it has 20+ additional modules that are easy-to-use as well as lightweight for your website. Besides, it has vendor-independent store compatibility, stunning frontend dashboard for vendors & customers, awesome report management, and coupon management. 

Moreover, you’ll find product reviewing options, WooCommerce payment gateway options, shipping management, and other more necessary features. Most importantly, you’ll be able to see and control who sells and who doesn’t.

Lets see some advanced features of Dokan in the below list.

  • Marketplace with Independent Stores: With Dokan Multivendor, every vendor can easily customize their storefront.
  • Compatible with any WooCommerce Theme: Dokan has full compatibility with any type of WooCommerce WordPress theme for designing your new multi-vendor shopping mall. You can also use the Dokan Theme while making your marketplace.
  • Stunning Frontend Dashboard for Vendors and Customers: While using Dokan, your vendors and customers can use their own stunning frontend dashboard to manage their information.
  • Start Earning from Each Sale as an Admin: That’s the power of Dokan. As an admin, you can easily earn a commission from each sale of your vendor’s product sales.
  • Coupon Management: It also comes with the full integration of coupon management systems.
  • Product & Store Reviews: Product & Store Reviewing is an important feature of every eCommerce store. That’s why Dokan supports the review options.
  • Easy Withdraw System: Dokan has full integration with WooCommerce based payment systems. That includes Stripe, PayPal, Cash on delivery, Bank Transfer, etc.
  • Shipping Management: It also comes with easy shipping management systems to ship its products to valuable customers.
Dokan vs Dokan Lite

For more information, you may visit their website where you can find all the modules and features they have available.

Dokan Free & Pro Price Comparison

Like the other multi-vendor plugins, Dokan also set their pricing with several types by keeping in mind their users. So you can easily select your desired pricing plan along with your needs.

Dokan Lite, which is available on the WordPress repository, is always free. However, the premium version starts from $149/year for the starter version. The Professional, Business, and the Enterprise version costs $249, $449, and $999 respectively.

Dokan vs Other Multivendor Marketplace Plugins Compared

It’s very important to compare your chosen plugin with the other multi-vendor plugins. If you do, you’ll find the best. 

In this segment, we will show you a complete comparison of Dokan Multivendor with the other popular multi-vendor plugins.


Dokan Lite


WC Vendors


WC Marketplace

WC Product Vendors
PriceFree $149$199$79$80$95
Individual Vendor StoresYesYesYesYesYesYes
Frontend Product ManagementYesYesYesYesYesPaid
Single Product Multiple SellerNoPaidNoNoNoNo
Seller Statement ReportsNoYesNoNoNoNo
Shipping ManagementNoYesYesYesYesYes
Multiple Commission TypesNoYesYesYesNoYes
Supportwordpress.org1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year

If you want to see more, you’ll be able to see the detailed comparisons here.

Common FAQ

Dokan FAQ

While using and before using Dokan Multivendor, you may have many questions that come to your mind.

It’s natural.

Let’s cover some common FAQs of Dokan.

Dokan Plugin FAQ

What are the system requirements?

The server requirements that you need while using Dakan is PHP 5.6 or later and MySQL 5.6 or later. You may also work with share hosting and be able to change your hosting later.

Is it multisite supported?

Dokan does not support multisite. You can use Dokan only 1 database. But if your site is on the subdomain, you can use it.  

Is there any limit on the product, category, and tags?

No, there is no limitation of adding products, categories, and tags. 

Can I use the WooCommerce shipping plugin with Dokan?

No, Dokan has their own shipping method.

Can I use cash on delivery with Dokan?

Yes, you can.

Does Dokan have a per-category commission feature?

Yes, you can add your commission plan per-category.

Which payment gateway can be used with Dokan?

Yes.  Besides, you also can add any WooCommerce payment gateway to withdraw your money.

Can I set the withdrawal threshold?

Yes, If you set 7 days then the vendor would not be able to send you any withdrawal request before completing the order.

Does Dokan support RTL?

Yes, it is fully supported by RTL.

Is it possible to use your plugin for a wholesale marketplace?

Yes, you can use Dokan for a wholesale marketplace.

Can I charge a vendor monthly or yearly?

With Dokan, you can easily charge your vendor monthly or yearly.

Can a vendor deactivate their store?

No. Only the admin can deactivate vendors’ stores.

Is it possible to upgrade the license from a single site to five sites?

Yes, you are allowed to do this. For more information follow this line here.

If you are still stuck, you may visit their FAQ page where you’ll find the solution to all of your questions & problems.

Bonus: Building a Multivendor Marketplace Using Dokan

How to Build an Online Marketplace Dokan

Great, it’s time to build your own multi-vendor shop using one of the best WordPress multi-vendor plugin Dokan.

In the section, you’ll learn how to build an eCommerce marketplace using Dokan.

Before doing this, make sure that you’ve all the things below.

Besides, you have to optimize your website using the popular WordPress caching plugins. In addition, you can also learn how to optimize your site SEO.

In this ultimate guide, you’ll easily learn to build your multi-vendor marketplace step by step.


We hope it’s been a great experience to know about the Dokan Multivendor WordPress Plugin. In this ultimate review, we tried to find all the information about this amazing plugin.

Most importantly, you can learn a lot of essential information about creating a multi-vendor marketplace. In fact, you also know how to make your own multi-store marketplace using Dokan.

Have you used Dokan yet? What is your view about Dokan? Share your thought in the comment below.

If you haven’t yet tried Dokan, but do have a plan to build a multivendor marketplace, we believe it is a great time to start working on that.

21 Outstanding Websites You Won’t Believe Were Built with WordPress

This post lists 21 Great Examples of WordPress Websites from the web. We have handpicked some of the prettiest and more delicate looking WordPress websites around the web.

The world is not the same after Matt Mullenweg created WordPress. Maybe no one ever thought a content management system at the same time could be this accessible, varied, and organized. The door to endless opportunities was created for bloggers, start-up organizations, e-commerce, small credit business, and enterprises.

We have handpicked some of the prettiest and more delicate-looking websites built with WordPress around the internet.

21 Great Examples of Websites Built with WordPress

So here comes the list. We have featured WordPress websites from across the world that has come to humankind’s aid in different ways.

1. We Virtually Are

21 Great Examples of WordPress Website

‘We virtually Are’ is one of the great examples of WordPress website. Virtual reality is an exciting and sophisticated theme. Andy Taylor Smith has been interested in this for a long time. He aims to tell people the untold stories in the most real way possible. He created a studio for that named “We Virtually Are.” This studio has a profile on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. For its Website, Smith has used WordPress. We Virtually Are is a UK based company, and has a wonderful and lucrative homepage.

In this page, they have attached the stories they covered so far. The amazing thing is you can get the history of “virtual reality” in its history section. In this website, their purpose is explicitly stated. A tour to this site is a tour of a virtual reality world.

2. Da Ink

21 Great Examples of WordPress Website

Da ink website, the Australia based company, has done some out-of-the-box thinking while designing their website. The website is a  goldmine for tattoo lovers. If you look carefully, you’ll get to see the name of the creator Drew A picture inscribed on the Dark Background. This dark gothic look is attractive to the youngsters.

