Six Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Business

Six Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Business

Many platforms like WordPress started at the same time, but they did not withstand the test of time. Not only WordPress has secured its ground in blogging platforms, but also WordPress for businesses are now seeing a sharp increase in usage.

WordPress went on to become the undisputed champion of CMS race by acquiring a monstrous 32% market share of the whole web. That’s M-A-S-S-I-V-E! Today WordPress is used by large businesses, software firms, news agencies, organizations, bloggers, developers alike.

If you are running a business, well it must have a website. In this age, no business can survive without an online presence. You might be thinking why should I change my already HTML built business site to WordPress? Or, why should I use WordPress for business? Will there be free WordPress themes for business? How much the cost will be? Is it safe?

Why Choose WordPress for Business?

Well, there are plenty of reasons to choose WordPress for business. We are including some of the best use cases that explain why you should use WordPress for your business.

When you are going to start your online business journey, you need some key attributes of a website to be perfect. Some of the essential things you need to consider are –

  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Ease of use.

WordPress has been in the industry so long that it checks all the boxes. If you are looking for a WordPress business website tutorial, then try installing WordPress first by our remarkable beginner friendly WordPress installation tutorial.

 “We were able to get the same editing tools and easy-to-use interface into the hands of all our editors.”
-BBC America

Businesses Already Use WordPress

The number of WordPress users is increasing rapidly. Around 19,500,000 websites around the globe are using WordPress for their online presence. As we mentioned earlier – many of the giant companies, big brands, and world celebrities now rely on WordPress for their business and personal purposes.

Famous companies and brands around the world like BBC America, Sony, Forbes, Reuters, Microsoft have chosen WordPress as their website platform. Today more and more people are relying on WordPress for their online presence. The common misconception “WordPress is only for blogging” has no valid reasoning today because businesses use WordPress to power their business all over the web. You can always use plugins to include extra functionalities whenever you want.

Building a business website will always be a lot of work. However, you can choose WordPress to do them more efficiently, without breaking a sweat.

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Here are six compelling reasons you should consider before starting your business website.

Budget isn’t A Matter to Worry About

Arranging a considerable amount of money is one of the first tasks to start a business. WordPress is giving you the opportunity of starting your business without investing a single penny. You can always transfer your site to Premium Plan to have more features and extensibility. With, you got even more power & flexibility with bare minimum cost. Whatever the case, the price is much lower than other platforms like Wix or

Build Your Website without a Developer

For building, designing and managing your website; there is no need to hire a developer if you choose WordPress as your platform.

— Well that’s not entirely true. But if use Visual Editors, Drag & Drop solutions, you can almost have a coding-free experience. However, if your business requires special requirements, there will always be a scope of specialized development.

However, the ‘almost coding free’ experience will give you a sense of confidence to go ahead with your venture.

Enable Awesome Flexibility with WordPress for Business

WordPress is well-known for its flexibility and customizing opportunity. You can choose from hundreds and thousands of themes and plugins as your business needs it. Besides, personalizing, you can design and add functionalities to your site by choosing any of the 25000 plugins from the WordPress repository. All of the power, without touching a single line of code. Don’t worry about your project’s size. Read more on our coverage about WordPress’s flexibility.

When you start to do some research about online platforms, you may hear some rumors about WordPress.

“WordPress is good, but it just does not work in businesses.”

“WordPress is free. I do not trust in free things”

“WordPress is not capable enough for a business”

– Consider these just as flying gossip. There are big businesses who are leveraging WordPress as a platform and making the best use of it

Go Big or Go Small – WordPress for Businesses Can Handle It All

Size of your business project or kind of your website does not matter anything. WordPress is an excellent, industry standard open source web solution. All the code of WordPress is open for you to inspect. If you still do not believe about the prospects of Businesses using WordPress, then Read Delaney’s Story about how he started a successful multivendor marketplace without any coding knowledge. So there is no need to overthink.

So don’t worry about your project’s size or budget. Take a deep breath and go ahead. If your business grows, you can always scale up with technologies like Cloud Hosting.

WordPress is the Undisputed Champion for Marketing and SEO

When it comes to SEO and Marketing, WordPress has no actual competitors. WordPress has been graciously embraced by Digital Marketers and SEO experts for its direct and deep bonding with SEO. Search engines love WordPress. WordPress has made it easy for both Marketing and SEO team to get effective results in a more timely manner. The simple interface and content structure allow the search engines to index your website fast. There are popular SEO plugins like Yoast, All in One SEO Pack which are preferred by a large number of online marketing teams and SEO experts.

Secured and Always Under Development

WordPress is always working on the matter of security. They are consistently releasing user-friendly updates so that anyone can catch its security flaws and react with fixes. You can get an added layer of protection just installing some plugins that will help you to protect your users’ data and information.

Being one of the most active communities with millions of users is not an easy task for WordPress. However, WordPress is working to ensure excellent support for everyone. Each member of the WordPress community is also trying to contribute from their positions to help to build a better community. or – Which One to Choose?

“Hmm, Ok that’s fine. So how do I actually open the website now?

Before opening the website, you need to choose between and The decisive difference between and is ease of access. looks after the hosting plan for you, domain, and setting it up is really straightforward. You don’t need to download the software or pay for hosting for your primary use; it’s all included with your subscription.

On the other hand- you host the website on your own with and install it on your web server. It requires some technical knowledge. However, this is a much better way if you want to harness the true power of WordPress. At WPHive, we would recommend you to install Installing WordPress is very easy too!

You can read our in-depth review article on vs to have a precise knowledge on both platforms.

Using WordPress for Business – Good or Bad?

One of the decisive factors about a business is its website. Many clients subconsciously take a pre-decision inside his brain at the first glimpse taken at the website.

It is critical that you always keep it secured, updated, trendy, and connect with your clients. If you want all of these factors to be perfect from the first day of your business journey, WordPress can give you an early boost. All the things we mentioned here, are more accessible and simpler to manage in WordPress. If you are thinking about starting a business, then give WordPress a try. You cannot go wrong with your decision. So, we give WordPress a thumbs up.

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