90+ Best Free Elementor Addons for WordPress in 2024

Top Elementor Addons

Elementor is one of the most used page builder plugins for WordPress nowadays. If you want a simple, effective way to build and customize your WordPress site without coding, then drag-and-drop WordPress page builder plugins can come in handy.

We have built a massive list of the best free Elementor addons collection and we are glad to share it with our readers.

WordPress page builders allow you to create, edit, and customize your site layout without writing any code. Elementor is one of the most popular and fan-favorite page builder plugins out there. There are countless add-ons for Elementor page builder as well.

In this article, I am covering the best free Elementor addons you should be using in 2024.

Best Free Elementor Addons List in 2024

List of the best free Elementor addons for WordPress website

The curated list provides you with a collection of awesome 3rd party Elementor addons, the best Elementor page builder, compatible themes, and a list of premium Elementor third-party widgets/add-ons.

Elementor essential addons can help you to take your site to the next level. Check some of the most remarkable WordPress designed sites for inspiration here!

[The best free Elementor add-ons list is not ordered by popularity. The sequence is random]

Happy Elementor Addons

Happy Elementor Addons - best free Elementor addons

Happy Addons is one of the new add-ons of Elementor that has already touched the 100K active installations milestone. It has the sleekest designed widgets on the market.

The free version includes 46 widgets including Contact Form 7, info box, a gradient headings, weForms, and more. All widgets have modern designs and fit with any kind of website design. If you want to give your website a modern overhaul you should definitely try this add-on.

HappyAddons is the pioneer of adding exclusive problem-solving features. Also, it has added premium quality Widgets in the Elementor Library. You can create a mega menu, simple navigation menu, and Horizontal Nav Menu with the Happy Menu Widget.

Click Here To Check Happy Elementor Addons

Elementor Addon Elements 

Elementor Addons Elements

Add new elements to the Elementor page builder with this plugin. This addon comes with 24+ widgets and extensions that will give more power to your Elementor-based website. It has an easy-to-use interface that will allow you to create any design with just a few clicks!

The plugin provides Elementor add-ons like Flip Box, Text Separator, Price Table, Post List, Animated Text, After/Before Image Compare, Split Text, Particle Background for Sections, Google Map (with the ability to add styles from Snazzy Maps), Twitter (Show profile timeline, hashtag feed, tweet, follow and hashtag button).

Click Here To Check Elementor Addon Elements

Droit Addons for Elementor

90+ Best Free Elementor Addons for WordPress in 2024 1

Droit Elementor Addons is another great extension for the Elementor Page Builder. It comes with 60+ widgets, 200+ Prebuilt template blocks, 25+ Prebuilt page templates, and more. The widgets and design of this Elementor addons are versatile and sophisticated.

The plugin also offers Header and footer builder, Mega menu builder, Popup builder, and Parallax effects. Advanced animation, Live copy-paste, and WooCommerce widgets are among its array of features.

Click Here To Check Droit Addons for Elementor

Stratum Addon

Stratum Addon Elementor-Widgets

Stratum Addon is a great collection of Elementor widgets to design your website. The plugin focuses on providing the most necessary widgets instead of having every widget possible. More importantly, all the widgets are free to use, you only pay for some selected advanced settings.

Advanced Accordion, Advanced Google Map, Advanced Posts, Advanced Slider, Banner, Circle Progress Bar, Counter, Flip Box, Image Accordion, Image Hotspot, Instagram, Masonry Gallery, Price List, Price Menu, Price Table, Testimonial Carousel, Vertical Timeline, Horizontal Timeline, Lottie Animations, Countdown, Table and Content Switcher are the addons the plugin currently offers.

Click Here To Check Stratum Addon

Master Addons for Elementor

90+ Best Free Elementor Addons for WordPress in 2024 2

Master Addons comes with some necessary widget, which helps your webpage to bring life. It’s easy to enable and disable any widget from the plugin add-ons section. If you enable your necessary widget, then it will load the exact script of each widget. It will make your website faster.

Master Addons comes with an extensive list of 22 Elementor addons. It includes some of the most popular addons including Animated Headlines, Dual Headings, Flipbox, Infobox, Call to action, and more. It also supports creating forms with Contact Form 7, weForms, WP Forms, Caldera forms.

Click Here To Check Master Addons

Envato Elements – Photos & Elementor Templates

Envato Elements

Envato is famous for its theme marketplace, ThemeForest. Envato Elements plugin provides a growing library of Template Kits. Each Kit is made up of multiple templates that work together visually, and are beautifully tailored for a specific niche. Once you find a template that you like, you can directly import it into your library, or use it to create a new page.