21 Awesome Examples of WordPress Website
Here in that tattoo section, there are subsections. Tattoo enthusiasts can check online what variety A picture offers to them. This guy does know his community. As this website contains the precise location and a contact form to connect with admin directly.

3. Design Museum Denmark

Probably one of the most excellent WordPress website examples is Design Museum Denmark. The website is a unique piece of art standing on WordPress and merges antiquity with modernity. This website’s most beautiful thing is its color combination.

21 Awesome Examples of WordPress Website

It’s an old themed brownish colored layout looks soothing. Its parallax scrolling and interplay of colors hypnotize the eyes.

Museums documents, Library information, exhibitions of the different era, journals even the booking system under which you can visit the museum is recorded here.

4. The Official Star Wars

You always liked those Stormtroopers right? Star Wars official blog site is created on WordPress. It is a proud moment for WordPressians who are Star Wars fans. Maybe this was the best way to preserve the contents about Star Wars on WordPress and keep them updated.

21 Great Examples of WordPress Website

Look at the view of the website. There are sections like a blog, videos, games, and apps, community, etc. In the news and blog section, there are blogs on individual characters of star wars and as a whole.

This website hosts declaration and tickets of yearly star wars celebration.

5. The Walt Disney

Everyone from the twenty-first century probably knows the name “The Walt Disney” or “Disney” or “Mickey Mouse.” Mickey Mouse is just a product of The Walt Disney company. This company has lots of other products too. They used WordPress for their website designing.

21 Awesome Examples of WordPress Website

This website has a modern design with special emphasize on picture size. Another attractive feature is its colorful appearance on an off-white background. This was the best way for them to show their present condition, so far achievements, working sectors, introduce their brands, etc.

6. Chicago Sun-Times

21 Awesome Examples of WordPress Website

Chicago Sun-times is an excellent example of WordPress website. This evidence apart from being colorful for personal or business purpose website WordPress can also serve a serious purpose. They used one of its most popular themes-Newspaper themes.

Chicago Sun-Times is Chicago’s oldest daily and been upgrading with time. It decided to remain updated with the WordPress content management system. The tone of this site is black and white and has a grid layout.

7. Greenwich Library

The tradition of unuseful public service websites is changing. Greenwich Library can be considered as one of the pioneers to break this tradition. T

21 Great Examples of WordPress Website
It is amazing how this website now contains information about its history and contemporary digitalized library simultaneously.

8. Jenny Bristow

The famous Irish food ambassador, reaching to fame with UTV cooking show has launched her website using WordPress. The website designer also used the new HTML5 standard. WordPress made it easier for him.

21 Awesome Examples of WordPress Website

The design is ordinary but resourceful. There is not much use of colors. More focused on blog sections. Food bloggers can benefit themselves by looking at books, cookery school, food filming, recipe available on the site.

9. MTV News

21 Awesome Examples of WordPress Website

MTV News is one of the websites to stay connected with celebrities, movies & music. MTV news has chosen WordPress as the Content Management System for their website. The logo is exactly the way it is on television. This site has a glamorous, sparkling look congruous to the type of news it holds. It gives importance to picture quality and animations. Parallax scrolling is another characteristic of this site.

10. Bata

21 Awesome Examples of WordPress Website

If anyone writes about WordPress’s success story, the name Bata will be there as a part. Bata the worldwide known footwear brand uses WordPress for its Website.
Bata’s website has an option to choose a country on its front page. It then shows you products according to your country.

The noticeable feature is beside companies profile, the story there is the list of Bata executives. A way to win the faith of customers.

11. Microsoft News Center

21 Awesome Examples of WordPress Website

The inventor of Dot Net framework runs their blog on WordPress. Funny right?
– No! If it works then why choose something complex?

Like Chicago Sun-Times, Microsoft News center also uses WordPress for their website. This site has an ordinary look. The color blue has a prevalence on this site, In a regular frame it has managed to wrap the essential genre blogs on the page.

12. Katy Perry

This American musician has created a personal website using WordPress. A better way to showcase her photos, tours, recent works and so on in an organized way.

21 Awesome Examples of WordPress Website
Her website has a significant orange tone with a static background. Animations are all over in the site.

13. Mercedes Benz

21 Awesome Examples of WordPress Website

One of the most significant examples of WordPress websites is Mercedes Benz official website.
This website has a warm theme on a black background. This website has utilized carousel movement. It’s boxed structure make contents look organized.

14. Thirty Dirty Fingers

It is a Paris based graphic studio. Its vintage look only shows how much WordPress can do. It is another dark themed site with amazing graphics.

21 Awesome Examples of WordPress Website Other than this It is focused on picture quality and has parallax scrolling.

15. Pygmalios

This is a Slovakia based company that works on business strategy and customer behavior. The company uses WordPress for their website.

21 Awesome Examples of WordPress Website
The website looks colorful with dominant black and purple combination. Parallax scrolling is another character of the site.

16. Airnauts V2

21 Awesome Examples of WordPress Website
21 Awesome Examples of WordPress Website
Airnauts V2 a Poland based company. They use WordPress for their site. The theme they use is considered to be the best theme of WordPress. Parallax scrolling lets the page start on dark tone then move on to a lighter tone.
About Airnauts, their slogan is about creativity meeting technology.

Why You Should Care More About WordPress

40% of the internet is powered by WordPress already. WordPress wins in most comparisons like WordPress vs. Wix. The statistics rise high every day. So it is almost impossible to mention all the examples of WordPress websites. This article was just an attempt to show the diversity for which WordPress is used. There are fat chances we still missed out on special mentions. So just come ahead and let us know in the comment section!

WordPress – The Easiest Way to Build Your Website

Download WordPress to kickstart a new adventure. WordPress is currently the most popular open source CMS platform in the world.

Admit it, data is important. And in the next century, data will be as valuable as currency. Storing data is important. There are many open-source CMS platforms that help you to ease this task.

WordPress is one of the few Content Management Systems that won the heart of both developers and users. From only a simple blog it became the most popular web platform within a very short period.

WordPress began its journey as a simple web platform, smartly designed for the people who wanted to create basic blogs and host them on the internet. The first version of WordPress was created in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

Over time, it has grown into one of the most powerful and flexible tools for creating almost any type of website.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that lets us easily write, edit and publish content on the web.

WordPress is the most popular open-source CMS platform around the globe. It now powers more than 40% of the websites worldwide. More than 60% of websites that use a CMS are now built on WordPress. So the question nowadays should not be what is WordPress used for? It should be ‘How can I make my own Website with WordPress?’

WordPress Powers 40% of the Web

WordPress is a platform you can use to build and maintain a website even with zero knowledge of coding. It enables us to customize each and every aspect of any web portal from our point of view. Moreover, page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc makes it even easy to design a professional WordPress within a matter of time.

Uniqueness of WordPress

What is WordPress

An important thing you need to know about WordPress is that it’s an open-source CMS platform. It means the platform is freely available for anyone to download and modify, not restricted under copyright or trademark. Another exciting meaning of that- WordPress is developed and maintained by a dedicated community.

