Checklist: 9 Important Things To Do Before Switching WordPress Themes

Changing WordPress theme will not make you sweat but make sure you do it right!

You love WordPress’s awesome theme collection, right? We do too! The availability of thousands of themes helped to the growth of WordPress since its inception in 2003.

Switching WordPress themes with the WordPress theme switcher dead simple, but that doesn’t mean you will have to do it back and forth. If you are not careful before changing WordPress theme, all hail can break loose. In this article, we are discussing the necessary steps to be taken while changing WordPress themes.

Why Should You Change WordPress Theme?

Modern design changes with time. The perception of good design changes rapidly. That’s why you might need to change your theme. You can change a WordPress theme manually by uploading the theme’s zip file, or you can install from the WordPress repository of themes.

Users move to the open-source platform so that they can easily modify the visual appearance of their interfaces. You can change WordPress themes to radically change the whole outlook of the website.

Most of the WordPress themes have been categorized according to major industries and occupations. Specific WordPress themes have a specific layout targeted for specific industries. For example, food themes have food-related widgets, business themes have business-related icons & layouts, blogs have simple or colorful design focused on typography.

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Is WordPress Safe for eCommerce? An In-Depth Analysis

Can your eCommerce business really rely on barebones WordPress security?

Every day millions of people access the internet to buy stuff. People are spending money online more than ever before. Online sales are booming, and it is only going to get bigger from here.

If you want to create an online eCommerce store, WordPress has got your back. There is more than one WordPress eCommerce plugin to kick start your first eCommerce website.

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