With more than 600K active installations, Envato Elements is worthy to try for your Elementor website without any doubt. Furthermore, it has got 4.2 ratings out of 5 as of now on WordPress org.

Click Here To Check Envato Elements

Fullwidth Templates for Any Theme & Page Builder

Fullwidth Templates for Any Theme & Page Builder

When using a Page Builder, things like page titles and boxed layouts usually limit your creativity. This plugin helps you go full width on any theme. If you need the freedom to design beautiful full-width layouts with page Elementor, then this is a great plugin. This is one of the best free Elementor add-ons available out there.

If you are looking for a completely blank template without a header or footer for your landing pages, this plugin can really help you out.

Check Fullwidth Templates Addons Here

Void Elementor Post Grid Addon for Elementor Page

Void Elementor Post Grid Addon for Elementor Page

This plugin adds new elements/widgets to Elementor Page Builder which helps you to showcase your blog posts, and custom post types with custom taxonomy in five different styles. The five different grids are Grid Layout, List Layout, Minimal Grid, First Big Post then Grid, First big post then list.

You are now able to show not only your default posts by WordPress but also anything you create as custom post types using this plugin.

Check Void Elementor Post Grid Addons

Exclusive Addons for Elementor

Exclusive addons

Exclusive Addons gives you the ability to build a sophisticated website experience with 85+ highly customizable and creative widgets and extensions. A collection of 700+ premade blocks and 20+ useable templates will help you build your websites in less time with no coding.

With more than 20K active installations, this is one of the best addons for Elementor websites. Moreover, it has got 4.8 out of 5 ratings to date. That reflects the awesomeness of this plugin.

Click Here to Check Exclusive Addons

Essential Addons for Elementor Lite – Elements bundle for Elementor page builder plugin for WordPress.

ElementsKit: With this add-on, each and every Elementor widget & extension can be customized! You can also reduce the extra loading time in your WordPress websites.

WP Pro Counter – WP Pro Counter lets you add counters inside existing plugins, editors, and content. You can create dynamic counters together with page builder Elementor.

Which Elementor Addon – It’s nearly impossible to recall every widget name that we have used on our website. To find out the widget name, we have to go to the editing mode of every section and then hover to detect the widget name. It’s a hassle, undoubtedly. To avoid this complication, you can use Which Elementor Addons. It’s a lightweight and super fast third-party addon to get your job done in no time.

Page Templater For Elementor – A helper plugin for users of Elementor Page Builder. Page Templater now includes support for a custom menu to be used for anchor points on the full-width blank templates.

SJ Elementor Addon – SJ Elementor Addon is a powerful tool for the designer. You can add Subscribe form with custom fields, SVG Separator, and Image separator for Elementor.

NavMenu Addon For Elementor – Adds new NavMenus to the Elementor Page Builder plugin. The plugin comes with Site Branding options, a search box, basic MegaMenu, and Fullscreen Menu Overlay

AnyWhere Elementor – Insert Elementor-created content anywhere using a shortcode using AnyWhere Elementor. Very useful if you are comfortable using shortcodes.

StylePress – StylePress is a WordPress plugin that lets you design your entire website quickly and easily. It also adds extra widgets to Elementor (e.g. Tooltip, Navbar, Mailchimp, Modal Popups, Page Slider, etc..)

Press Elements for Elementor – An easy-to-use Elementor widget that helps you design single-page templates to display your content. Adds many widgets such as Post Title, and Post Excerpt. Post Date, Author, etc.

Devices for Elementor – Devices for Elementor is a powerful Elementor widget that lets you add a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop frame to your images or screens, allowing you to present your mobile or web designs as they’re meant to be seen.

Premium Addons for Elementor – Page Builder Add-ons for Elementor.

Granular Controls For Elementor – Take control of your favorite page builder’s elements to design better websites and landing pages and overall better UI/UX.

Flexible Elementor Panel – This is an add-on for the popular page builder Elementor. Makes Elementor Widgets Panel flexible, draggable, and folding that more space and opportunities.

BEW Menu Cart – Add Woocommerce and EDD Menu Cart Widget to the popular free page builder Elementor.

Unlimited Elements for Elementor – Addons pack for Elementor Page Builder.

QuadMenu – OceanWP Mega Menu – Integrates QuadMenu with the OceanWP theme. Quadmenu is one of the best free Elementor addons available for building mega menus.