You should also know- WordPress is licensed under GPL. Which means- everyone owns it. You can take it, change it, and even sell it! You can download WordPress for free anytime you want. 

Considering WordPress as The Most Popular Open Source CMS Platform

There are lots of reasons for choosing WordPress as your online platform. For you, here we are going to present some awesome features.

download WordPress
  • WordPress is so easy to use, design, manage and control. There is no need for you to be an expert on coding or developing. It’s almost totally a built-in solution.
  • It’s completely free to download WordPress.
  • WordPress is becoming more and more common to find the best hosting solutions for you. Their strong and wide databases will make your site super fast and provide the best support for your insights.
  • In WordPress, you can post a blog or customize that very easily by just 2-3 clicking. You can make unlimited pages whenever you need.
  • WordPress has the largest collection of themes and plugins for building and customizing your dream website. Many of them are free or you can get them at the lowest cost. Because it’s an open-source CMS platform.
  • WordPress is designed by its dedicated community and always under development to make it more powerful. You have a lot of freedom to use and interact with the software and can modify it in any way you can.
  • WordPress is highly flexible. You are free to choose any of the themes from hundreds and thousands available here or you can upload and design on your own.
  • The last and final reason for you that it’s simply the most popular. Many of the giant organizations and successful persons depend today on WordPress for their online presence!  

What is WordPress Used for?

WordPress is used for many different scenarios nowadays. While initially meant for blogs, now you can build many kinds of websites with WordPress. From portfolios, business websites to multivendor marketplaces, you can build it all with WordPress.

There are lots of things you can do by using WordPress; not actually many things, but everything. It’s good to ask what you can’t! Take a look below- what you can do by using WordPress, with adding some plugins sometimes.

You can use this open-source CMS platform for just about anything you want to start and manage using an online platform.

How to Start Your Journey with This Awesome Open Source CMS Platform

Before starting you should know one more thing. WordPress has two different parental websites- and is basically a blog hosting site and is for downloading the software you need.

Download WordPress for Free

To start, simply go to the homepage of and download the WordPress software for your personal device. Select and add a theme and extra plugins if you need. Follow the given instructions, it’s very easy.

Also, there are lots of tutorials and guidelines available for you on the net. You can learn and apply anything you need with almost no time!

Final Thoughts

A platform like WordPress has brought a revolutionary change in the world of the web. This open-source CMS platform made everything easy and simple. Today it’s just a click away to start your dream project and make it global! So stop hesitating and start your online journey within few minutes with WordPress.

How to Install WordPress in XAMPP- Step by Step Tutorial

Install WordPress on XAMP with our beginner friendly, easy to use, and step by step tutorial. If you wanted to try WordPress on localhost, now is the time!

You can easily install WordPress on XAMPP. XAMPP can help you to setup localhost on your PC with the help of PHP, MySQL, and Apache. Don’t be afraid if you do not know any of them. You don’t need to know them to have a fully working localhost on your PC.

Continue reading “How to Install WordPress in XAMPP- Step by Step Tutorial”

How to Add Google AdSense to WordPress (Manually and with Plugins)

Google AdSense is a great way to earn money through blog and video monetization. While there are quite a few ad networks that you can find online, it is still the most popular and easiest platform for marketers to start with.

Did you know- creating a website using WordPress can be both easy and fun?

If the main purpose of creating a WordPress website for you is to earn money by monetizing it, Google AdSense is your go-to platform. So today, we will take you through a step-by-step guide where you will learn how to add Google AdSense to your WordPress site.

Let’s start with brief definition of Google AdSense, shall we?

What is Google AdSense

What is Google-AdSense

AdSense is arguably the most famous advertising network platform run by Google. It allows bloggers, YouTubers, and website owners to earn money by displaying ads on their websites/channels. These ads are displayed by Google to the visitors using AI for better personalization.

However, despite its large array of features, Google AdSense is an easy-to-use and hassle-free ad program. You don’t need to depend on individual advertisers, as Google Adsense will automatically show ads on your content from its huge advertiser-base.

They collect the money from their advertisers, cut their administration fee, and then they will send the rest of the payment to you. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Why Should You Add Google AdSense to Your WordPress Site?

Google AdSense is a beginner-friendly ads networking platform. You can easily sign up for their program using your Gmail account. They offer multiple ad placing options and allow you to use all the popular payment methods to receive your money. Below are some more reasons for you to add Google Adsense to your website –

  • Popular advertising network
  • Suitable for any digital content creator
  • Offers automatic ad placement option
  • Compatible with mobile, desktop, and other devices
  • Various payment options
  • Provides world-class security

You also can check out this blog and learn how to add Google Analytics.

How to Add Google AdSense to WordPress

What is Google AdSense

It’s time to show you how to add Google AdSense to a WordPress website. Take a look at the easy steps to add Google Adsense to your website, both manually and using a plugin.

To get started, you must sign up for the Google AdSense program before activating Adsense on your website. How? It’s simple.

First, you need to visit the official Google AdSense page and Sign Up for their program using your Gmail account.

After submitting your application, the Google AdSense team will review your application. Because of the thorough review process and a lot of requests, it may take a few hours or even a few weeks for them to approve your account.

Once they approve your application, your next job is to log in to your AdSense account and get the activation code.

Then you can add this code to your WordPress website. As we mentioned earlier, you can add AdSense code using two methods.

Let’s show you both the ways.

Manually Add Google AdSense Code in WordPress

First login to your AdSense account Dashboard. Then click on the Ads > Overview.


Next, you need to create your first ad unit. Choose an ad unit among the four different units. However, you should select Display ads because Google recommends this. And click the Create button to complete the process.

Create First–Google-Ad-Unit

Well done you create your first ad unit.

After that, you should get the Google AdSense Code. Now copy the code so that you can add this to your website.

 Get the Google AdSense Code

If your website have a Google AMP version, you should choose the AMP code.

Now it time to log in to your WordPress website admin panel. After that, navigate to Appearance > Widgets.

Admin panel Appearance Widgets

Now select the Text Widgets and insert the code that was already copied. Finally, click on the Save button.

Insert the AdSense Code in sidebar

That’s all. Your website is now equipped with Google AdSense.

Using a Plugin to Insert Google AdSense Code in WordPress

Another way to ad ads code on your website is by adding the code in your theme’s header.php file. If you’re not familiar with coding knowledge, there are a couple of plugins for the process.

First, get the ad code from your AdSense accounts dashboard.

Overview-Google-AdSense-Auto ads

Then install the Insert Headers and Footers plugin.

After that go to Settings > Insert Headers and Footers and place the AdSense code. Make sure that you save the settings.

How to Add Google AdSense to WordPress (Manually and with Plugins) 1

Great! You’re done adding the AdSense code to your website using a plugin. Now you can follow whichever process that seems easier to you.

You can also check out the best Ads plugin for WordPress.

AdSense Beginner’s FAQs

It’s easy to get lost while adding Google Adsense to your website for the first time. Here are some questions that may come to your mind when you work on adding Google AdSense to your website. In this segment, we tried to answer some of the questions that may come to your mind as a beginner in Google AdSense.

What are some pre-considerations to get Google AdSense application approved?

These are the prerequisites that you have to follow to approve the Google AdSense accounts.

Your website must be compliant with AdSense’s policies and terms & conditions.
Your website must be at least 6 months old.
All content on your website remains unique.
The age of the applicant must be over 18 years.

Note: If your application meets all the requirements, Google AdSense still has the right to reject your application.

Why Google AdSense rejected my application?

Your AdSense application can be rejected if your website does not comply with AdSense policies or their terms & conditions. You can check Google AdSense policies from here.

Is it possible to monetize multiple websites under a single AdSense account?

Yes! Google AdSense allows you to activate multiple sites associated with the same account.

What is the suitable AdSense Ad size?

It is a very common question that most of the new publishers ask. The best ads sizes are 336×280 and 300×250. These ads easily fit on most screen sizes and have a higher pay rate as well.

Can I click on my own Google AdSense Ads?

Like you, many beginners are tempted to click on the ads on their own website and tell their friends to do the same. But let us remember you about Google’s algorithm. They can easily track your clicks, so if you click on the ads on your own website, they will ban you from the AdSense program.

When and how does Google AdSense pay their publishers?

To get paid, you must meet the required threshold. Then your payment will be processed and released on the 21st of that month. You can use various payment methods such as direct electronic transfer, bank transfer, cheque, Western Union, and more.

Can I active Google AdSense in my blog?

Unfortunately, does not allow its users to add Google AdSense to their website. However, you can do so by opting for their business plan.

What is the difference between Google AdWords vs Google AdSense?

Google AdWords is a Google advertising platform that allows you to display your ads on Google AdSense-approved websites.

Google AdSense is a way to earn money through your website by displaying ads from Google’s ad publishers.


In this article, we’ve covered how to add Google AdSense to WordPress and shared why and how you can use this. We also answered some important questions regarding Google AdSense.

We hope this guide will help you a lot to understand about Google AdSense and how to use it on your WordPress website. if you still have any query about this article, you can comment down below.

Also, please don’t forget to share this blog with your friends on social media who might be looking for a way to earn money online as well.

How to Research Blog Topics for Your Website (6 Simple Steps)

Writing an engaging blog is not easy. The first hurdle you have to overcome is topic selection. If you pick a wrong topic you may start walking down the wrong path and it cost a lot before even you can realize it.

Unfortunately, there is no shortcut or magic recipe to develop better blog ideas for your website. Only detailed research and proper strategy can save your back. Instead of working with your favourite topic, you should focus on your readers’ preferences. It will help you to attract the right kind of visitors to your site.

The purpose of this guide is to prepare you to analyze topics in an organized way for your content plan.

Without further ado, lets elaborate the process on how to research blog topics that will not only increase your traffic but also turn them into your potential customers eventually.

Step 1: Build Your Blogging Strategy

A written blog content strategy will double your opportunity to get the success. It will turn your good blogs into really great ones.

60% of organizations with a written content strategy are effective, compared to only 32% of those with a purely verbal content strategy is effective.

Content Marketing Institute

how to research blog topics

You have to be strategic to stand out from the exciting content those have already published and ranked well on search engines. Remember you are not competing to produce more articles than others, your goal is to win readers’ attention.

This planning process is not complicated or time-intensive either. You have to go through the right path only to accomplish your goal. For instance, the blog topics for an eCommerce site will not be the same as your personal branding site. It largely depends on industry type, business niche, company goal, competitors activities, and others.

Step 2: Define Your Objectives

Having a clear goal to achieve will direct you staying in the right track. Start your journey with a “WHY”. So, how do you define your why…the goal of your blog. Ask yourself and answer. Do you want to-

  • Get foot traffic to your shop or office?
  • Boost SEO ranking and get more traffic?
  • Generate more sales and conversion?
  • Educate readers about your products or services?
  • Attract leads from outside of your local area, like from overseas?
  • Raise brand awareness?

Answers of these questions will help you to set your goal for your content plan. If you know what you actually want at the endpoint, then you can craft the blogs that fit that purpose perfectly.

Make it more precise by setting your goal specific and measurable. For instance-

  • Increase organic traffic by 30% in the first quarter
  • Get 20% more sales in a year
  • Improve the conversion rate of the website by 45%
  • Boost your email subscribers by 30% in 3 months

After setting your goal, now you can focus on publishing the exact type of content that will help you to achieve them. Hence, you can track the progress and match the output with your target easily after a certain time period.

In order to build smart blogging goals, use the SMART goal-setting template:

Smart goals

Step 3: Conduct Audience Research

If you can’t realize your readers’ pain points and give them the right solution through your blogs, then you will fail to attract their attention. That means you need to produce something that adds values to their lives.

Most of the companies have a clear picture of their customer’s demographic (who they are) but they are not aware of their psychographics (i.e. why they buy). For getting more ideas about your target market, you can follow the advice of Brad Smith-the content expert of Codeless.

Successful blog posts follow the old Problem Agitate Solution (PAS) copywriting principle. They begin by introducing the root problem reader’s are facing. Then they agitate those problems by digging into the symptoms and pain points. Finally, they present a solution (whether that’s an idea, tip, hack, or simply positioning their product/service as the solution).

Brad Smith

In order to do it effectively you need to understand:

  1. What you’re readers are trying to achieve
  2. What’s preventing them from doing it, and
  3. What’s going to happen to them if they don’t achieve it

Once you get your all answers through surveys, interviews, social media, or others then you will be able to create blogs that your readers actually want. These blogs will bring a better result for your website (more traffic, clicks, conversions, share, etc.).

Moreover, based on this information you can establish some reader’s persona to understand their needs and interests more deeply. Suppose you have a persona named Maria age 27. She has an online shop and struggling with the ranking of her site. Now identify what does she like to read that can help her in SEO of her shop. In this way, you can gather more details about your readers and plan for the blogs that your audience need or want from your website.


After getting the idea for who you are writing for proceed to the next step-

Step 4: Run a Competitor Analysis

It’s quite possible there are multiple companies are doing great with their content in your industry. Afterall around 2 million blogs are published every day, so it would be weird if there is nobody.

Following your competitor’s footstep can be an effective way to find out what’s working in the market. As similar brands have similar audiences to attract, so it’s natural that people who are reading their blogs are also the kind of people you want to be your readers.

You can use Buzzsumo to identify the popular blogs of your competitors’ site. Enter the URLs of your competitors and check which of their posts are shared most-

buzzsumo to research blog topics

Also, figure out the word count of the blogs that get maximum share on social media. However, your target is not to copy their ideas. Your objective should provide something better that makes you different from others.

For beginners, ask yourself a few good questions:

  • What have they missed?
  • How can I add a unique flavor to my blogs?
  • Can I make them more relevant including personal experience & story?
  • Should I use statistics & data-driven approach to make it more realistic?
  • Are they really capable to solve the key problems my readers have?
how to research blog topics

Moreover, you can scroll through Quora to know about the questions people have around your niche. So, you can understand your readers more deeply and serve them better through your blogs.