Extended Buttons for Elementor – An Extended Elementor Button Widget – Two buttons inline with separator text in-between. Options such as adjusting space between, hiding separator text on mobile, or making buttons fullwidth on mobile, and many others.

Meta Box – Elementor Integrator – Integrates Meta Box and Elementor Page Builder.

Ultimate Addons For Elementor – Ultimate Addons gives you multi plugins all in one. It’s very powerful for any theme.

Post Grid Elementor Addon – Elementor page builder addon to display posts in the grid. Useful for generating post grid from your blog posts with multiple options.

Fancy Elementor Flipbox – This plugin adds an amazing and customizable flip box widget(with many options) to the Elementor page builder plugin.

Elementor Blocks for Gutenberg – Embed Elementor templates inside Gutenberg.

Countdown Timer for Elementor – Showcase a countdown timer for your next upcoming event or offers with Elementor page builder.

GT3 Elementor Photo Gallery – Easy to use GT3 photo gallery for Elementor drag and drop page builder. Build your creative online photo galleries fast.

Mosaic Gallery Addon for Elementor – Mosaic Gallery Addon for Elementor plugin.

Piotnet Addons For Elementor – Piotnet Addons For Elementor (PAFE) adds many new features for Elementor.

Popbox For Elementor – Modal plugin for Elementor Page Builder. PopBox for Elementor allows the creation of beautiful templates with Elementor Page Builder for use with the included Popbox overlay script.

Contact Form 7 Widget For Elementor – Adds Contact Form 7 widget element to Elementor page builder for easy drag & drop of the created contact forms with contact form 7.

Addons for Elementor – A collection of premium quality addons or widgets for use in the Elementor page builder. Elementor must be installed and activated.

Boosted Elements – The Boosted Elements plugin adds additional page builder elements to the free Elementor page builder.

Elementor Button Plus – Additional Styles and Options for Elementor Button Widget.

Elements Plus – Custom elements for the Elementor page builder.

Lenix Elementor Leads addon – A useful Plugin that storages the leads that come from the Elementor contact forms.

WI Contact Form 7 for Elementor – Custom Contact Form 7 Designer for Elementor Websites.

Elementor Addon Elements – Add new elements to the Elementor page builder plugin.

Ninja Forms styler for Elementor Page Builder – Ninja Forms styler for Elementor. Design the form visually with Elementor.

Gravity Forms styler for Elementor Page Builder – Gravity Forms styler for Elementor. Design the gravity form visually with Elementor.

Caldera Forms styler for Elementor Page Builder – Caldera Forms styler for Elementor. Design the form visually with Elementor.

Frontend Post for Elementor – Enable Publishing Posts for Logged-In users from Frontend via API. Hidden for logged-out users, And custom HTML or Elementor Template Shortcode for them.

Elementor ImageBox – Additional Hover Styles for Elementor Imagebox Widget.

Impressive Sliders for Elementor Page Builder – Image slider and gallery elements for Elementor page builder using jQuery Jssor Slider.

Upload Field For Elementor Forms – This extension will add an upload field to Elementor Pro-Forms.

Ultimate Elements Elementor Page Builder – Wide range of UI and feature elements for Elementor page builder.

WidgetKit for Elementor – Huge collection of pro-quality elements or sections for use in Elementor page builder, which you help to create any kind of complicated design without coding.

Templementor – Persistent Elementor Templates – Create persistent templates with Elementor to shape up and edit your pages in minutes.

Elementor Google Map Extended – An Extended of Elementor Google Map Widget – Easily add multiple address pins onto the same map with support for different map types (Road Map/Satellite/Hybrid/Terrain) and custom map styles. Freely edit the info window content of your pins with the standard Elementor text editor. And many more custom map options.

Extra Privacy for Elementor – This will add some extra privacy settings to Elementor Widgets, regarding the EU-Privacy Regulations.

Portfolio for Elementor – This plugin extends Elementor by adding the Portfolio functionality for free.

Toolbar Extras for Elementor Page Builder – This plugin adds a lot of quick jump links to the WordPress Toolbar helpful for Site Builders who use Elementor and its ecosystem of add-ons and from the theme space.

Power Ups for Elementor – Add new addons, widgets, and features for Elementor page builder, like Slider, Team, Testimonials, Post Carousel and Portfolio.

Hotel Booking & Elementor Integration – Manage hotel booking shortcodes in Elementor builder.