Another good idea is to browse relevant subreddits. So that you can find out your target audiences’ queries and the posts other people are posting around that topic.


Use tools like Feedly and Flipboard to find out the latest content published from your niche. You can also subscribe to the top publications and relevant topics in your niche.


Bring all of these together to form a concrete content strategy for your business.

Step 5: Come Up with Blog Post Ideas

After going through the above 4 steps now you have at least some ideas in your mind about the blog topic. Once you know your goal, what content works best for you and who you want to reach, now its time to seal the ideas with great remarks.

In order to keep things interesting for your readers, it’s a great idea to mix up the types of content. Rather than creating only plain text, you can include other content formats as well. Such as-infographics, videos, lists, and others.

  • User guides
  • Descriptive articles
  • Listicles
  • Product reviews
  • Case studies
  • eBook
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Success story
  • Interviews
  • Studies and research papers
  • Interactive content: quizzes, polls, contest, personality tests, and so on

These content types are useful to explain your products or services widely. Also, a variety of content never let them get bored. Nevertheless, it will broaden their knowledge regarding to a specific niche.

Finalize each topic considering your main goal and readers persona. Prioritize your readers’ preferences to produce useful content for them. Go through these tips to come up with a year’s worth of blog post ideas.

Tip 1: Determine your pillar topics. Let’s think about the problems your readers are suffering from and how your products or services can solve them. By combining these ideas come up with a common topic that you can cover in your blog.

Product (or specific feature) > Specific user problem topic > Pillar topic

Suppose you have a plugin for creating an online marketplace with ease. Now-a-days people are also looking for some extra income source. Now you can write a blog on passive income where you can merge people needs and your plugin’s effectiveness together. And establish it as one of your pillar articles.

Tip 2: During competitor analysis, you have already learned about the topics you should focus on. So list down those ideas. Then expand your topic list using multiple sources like-

  • brainstorming
  • find out competitors’ keywords
  • follow the current trend of social media

If you have fan followers on social media or decent sized email list, then you can conduct a survey. So that you can discover what type of content your audience want to see.

Use Google Trends, enter topics you have generated by brainstorming and then check their trending status. You can figure out the related queries as well in this way.

google trends

Tip 3: Use keyword research tools to find out the key-phrases people use to find out the similar type of products or services you also provide. So that you can utilize those keywords into your blogs and improve the overall SEO of your blog. These tools also give you new ideas about your topic including search volume, ranking blogs, SEO difficulty, CPC rate, and others.


Our recommended tools:

  • SEMrush
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • The HOTH

Take the suitable keywords for your blog posts and generate ideas to explain the topics. For instance take the following analysis and generate some blog ideas like:

  • How to define Managerial Accounting?
  • What are the management accounting systems?
  • What is Managerial Accounting and How It Helps Managers?

Tip 4: Represent Popular topics with new flavor. With Google Analytics you can easily find out the best performing blogs of your website. Set your preference from there and sum up some ideas you can insert to your content plan. It would be a great idea to find out those blogs generated the most traffic from you. Then think how to elaborate those topics that can add more value to your readers’ life in present days.

Tip 5: Check out the comments you got on your previous blogs. So you can identify the queries of your readers and get the idea what they want to know more.


If you don’t get enough comments on your blogs then search for the similar type pf blogs who covered the same topic. As they also target the same group of people so you can understand their views by reading those comments as well.

Well, these are not the only ways to find suitable blog ideas for your business. There could be others ways to do so. But these are the proven tactics to generate a profitable plan. Hence you can bring a large number of traffic to your site and convince them eventually to turn into your permanent customers.

When you got all the ideas, now its time to assemble them one place.

Step 6: Add Your Content Ideas to the Calendar

Now you have got your goal, defined your target audience, learned about your competitors, and found the topic ideas you want to produce . Its time to create your calendar. Open a new spreadsheet template in Google Sheets or Excel.

Use multiple sheets to manage your editorial calendar. The first sheet of the calendar should be an overall plan and content blend.

Mix Different Types of Content

As we said above, use a blend of content that your readers find interesting. It is not just about content but also about formatting. Readers also get bored easily with same type of blog or presentation. So, mix your content plan with video tutorial, infographic, eBook, and others. However, it depends a lot on your niche.

Insert the type of content into your calendar and distribute the topics you have generated above under these sub-heading.


Use multiple colors to differentiate the topics and highlight the content types.

Number of Spread Sheet

It is better to use an individual spreadsheet for each month. You can use a sheet every six months if you want, but using one every month will make your job easier.
In each sheet, you can put your necessary information such as what to do, when to do it, how to do it, what are the main keywords, purpose, opinion, etc.

Do not forget that people will work on this plan and you should consider the possible vacations in the editorial calendar. This will help you to get the job done on time. Depending on the type of business, you also need to remember when your audience needs what type of content the most.

Sketch Your Social Posting Lineup

To be thriving, you need to build a great content release lineup and stay as consistent as possible. You should set the deadline according to your audience availability and their desired solution.

Also, consider the time to promote your blog on social media. Find out through social media analytics the exact time of the week when you should publish your content and post them to get maximum response. Once you have a good idea put the time of weekly or daily posting in this calendar.

Add Content Idea in Schedule

You have to cite the content idea in the Calendar where you set a deadline to start, draft, and final submission. The schedule informs you what and when to do and who is responsible for that. Assign the task among your team members in a strategic way.

Be Thoughtful while Scheduling

Schedule your content in the days when you can get the most view. Like your target is to sell a beauty care products on your online shop. Now if you are writing about the beauty niche, you can put product reviews in the middle of the week and put beauty salon review just before the weekend. You can also schedule an educational blog at a particular time when it gets the highest hit. In short, define the deadlines and publish date following an organized time schedule.

Moreover, it’s good to put more information in the content heading along with your schedule. Such as-

  • Category
  • Product type
  • Target audience

Add some extra columns to measure the performance of your blogs after a certain time period.


Finally, your plan is ready for next one year. Now go according to this plan. But review it regularly, may be you need to update the plan with the evolving situation of the market.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt, it takes a long path to find out the specific blog topics that your visitors actually want to read. But you have to spend time on it as its better to publish nothing rather than posting useless content.

Select the topics only that can add value to your readers’ real life.

  • Don’t work with a topic just because you see others make money working with it
  • Don’t pick a topic you are passionate about, but very few of others are
  • Don’t go with the topic, you have little knowledge or less experience about

Sometimes it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. But we promise you if you can do this in the right way it will surely help you to attract a significant portion of your target audience. And bring fortune for your business with great sustainability.

But always remember, just because we love our posts it does not mean our readers will also love it. Sometimes a well-written blog also fails to connect with the audience just because of the wrong selection of the topic. So, keep patience and go through the steps we discussed in this blog.

Still have any queries regarding how to research blog topics for your content plan. Use the comment section below and share your thoughts with us. We will definitely attend you shortly!

Best WordPress Chrome Extensions that you Must Have in 2021

In 2008, there was no Chrome. In 2021, Chrome now has a market share of more than 7o%. Chrome has always been one of the most feature-packed browsers that helped users to choose it more than just browsing websites. One of the ways Chrome achieved this feat is through the Extensions.

There are more than 190000 extensions in the Chrome Web Store

Therefore you can now get all sorts of features right in your browser. WordPress being one of the most used website builders, there are now many extensions built solely targeting this user base.

Today our article is about the best WordPress Chrome extensions that you must have in 2021. This is an always-updated list, so make sure to check it out from time to time, if you are a WordPress user and interested in finding some nifty extensions for everyday use.

Why You Need WordPress Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions can do literally everything. And we mean it!

Whether you want to check your grammar right when you are typing something on your browser window, or need to take the screenshot of a portion of the page, or even when you need to secure yourself by using a VPN, all of them have something in common.

Yes, all of them can be done using chrome extensions!

Here is a pie chart with chrome extensions per category. A huge list, to be honest. But a big chunk of them, specifically 24.9% is categorized to improve productivity, while 7.2% is categorized as developer tools.

Chrome Extension
Source: DebugBear

If it weren’t for the chrome extensions, you would have to use individual app for all the features that we have pointed out here. This is how Chrome extensions helps us out with useful functionalities.

Even when it comes to WordPress, it has some exciting extensions to offer, and that is what we will cover in this article. Ready for it? Let’s start with the list then!

13 WordPress Chrome Extension that You Should Have as a Marketer

Finally, we are at the point of sharing the selected extensions. But you do have the chance to share any extensions that you like in the comment section, and if we think they are a must-have, we will add them to our blog.

So without wasting any further time, let’s get to the list.

1. WP Hive

Yes, we now have a chrome extension for WP Hive, and we have featured this extension on top of our list. Before you start raising your eyebrows, hear me out!

We are a team of WordPress enthusiasts and the reason behind building WP Hive was to help you find the plugins from tons of options and get crucial insights, which we were tired of doing.

Well, WP Hive chrome extension will help you do that even more easily.

Best WordPress Chrome Extensions that you Must Have in 2021 2

Once you install this extension, whenever you visit any plugin page in the official WordPress repository you will see the key insights of that plugin in the sidebar, just like the image above.

And if you need more detailed insight about the plugin, you can click on More Insights button or Compare Plugin button, if you want to compare the plugins with any other.

This chrome extension is available for free, just like all our features. And there’s no reason for not downloading this extension today.

2. BuiltWith Technology Profiler

If you are a WordPress enthusiast, or even someone who is remotely interested in what web technology is used to build a website, BuiltWith is an extension that you will surely love.

Using this extension, you can get to know the technology used to build a website. This includes whether the website is built with a CMS (i.e. WordPress) or not. If yes, which are the themes and plugins powering the website. All this information is presented in a very simple and intuitive way.

Builtwith Chrome Extension

As you can see from the image, by clicking on the bw icon from the menu bar, you can get to know the technology behind the website you are currently in.

This is also a free extension, available in the chrome web store.

3. Grammarly

This is an extension that everyone should have, and if you are someone who uses WordPress as a medium to publish blogs, Grammarly is even more important.

Grammarly WordPress Chrome Extension

Grammarly will help you with grammar, spelling, and even your spelling tone. It also helps you avoid errors in writing and suggest better words in a sentence. What’s more, you’ll get real-time feedback. Grammarly is available on Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, LinkedIn, and of course on WordPress!


For a marketer, FATRANK is the kind of tool that you need every day. It helps you track the SERP ranking of a webpage or blog for a certain keyword. To get such kinds of functionalities in the browser is almost unbelievable, but thanks to this chrome extension, you can do that with ease.

FATRANK Chrome Extension

Have a look at this image, where we checked the ranking of one of our blogs for a certain keyword, and it gives back the result in a flash.

5. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a popular web traffic analysis tool. With this tool, you can get all in one website analytics & compare website traffic and performance. Which can help you with your future strategies.

SimilarWeb Chrome Extension

And with the extensions of SimilarWeb, you can literally do it all without even leaving the website you are in.

6. WPADMIN : WordPress Site Manager

WPADMIN, known more by the name WordPress Site Manager is another chrome extension that you must need in 2021. If you own multiple WordPress sites, it can come in super handy.

WPADMIN Chrome Extension

This WordPress Site Manager lets you add multiple WordPress site credentials so that you don’t have to input the credentials every time. If you’re like us, you know the hassle of remembering and inserting the credentials every time, so this extension will surely come as a relief.

7. WP Sniffer

Ever visited a WordPress site and liked the design so much that you wanted to know the theme being used to design the website? Well, you’re not alone. We found ourselves in the same situation quite often.

WP Sniffer Chrome Extension

This sniffer has a nose like a bear and can tell you the theme being used to build the website if it is built with WordPress. If it is available in the WordPress theme repository, you’ll also get the link to that. If not, the button will redirect to the Google search page with the term “Theme name + WordPress theme”.

(N.B: Some website owners disable the option to display the theme name, WP Sniffer will be unable to sniff the theme in that case, even if the site is running WordPress.)

8. WhatFont

Sniffing theme isn’t enough for you? Fancy another website’s font as well? Well, we hate to disappoint you, so here’s an extension to that!

WhatFont Chrome Extension

WhatFont is an excellent extension for marketers and developers alike. This extension can find out which font is being used on a website. It will also help you get information about font size, weight, style, and even a link to the font.

Still not using the extension? Now’s the time to install it.

9. WPintel – WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

Ever visited a website and thought to yourself, whoa! I need some intel on that. Well, neither did we.

But as WordPress enthusiasts, we did felt the need to know the WordPress version in use for the site, if it has any vulnerabilities, which plugins & themes are being used, and who are the users using this website.

WPintel Chrome Extension

However, this free extension often fails to acquire the information, if the site owner block anyone from accessing these data.

10. Keyword Surfer

Remember Keyword Everywhere? Doesn’t matter if you didn’t know about it, Keyword Surfer is as good of Keywords Everywhere alternative as there can be.

With Keyword Surfer installed, every time you search something on Google, you will see the search volume of that term. Moreover, you will also get the related search keyword volumes.

Keyword Surfer Chrome Extension

As you can see from the image above, Keyword Surfer also presents some nice keyword ideas from time to time. Besides, article length and estimated monthly traffic for the domain is also something that can help any marketer.

11. Check My Links

Whether you are a content editor, marketer, or SEO specialist, you need this extension on your browser. Because of all the things, broken links are a kind of thing that you don’t want on your webpage.

And if you ever manually checked broken links on your website, you know how much of a hassle it is. Check My Links is your instant solution to this time-consuming problem.

Check My Links Chrome Extension

Check My Links checks all your links and finds those that are going nowhere, which eventually hamper your ranking. Broken links are not something that you want on your site and if you are as tired of searching for broken links as we are, add this to your browser today.

12. Post to WordPress

Post to WordPress is a relatively lesser-known chrome extension, but we don’t mind that as long as it brings convenience for you.