Elementor Call to Action Box Animate – A Simple and Interactive Call-to-Action Elementor Widget which has content hover animations, background hover transition, 2 buttons with separator text in-between, subtitle with the option to choose before or after the title, overlay text and overlay animation, and more.

Revolution for Elementor – Revolution for Elementor adds new features and widgets for Elementor and Elementor Pro.

Elementor Navigation Tree – Adds a navigation tree displaying a list of active elements on the Elementor editor screen.

Full Screen Menu for Elementor – This plugin adds a full-screen menu widget to the Elementor Page Builder.

Elementor Element Condition – Elementor conditions for elements and widgets.

Sticky Header Effects for Elementor – Options and features that extend Elementor Pro’s sticky header capabilities.

WooCommerce For Elementor – Add new Woocommerce Widgets that are specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the Elementor Page Builder.

Content Box Addon for Elementor – 7 unique content-box addon designs to your web pages using this Elementor addon.

Mega WooCommerce Addons for Elementor – Mega WooCommerce Addons for Elementor provides awesome custom WooCommerce widgets for the Elementor page builder.

Kadence WooCommerce Elementor – Elementor for Woocommerce. This plugin adds product templates to create custom product pages as well as allows for full Elementor page builder editing inside the product itself.

Columns Alignment Fix for Elementor – Add an option to fix Elementor’s inconsistent columns alignment when using columns gap on sections.

Split Test For Elementor – Split Test For Elementor.

Language Switcher for Elementor – This plugin adds a language switcher widget to the Elementor Page Builder.

Header Footer Elementor – Create Header and Footer for your site using Elementor Page Builder.

Elementor Inline SVG – An Elementor widget that lets you add an SVG file as markup instead of an HTML image tag. Elementor Inline SVG works much like the core Image widget from Elementor, except that it expects SVG files and outputs the file’s contents as markup on your page.

Elementor Contact Form DB – A simple plugin to save contact form submissions in the database, designed for the Elementor Pro Form Module. Now also, has the option to export data to CSV.

Tables For Elementor – Tables For Elementor is an add-on companion for Elementor. Create Feature-rich tables and customize them right inside the page builder.

All In One Contact Form Integration For Elementor – Integrate & style your Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms in Elementor visual editor.

Dashboard Welcome for Elementor – Replaces the default WordPress dashboard welcome panel with an Elementor template.

Massive Addons for Elementor – Collection of High-Quality addons for Elementor.

Dynamic Visibility for Elementor – Elementor plugin visibility.

Rife Elementor Extensions & Templates – Brings new widgets to be used in Elementor and allows you to import beautiful full-page templates for Elementor.

Country Flags for Elementor – This plugin adds a country flags widget to the Elementor Page Builder.

JetPlugins For Elementor – Brand new addon for Elementor Page builder. It provides a set of modules to create different kinds of content, adds custom modules to your website, and applies attractive styles in a matter of several clicks.

Widgets For Elementor – Best Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugin with Most of the Popular Elements that you need for everyday use in website page building.

Dynamic Animations for Elementor – Elementor plugin animations.

JetWoo Builder – Set of modules for WooCommerce based on Elementor Page Builder.

Elastik Addons for Elementor – Elastik Addons for Elementor.

Formentor – Elementor Form Plus – Elementor Form Plus allows you to send submitted forms directly from your WordPress site to Google Sheets and more.

Image Hotspot Addon – Elementor Page Builder – Create beautiful, responsive, and professional Image hotspots with highly customizable tooltips.

Choose an Elementor Addons and Test It on Your Website

Elementor is now used by thousands of people including users and developers alike. The plugin has certainly made life easier with its awesome drag-and-drop capability for end-users. Have you ever imagined designing beautiful websites by simple drag and drop?

So, which add-ons you are going to choose? Let us know in the comment section below.

Also, be sure to check our annual list of the best WordPress plugins to boost your website.

We also have a collection of step-by-step, beginner-friendly tutorials including WordPress installation, WordPress themes, and a WordPress Security Guide.

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Hey Saif,

Thanks for this compilation post. It becomes really a great resource for everyone who is looking for the Elementor Widget plugins.

It would be great if you can add Mighty Addons for Elementor as well in the list.

The plugins offers features like:
FAQ Schema, Opening Hours Schema, Ready to Use Templates Kits and Sections/Blocks, Pixabay integration and many other.


I was searching for best elementor addon. Thanks, admin for sharing such wonderful content on this topic. Now I have got everything I need about it.

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