Post to WordPress Chrome Extension

With this extension, you can connect your blog and publish articles to it without even accessing your site. Once you are logged in to your WordPress site with adequate permission, all you have to do is insert a title, content, select categories (right from your blog) and tags and then publish your blog. You can also save the post to draft.

Post to WordPress Chrome Extension

Beside that you can source images for the blog you are publishing from the page you are currently in. Pretty nifty, right?

13. Eye Dropper

We sniffed themes and font, so why not sniff the colors as well? Eye Dropper is an excellent plugin that helps pick out colors from a web page.

Eye Dropper Chrome Extension

After adding the extension, all you need to do is hovering your mouse over a part of your page and you will get to know the color with codes at the bottom of the page. The plugin is absolutely free, so you can install this extension without thinking of spending a penny.

Finishing Up

Behind the ever-growing popularity of Google Chrome, usage of extension is termed as of the main reasons. There are a lot of extensions that are available in the chrome web store right now, and with huge demand, the number of WordPress chrome extensions also increased. So we picked out the chrome extensions that we think are a must if you are a WordPress enthusiast, marketer, or even a web developer.

Got any plugins that you think deserves a shoutout here? Let us know in the comment below!

The White House Uses WordPress to Relaunch Their Website (With a Stunning Dark Mode)

2021 is a fresh start on many perspectives. One of the biggest of them is a new administration on the White House. However, with this came a piece of good news for WordPress. The White House has relaunched their website with a new design and for the second time in a row, the White House administration chose WordPress to build their website.

The website relaunched on the same day that the new administration took over. The new slick and clean design immediately caught the eyes of many and became a talking point for the tech enthusiasts.

Here at WP Hive, our team loved the all-new look. If you are a WordPress lover, join us, as we talk about the new design, what changed from the previous one, and what this relaunch means for the WordPress community.

When Did the White House Start Using WordPress?

White house uses WordPress

The White House website has been powered by CMS for a long time. It was Drupal, which was the choice of successive administrations from 2009 to 2017. However in 2017, the new administration closed the door for Drupal, and it was time for WordPress to power the prestigious White House website.

It was December 15, 2017, that the White House first launched their website with WordPress, which was an auspicious occasion for the WordPress community. The move was welcomed by many as WordPress is arguably the most stable CMS out there.

Why White House Uses WordPress – What We Think

Why WordPress is preferred by the White House is a question that can be asked in the opposite way, as well. Why wouldn’t WordPress be the choice for the White House?

By 2017, WordPress was already the engine that powered by more than 30% of the website out there. It was and still is the developer’s choice, as you can see from more than 50,000 plugins available on the WordPress repository (higher than any other CMS) and countless free and premium themes. Add to that the world-class security plugins, and you are all set for a powerful and stable website.

Andrew Nacin, one of the WordPress lead developers, joining White House’s U.S. Digital Service was thought to be one of the prime reasons behind the White House’s move to WordPress, although he later said that he didn’t have any part to play in the transformation.

However, even if Nacin did not have many roles in the process, it was not a hard decision to make. Because of the advancement that WordPress made on all fronts, starting from Functionality, SEO, Speed Optimization, Security, to Stability, it was in fact an easy choice to make.

What’s New – White House Website Relaunch with WordPress

The recently depreciated White House website, as seen in the image below, was already a simple one.

White House Old Website

However, the new website is even cleaner looking. With all new navigation bar, and the option to translate the whole website into Spanish make it more meaningful. The website is as follows:

White House Uses WordPress

If you look closely, you will see that there are two little buttons on the left side of the screen. What are those? We have solved the puzzle for you. Those two buttons are there to let you toggle between “Large & Small Font Size” and “High & Low Contrast Mode“.

Wait a minute, what does High Contrast Mode mean? Well, yes you have guessed it right, the White House now has Dark Mode support.

However, as you know we like a bit of Sherlock Holmes here at WP Hive, naturally, we sneaked under the page source and found this for you. See the green texts?

White House Website Easter Eggs

Yes, inside the source code, there’s a recruitment message by the United States Digital Service. Don’t look at us like that, we were equally surprised seeing the Easter Eggs!

Apart from the dark mode support, new design, they also did quite brilliant work optimizing the website. As you can see from the tweet from @webos, the new website is rocking on all fronts. Hats off to the White House development team!

How Does This Affect Us All

If you search on Google, you will find countless articles on why you should not use WordPress to build your website, terming it as slow, insecure, or even outdated. Yet, WordPress is being used more than ever, and now powering more than one and a half quarter of all the websites.

What’s more, WordPress is now in the middle of a multiple-year-long modernization project that will make it even more appealing to build websites using WordPress in the near future.

As more and more important sites like the White House uses WordPress, it is becoming even more apparent that WordPress is becoming a more reliable way of building and managing all sorts of websites.

So if you are a WordPress lover, this means that all your love is not going in vain. If you are not quite fond of WordPress as of yet, it is perhaps the time to acknowledge the big stride WordPress is making. And if you are interested to build your next website with WordPress, we have a comprehensive guide to do just that!

What Is Alexa Rank? Everything You Need To Know

Most website owners think that the success of a website depends on Google ranking. That is why everyone tries to get a higher position in Google.

But Alexa rank is also important because it helps you to get more potential visitors and increase conversion.

Alexa Rank is an international ranking system that ranks a website based on popularity.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Alexa ranking system and show how you’ll improve your website, Alexa rank.

Let’s start with a simple definition of the Alexa Rank.

Why Alexa Rank Is Important

Alexa rank is an essential term that helps to understand the real-time data of your website. It is a useful tool to measure your website against your competitor.

You can check the traffic source of your website and learn about the marketing strategies of your competitors.

In fact, you also get a clear picture of your competitor’s website and easily compare it to your site. Therefore, you can increase your site’s traffic and improve search results.

Here are some key reasons why Alexa ranking is important,

  • Get a full website traffic analysis report
  • Understand audience demographics
  • Measures competitors websites
  • Improve your website SEO
  • Determine the marketing potential of your website

How Does Alexa Calculate a Website Rank?

What Is Alexa Rank?

The Alexa Rank is a world ranking system that was staple by, a subsidiary of It uses website traffic data to show how popular that website is relative to other websites.

Alexa uses a simple algorithm to collect website traffic data from those who installed the Alexa Toolbar. It audits the periodic visits of the traffic on the websites and makes the results visible.

Alexa primarily ranks millions of websites based on popularity. And the website with the lowest Alexa rank marks as the most popular website.

While going through the ranking process, it has recorded data based on online browsing behavior for more than 300 million internet pages.

How Does Alexa Rank Work or Calculate Website Rank?

Based on Alexa’s official website, the website rank is measured using the combination of approximate on average daily unique visitors to the website. It also calculates estimated numbers of page views of the site over the last 3 months.

The parameters that Alexa used for calculating an individual website’s ranking based on two items:

  1. Unique Daily Visitors
  2. Average Page Views

Remember if any user visit a website more than once on a same day, it will be counted a single user.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Alexa Rank?

What Are the Pros and Cons of Alexa Rank?

There is always some pros and cons when you use a tool or other things. Alexa is not different and it also has some strengths and weakness in its pocket.

Lets explore the Pros and Cons of Alexa Rank.


  1. Help bloggers make more money from advertisers.
  2. Improve your SEO and marketing.
  3. You can get fast traffic from your competitors’ websites.
  4. The Alexa ranking attracts higher quality guest writers.


  1. Alexa can be manipulated.
  2. It doesn’t rank subdomains and subpages within a domain separately.
  3. Data is limited only to users who have the toolbar installed.

We Answered Top Questions About Alexa Ranks

Top Questions About Alexa Ranks Answered

There are some common questions that come to your mind when you plan to work with Alexa. As you know website ranking is one of the first concerns of website owners. That’s why you should know all the details of Alexa rank.

Here, we try to answers major questions regarding Alexa rank. We hope this question-answer session will help you to understand Alexa’s ranking.

Let’s find the answer to the first question.

What Is the Data Panel?

Data panel is the international internet users’ data that is used to determine your website’s Alexa rank. It also comprises millions of website traffic using over 25000+ different browser extensions.

Is there a monthly fee for Alexa?

There is no fee for using Alexa.

How Often Alexa’s Ranks Are Updated

Alexa updates your website rank daily.

Does Alexa Rank Work on Subpages and Subdomains?

Alexa does not provide an individual ranking for a subdomain like ( or subpages like ( It ranks only the top-level domain such as ( But if a website hosted on a site like Blogger (, that case, these websites will rank separate from their parent or host domain because these sites have individual traffic.

My Website Traffic Is Getting Better Why Is My Site Rank Not Good?

Alexa ranks your website by measuring all the other relative websites on the internet. That means getting higher traffic to your site will not be beneficial for you if your niche related websites will not get similar traffic to their website. In other words, if you and your similar niche website are getting better traffic, you both will rank by Alexa.

How Can I Get the Most Accurate Metrics for My Site?

If your website metrics are certified, you can get the most accurate metrics. By certifying your site’s metrics, you can publicly display global and national rankings directly for your site.

Does Alexa Provide Better Ranks for Paid Subscribers?

Alexa doesn’t prove better ranks for their paid customers. So the answer to this question is No.

For more FAQs, you can check this official Alexa blog.

Bonus: A Guide on Improving Your Alexa Rank

Bonus: A Guide on  Improving Your Alexa Rank

Most website owners think about how they can improve their Alexa ranking. As we know, ranking is an essential metric for both your website and your business.

Also, your prospects, investors, competitors, and partners will see your Alexa rank and use it as a way of evaluating your business. This is why you should work on your Alexa rank.

In this section, we share some guidelines that can help to improve your Alexa rank.

Understand Your Competitors’ Marketing Strategy

Understand Your Competitors’ Marketing Strategy

You already know that the Alexa ranking depends not only on your website traffic but also on your competitor’s site traffic and metrics. That why it’s essential to understand your competitor’s marketing strategy to get the possible Alex rank.

Since you and your competitor are trading on the same platform with the related product or service, you need to understand your competitor’s marketing policy and strategy so you can compete with them.

The following tips will help to know your competitor’s marketing strategy right way.

  • Join professional conferences
  • Analyze industry reports
  • Measure your competitor’s website
  • Understand their SEO strategy
  • Undertake competitor’s social media marketing strengths and weaknesses
  • Focus on their content marketing strategy

Let’s improve your content marketing strategy by creating a perfect content marketing funnel.

Create Engaging Unique Content To Get More Traffic

Create Engaging Unique Content To Get More Traffic

Those who able to write can produce content. But each of the content that you see throughout the web platforms is not engaging.

Content without a purpose is not effective.

When you want to show your presence on the internet, you must create quality content for your readers. It not only engages your reader’s attention but also helps your website ranking.

Here are some tips on making quality content.

  • Create unique & original content
  • Master your title & headlines
  • Hook the readers through the introduction
  • Produce accurate information
  • Try to tell a story
  • Make your readers think
  • Use visuals & infographics
  • Show proven statistics

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Focus on SEO Best Practices To Get Higher Ranking

Focus on SEO Best Practices To Get Higher Ranking

The value of SEO can not express a single word. It is an important factor in this web technology. Without doing proper SEO of your website’s content, you fail to please your users. Ultimately don’t get the search ranking.

According to HubSpot, 75% of searchers never go past the first page of search results.

While doing SEO on your website, you must focus on the on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. You should also improve your local SEO if you run a local business. In fact, you must avoid SEO mistakes. To get the best SEO result for your website, you can hire an SEO expert and use advanced SEO tools.

Here some SEO best practices that you should follow.

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Increase/Ensure Getting Regular Traffics

Increase/Ensure Getting Regular Traffics

Most bloggers face a lot of trouble getting regular traffic to their website. Because you, not the only person who needs visitors, but millions of people like you, want the same thing to survive in the web platform.

Regular traffic is a big term that helps Alexa ranking.

As a website owner, you should try your best to get regular traffic to your website. You need to improve your website SEO and provide quality content to hook potential customers.

Here some guide that helps to increase your website traffic.

  • Focus on guest posting
  • Update old blog posts
  • Use “Click to Tweet”
  • Optimize your content with LSI keywords
  • Try the content relaunch strategy
  • Lower your bounce rate
  • Post viral content
  • Use social media

Get Related Websites To Link To Your Website

SEO link building strategy

Link building is the process of getting a link from another related website, pointing back to your site.

The number #1 page in the search results gets 5%-14.5% more do-follow backlinks from new websites each month (Ahrefs)

It plays a vital role in website ranking. In other words, the more you get links from your related niche website, the more you rank in the search result.

Let’s check some popular strategies to get backlinks.

  • Create engaging and tutorial content.
  • Write guest post
  • Focus on placing a broken link
  • Link building through outreach email
  • Answer on Quora on similar topics
  • Use testimonial tink building

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Update Your Site Content Regularly or Relaunch Post

Update Your Site Content Regularly or Relaunch Post

You should update the content of your website regularly. By doing this, you can improve your Alexa ranking and site’s SEO.

Because new content always attracts organic visitors. And it also shows your users that you love keeping up to date and helping your users by providing them with the latest content.

Therefore, you also keep your site safe and build trust with customers creating fresh and quality content. Even you should also update the old content fill it with the latest information.

The following list shows some other reasons why you need to upgrade your website content regularly.

  • Get more users attention
  • Use the latest technology
  • Improve website speed
  • Ensure data safety & site security
  • Provide flexibility
  • Better search engine rankings

Final Thoughts on Alexa Rank

In short, Alexa rank is essential to calculate your website data and SEO performance. It’s not a flawless tool like Google Analytics. But it helps a blogger or website owner to measure their site metrics.

In this blog, we’ve tried to cover all the necessary things that you should know about Alexa rank. Now, you understand What is Alexa Rank and how it ranks a website? We also covered the popular question regarding Alexa rank and how you can improve your Alexa rank.

If you still have a query about this blog, do let us know. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and help them to know about Alexa rank.

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